2014 Pre-sihh Jaeger-lecoultre Universal Travel Time Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre Biplane World Travel Time Watch is the world’s first world time watch that can precisely adjust the second time zone to minutes. The wearer can precisely adjust the second in any country in any continent in the world Time zone time. The watch is equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s original bi-wing movement, which provides travelers with a world-class experience of advanced technology for their love of fine watches.

 The Duomètre Unique Travel Time watch adheres to the technical and aesthetic spirit of Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre’s Biplane series, and demonstrates the superb watchmaking technology of the Grand Workshop in Ru Valley in many ways. Precise machinery and elegant temperament embody the essence of all works in the Great Workshop since 1833. The past, present and future are perfectly blended in this work.

 The dual-wing system of this movement is divided into two groups of mechanical devices: one group displays the local time and the other displays the time in the second time zone. The two sets of mechanical devices share the same adjustment mechanism, and each has its own independent power source, thereby avoiding the energy loss caused by the interaction between the devices. The operation of the second time zone will not affect the overall operation of the watch, thereby greatly improving the accuracy of timing.

 Each mechanical device has a power reserve of 50 hours, and a crown can wind two barrels at the same time, which is extremely convenient to use. The counterclockwise direction is for normal travel time winding, and the clockwise direction is for travel time zone time winding.

 Despite the complex functions of the watch, the dial texture decoration is still delicate and clear when read. Two exquisite sub dials are symmetrically distributed on the dial, reflecting the overall balance of the watch: the 2 o’clock position window displays the local time and minute indicators, and the 10 o’clock position window indicates the time jump and minutes in the travel time zone.

 The earth at 6 o’clock is synchronized with the travel time zone display, and the day and night display ring and time zone display panel are combined to perfectly display the world map. A single crown can adjust the travel time zone time in one gear, local time in two gears, and the watch can be wound in gear zero.

 After the two time zone displays are synchronized, the wearer only needs to use the buttons at the 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions to adjust the time jump display of the left sub-dial according to the destination country. For unconventional time zones, the minute display can be adjusted independently via the crown in position 1.

 The details of the watch are perfect and exquisite. The sapphire crystal case back reveals the Jaeger-LeCoultre movement 383. Proudly, the splint and gear train are chamfered by hand and decorated with polished feet. The drive chain is also hand-chamfered or decorated with polished feet, which are all spiralized or smoothed. This decoration is inspired by the brand’s long-established pocket watches and sets a new benchmark in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s many outstanding watchmaking achievements. The back of the case is engraved with the name of the city, echoing 24 time zones.

 Duomètre Unique Travel Time The rose gold version of the Duomètre inherits the essence of the Duomètre series, paying tribute to the superb technology and precision timing of the fine watchmaking industry, highlighting the history of watchmaking for more than 180 years and predicting the future of watchmaking .

Duomètre Unique Travel Time technical parameters

Jaeger-LeCoultre new 383 manual winding mechanical movement, hand-made, assembled and decorated
Power reserve: two independent barrels, each with a power reserve of 50 hours
498 components
54 gems
Thickness 7.25 mm
34.3 mm diameter
28,800 vibrations per hour
Dial: Silver grained dial
Pointer: Leaf-shaped pointer
Hours and minutes (local time)
Hour (time jump, digital display in the second time zone), minutes, world map
Dual power reserve display
Rose gold
13.65 mm thick
42 mm diameter
Polished lugs, mercerized shoulders on the side
Water resistance: 50 meters
Crocodile strap with rose gold buckle
Model: 6062520

Zhenpin Timepieces, Follow Every Minute Of Blancpain

Every tiny moment is slow and clear, you can see it, you can feel it, but you cannot follow it. Blancpain’s relentless pursuit, whether it is painted art timepieces, ultra-thin perpetual calendars or tourbillons, can extend all the moments of condensing time.
Blancpain Women’s Painted Watch

   This watch vividly reflects Van Gogh’s ‘Iris’. Two dazzling blue-violet gemstones on the shiny mother-of-pearl dial perfectly present the rich blue-purple petals in the shape of an iris butterfly. The moving flowers, dense flowers and leaves, the richness of blue-purple bloom proudly. On the dial of the beautiful and beautiful painting, a large area of ​​green pointed leaves and long leaves rush upward, swaying. It intersects with the broken diamonds, highlighting the beautiful appearance. The watch body is thin and smart, with a thickness of only 8.7m. The entire watch is clever and elegant, showing the charming charm of contemporary women.
lancpain Villeret Women’s Ultrathin Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch

   This watch is equipped with Cal.5621 movement, its thickness is only 2.91 mm, and its diameter is only 26.2 mm. It is the thinnest perpetual calendar mechanical watch in the history of the brand. Its up to 248 parts ensure accurate timekeeping and include functions such as day of the week, date, month, leap year, and moon phase profit and loss. The milky white surface is delicate and slender, three-dimensional Roman numerals are inlaid on it, the date display at three o’clock, the moon phase profit and loss at six o’clock, the week at nine, and the month and leap year at twelve. Alligator leather strap with 18K white gold folding buckle. The entire watch is light and comfortable, perfectly showing the simple side.
Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillon

   The watch is equipped with a novel and creatively carved bezel, which is both enterprising and sporty. It is equipped with practical digital scales, and the bridge and chassis are asymmetric. The multi-layer hollow movement creates a dynamic dynamic through a layered depth of space, and the hexagonal movement screws increase the overall aesthetics. The frame rotates once per minute to offset the parallax when the watch is in the vertical position. The watch is unique and powerful, extremely polished, creating a legend of high precision.
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series Full Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph

   It is equipped with the Calibre 66.66BF8 of the new military movement of the Fifty Fathoms family, bringing the moon phase function into the deep sea for the first time. The watch’s full-calendar moon phase function, with extraordinary technical elements, can ensure the smooth operation of the watch day and night, and can be adjusted at any time and place without compromising the stability of the watch. The vertical clutch mechanism is used to make the timing start and stop timing smoother. At the same time, it also has the flyback timing function. As long as a single button, the timing can be stopped and reset to zero and the timing can be restarted. Every detail of the entire watch can stand the test of time, showing the outstanding side of the diving watch.
Villeret Series Half Time Zone Two Time Watch

   As Blancpain’s first dual time zone watch, the operation is simple and convenient, and only a few rotations of the crown of the watch can complete all adjustments to the date, time and reference time. The button at the top of the crown can be used to select quick adjustment mode or half time zone adjustment mode. The design of the red gold semi-hunting cover and the delicate opal dial make the red gold hour numerals particularly eye-catching. The elegant brown alvazel strap will set off an extraordinary aristocratic temperament. The entire watch will miss the moment and stare at the dial from a different place, span the past and present, and look to the future.
Women’s Watch

   Equipped with a shiny sapphire mirror, the sapphire crystal caseback shows the internal structure of the movement, the watch is set with a white gold case with 46 diamonds, a top sugar-sorrel dial, and an oval with 29 diamonds Shaped center minute ring. The day / night indicator, seconds, and dual time zone display are highlighted one by one with a milky dial. The oval central minute ring and the slender luminous hands add modern elements to this elegant dial. The entire watch allows emotions to stretch between each other’s wrists.

Daikin Dial Rolex Day Calendar Ii Series 218238 Appreciate

Mentioned that no one would be unfamiliar to Rolex, although not very obsessed with watches. Rolex is already the world’s most prestigious watch brand. The reason why it is so well known naturally has its reason. Today I will introduce you to the men’s watch of the day calendar type II series 218238 gold plate.
 218238-83218 is an out-of-the-ordinary goldsmith. The case and bracelet made of 18k yellow gold are luxurious and luxurious. The triangular pit patterned bezel was first applied to the oyster outer ring to play a waterproof role. The outer ring has the same function and appearance as the triangular pit pattern on the case back. Over time, the outer ring has been improved to use only friction to attach the crystal glass and the case, and now this technology is just a persistent expression of the Rolex watch’s aesthetics. The standard formal three-pin configuration looks noble and elegant. On the 41mm gold dial, there are 10 diamond-set hour markers, and the Rolex logo is located below the 12 o’clock position. The overall beauty is enough to conquer any occasion that requires formal attendance.

 When a well-tailored dress is ready, this three-pin Rolex Day-of-the-Day watch 218238-83218 is definitely the best choice. Whether it is car washing or swimming; whether it is washing the face or the rain; even the diving and snorkeling 100M waterproof effect can support. After all, this is a Rolex watch, the leading brand in the diving watch industry. It is famous for its toughness and long-lasting accuracy. That little bit of corrosion is no problem for Rolex. The crown and case are screwed in for more effective waterproofing. The large 3 o’clock calendar window can display the date of the month. The design of this calendar window is derived from water droplets. It is also nicknamed ‘bubble’ by Rolex watch friends. This is also one of the classic details of Rolex. The day display window is particularly important at 12 o’clock. The double calendar is the Day-Date, and it is also the most suitable day table for business.
218238-83218 uses a Rolex 3156 self-winding movement. This movement was developed by Rolex and has been certified by the Swiss Observatory. It was launched in 2008. Like all Oyster movements, this movement is precise and reliable, and it can provide 48 hours of power with a full chain. A blue Parachrom paramagnetic hairspring is used on the balance wheel, which is exclusively made by Rolex and has a patent. Rolex’s Paraflex shock absorber is also mounted on this movement, which can improve the shock absorption effect by 50%. And Rolex’s movement never wins with fine polishing. It depends on its own quality. Perhaps the polishing is not as good as others, but it has never lost more precision than durability. The Cal.3156 movement is one of the few Rolex movements with both PARACHROM hairspring and PARAFLEX cushioning device. The two big red wheels with special treatments in the movement have extremely strong anti-wear performance. Compete with the winding system of Billerton (Woodpecker).

 218238-83218 adopts the classic look of Rolex, which is a symbol of excellent waterproofness. Rolex’s gold is also made in-house, and it takes care of molding, processing and polishing to make the gold shine. This watch does not have sophisticated timekeeping functions, only a simple dual calendar display. Nowadays, both white-collar workers and otakus are used to viewing dates on mobile phones and computers. The calendar does not seem to be so important anymore, but as a loyal watch fan, this is absolutely irreplaceable. You must know that the thinking Concept, electronic products can never be compared. In addition, a glittering golden labor can bring you enough aura, become the focus of everyone, and compared to the ordinary junior pin, Rolex DD looks more business and more formal, so whether it is attending business occasions or formal dinner, it Will be one of the ideal candidates.
 Watch details: rolex / 881 /

Lange’s New Saxonia Thin White Gold Watch Is Simple And Perfect

Saxonia Thin is the thinnest wristwatch ever made by Lange. Its elegance and elegance have established a modern classic with an extraordinary attitude immediately after the first push. Today, the new Platinum version is available across the board.
     The author of ‘The Little Prince’ Saint Thurbury said: ‘The so-called perfection does not mean that when you can no longer add anything, you can’t reduce the situation by one cent.’ Horsepower is concentrated in the essence, which can create unexpected art. Historically, Saint Thurbury is not the only one who understands this truth. Many architects and designers have always adhered to the motto of ‘simple is beautiful’ and created works with pleasing composition. Back in modern times, the new white gold Saxonia Thin watch strongly proves the relationship between simplicity and perfection, and provides straightforward answers to the question of what is a Lange watch.
    This answer also shows that the delicate elegance does not affect the stability and performance of the watch. With a thickness of only 5.9 mm, this watch is the thinnest watch ever made by Saxony. The case with a diameter of only 40 mm and the bezel with grooves make the balanced dial look extra spacious and the watch is more prominent on the wrist. The slender hour and minute hands and twelve exquisite rod-shaped hour markers display the time clearly and accurately.

L093.1 movement: 2.9 mm high, 72 hours power reserve.
     On the one hand, this piece is unique, and on the other hand, Lange’s characteristics and details are revealed, including the uniquely shaped lugs and the three-part case decorated with straight lines in the center, which can be recognized at a glance. Produced by Lange. The L093.1 hand-wound calibre, specially developed for a slim case, is only 2.9 mm high. With its compact size, it still stands out with its 72-hour power reserve and implements Lange’s outstanding tradition.

Tanabata Has You, Love Is The Only Chopard Chopard Couple Selection Table

You and I are by the bridge, two words are silent, the sky is warm, the love is lingering
The Cowherd and Weaver Girl in the sky meets, the underground lover prays for eternal love
Chopard, Switzerland’s top watch brand, selects two timepieces for this festival
For lovers to record the bits and pieces of love in life, every minute passes, only love will always follow
It’s better to miss each other and let time prove everything.

High Athens Collection

  The Chopard L.U.C Quattro watch is equipped with one of Chopard’s most successful home-made movements, the four-spring barrel L.U.C 98.01-L movement, which was born in 2005, and is equipped with two pairs of barrels stacked on top of each other. This patented technology makes the L.U.C Quattro watch have a power reserve of more than 9 days, stable and accurate travel time, and meets all the standards of the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) precision timing certification. The LUC 98.01-L movement has an unobstructed view under the open case back. The bridge is decorated with the ‘Côtes de Genève’ and engraved with the prestigious ‘Poinçon de Genève’, showing extraordinary quality. With retouched details.

L.U.C Quattro

  The dial is elegant and delicate. The platinum material with the unprecedented blue-gray dial will definitely meet all the expectations of high-end watch lovers and classic timepiece fans. The diameter of the platinum case is 43mm, which is graceful and timeless. The iconic lines of the L.U.C series highlight the masculine modernity of the lugs. The bezel is decorated with matte satin, and the bezel and case back are polished to create a subtle contrast, which makes the watch bloom.

Elegant and delicate lady

  The L.U.C XPS ultra-thin watch has been praised for its subtle elegance and outstanding technical performance, becoming a classic.

L.U.C XPS 35mm watch

  This star model has been reduced in diameter to create the L.U.C XPS 35mm watch, dedicated to elegant women. With delicate blue mother-of-pearl dial. The watchmaker’s home-made movement is adorned with fleurisanne, a technique that is almost lost today. The fleurisanne carving is a unique technique of the village of Frerier, where Chopard’s watchmaking workshops have been located since 1996. The engraver carved the material around the pattern, and then carved the swirls and flower patterns on the remaining surface, and polished it to obtain the glory Shining effect. Then around the pattern, carved one by one, and finally formed the appearance of grain. It is not easy to install an automatic movement with a dual barrel and a power reserve of up to 65 hours into an ultra-thin case with a thickness of only 7.10 mm. Thanks to the subtle structure of the micro-rotor, the watchmakers at Chopard have achieved this extraordinary achievement, successfully sublimating the L.U.C 96.23-L movement configuration, and can view the movement type of the movement through the open bottom cover. The L.U.C XPS 35mm models are all certified by Chopard’s Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), adding to the many outstanding qualities of the timepiece itself.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Following the ‘Days of Luck’ boom, Van Cleef & Arpels, the French family of jewellery and watches, has launched a new online digital platform for its highly symbolic lucky theme-‘8 ‘Seconds of luck (lucky 8 seconds)’ theme website, invites the general public in the form of 8 seconds of lucky videos to convey beautiful lucky moments.

 Van Cleef & Arpels

 Fortune has always been a very precious element of Van Cleef & Arpels and the source of inspiration for its countless masterpieces. One of the most praised is the Alhambra® Four Leaf Lucky Series: Van Cleef & Arpels is celebrating this classic heritage around the world, recreating the legendary evolution and new works of the Alhambra Four Leaf Lucky Series. To this end, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels launched a special network platform called ‘8 Seconds of luck’. His creative inspiration is from the family legend Jacques Arpels. He often gives his colleagues four-leaf clover and attaches exquisite poems to share and convey the meaning of luck-this is the ‘8 Seconds of luck’ The original intention of the theme website.

 ‘8 Seconds of Luck’

 The ‘8 Seconds of luck (lucky 8 seconds)’ theme website http://8-seconds-of-luck.vancleefarpels.com will be open to all netizens on May 27. Anyone can express their feelings freely through an 8-second short film. Netizens can choose their favorite clips from a series of 1-second short clips on the website. These clips are carefully inspired by the different styles, materials, and wonderful quotes of the lucky theme of the Alhambra Four Leaf Lucky Series. Netizens can also design special messages for their loved ones, adding a unique heart to the video. The short films will eventually be included in the interactive short film collection and arranged in a special order, creating unlimited viewing possibilities.

 At the same time, Van Cleef & Arpels will hold competitions worldwide. Netizens submit their lucky moment in 1 second, and have the opportunity to be selected into the website video library. Van Cleef & Arpels will select outstanding works with poetic and innovative ideas and a positive attitude in the most popular films. In the end, the winner will be a ‘friend of the family’ and have the opportunity to experience Van Cleef & Arpels’s exciting activities.

 Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels and digital design company SAME SAME but different work together to achieve the perfect compatibility of the theme website with all network platforms. The website is available in French, English, Chinese, Japanese and other languages, and is open in all countries and regions celebrating the Alhambra Four Leaf Lucky Series.

Cartier Tortue Xl Cheetah Pattern Watch

Cartie Tortue XL Cheetah Decorative Watch
TieCartie Tortue XL cheetah decorative watch
This cheetah is Cartier’s only tonneau-shaped watch this year, with a gold case and an octagonal crown set with a sapphire, equipped with a Cartier 9601 MC hand-wound movement. The case and dial are decorated with embossed enamel and big flames. The embossed is composed of four parts, which takes more than 60 hours. The precise method creates a perfect shadow effect. It takes 25 hours to fill the enamel with the embossed decoration and the big fire. The master craftsman alternately uses seven colors of black, purple red, gray, milky white, bright white, brown yellow, yellow green, etc. Cheetah. Limited to 80
Keywords: colored gems, complex creativity, enamel, ultra-thin comfort, skill-based jewelry watch, appearance first, GMT, entry-level version 2.0
Musical effect: Divine Comedy ‘忐忑’
Product style: rich in style, wide in variety, extremely luxurious, extremely complicated
Main series: BallonBleu ultra-thin watch, Calibre de Cartier, fine watchmaking series, Delices watch, ArtKraft jewelry watch
New products: more than 50 models
Editor’s Choice: BallonBleu Slim Watch
Comment: The reason why the Divine Comedy ‘忐忑’ is used to describe Cartier’s press conference is that Cartier’s products launched this year are too exciting. It is difficult to imagine so many complicated functions, so many artistic elements, and so many style types. Concentrated in the works of the same brand in the same year.
In terms of categories, Cartier’s self-produced movement series & mdash; & mdash; Calibre de CARTIER’s junior three-hand automatic watch collectively replaced with metal straps this year, although not necessarily to cater to the Chinese market, but certainly welcomed by the people. The BallonBleu (blue balloon) series, which has been renowned for many years, has been successfully slimmed down. The edge of the case is even thinner than the coin, and the sense of honor, recognition and comfort is excellent. Delices women’s watches with candy as the inspiration for design, and to show the graphics of Diya’s masterful style in the field of art design, Delices will become another popular style of women’s watches. The four works in the HighWatchmaking series not only reflect the complicated technology and craftsmanship, but also attract the attention of all visitors with their creative ideas.
The 6 high-end jewelry watches of the ArtKraft series have unprecedentedly replaced the luxury materials with manual techniques to become the main body of the product. This may become a trend. Only by getting rid of the restrictions of raw materials, the design of jewelry watches can be more free and the output Only in this way can they be fully released and the new round of consumer demand be met to the greatest extent.

Retro Classic Montblanc Precision Chronograph Twincounter Calendar Watch Tasting

Accurate timekeeping has always been a watchmaking goal that major watch brands are constantly pursuing. As one of the most basic but crucial functions of timepieces, it has always been a ‘fight for the soldiers’. The accurate transmission of time to the wearer is also an expression of the sincerity of the watch brand. Montblanc upholds the concept of ‘precision timekeeping’ as its core watchmaking concept. At the Geneva Fine Watch Salon in 2017, Montblanc once again took traditional classic timepieces as inspiration for its design. The dial and blue alligator leather strap are very attractive. (Watch model: 116244)

Tribute to a classic vintage watch

Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Twincounter Calendar Watch

   The design of the watch was inspired by the legendary Pythagore watch born in 1948. This historical classic has won with its refined and elegant Arabic numerals, faceted appliques, unique sword-shaped hands, slim case, smooth bezel and elegant curved lugs. Widely praised by watch lovers. To this day, these characteristics have been perfectly reproduced in Montblanc’s heritage precision chronograph series. It is a perfect fusion of vintage and classic, paying tribute to the exquisite craftsmanship and ultimate aesthetic pursuit of watchmakers.

Watch front display

 Watch lug display
   The polished 40 mm stainless steel case has superior texture and smooth lines. Emits a soft glow unique to the material. With a thickness of 9.85 mm, the watch is more stylish and slim. With curved satin-finished lugs on the inside, it perfectly integrates with the stainless steel case, showing the unique line beauty of the watch, which is very beautiful.

Watch crown display

   The embossed Montblanc hexagonal white star logo crown is highly recognizable, and the side has a non-slip texture design. It feels good and is not slippery during operation, ensuring the accuracy and smoothness of the watch’s timing.
Clear and elegant plate design

Watch dial display

   Inspired by the classic double subdial design of the Minerva chronograph in the 1950s. The antique blue dial with decorative solar radiation pattern, faceted sword-shaped hands, rhodium-plated appliqued hour markers and striking Arabic numerals 6 and 12 scales show the unique charm of the new watch. The nine-hour position is the small dial of the second hand, which echoes the small dial of the three-hour position. The rhodium-plated small seconds, rhodium-plated calendar hands and red digital scales show different connotations to the viewer. The precise movement of the seconds hand function reflects the elegant design essence of the series.

Watch movement display

   The watch uses a back-through process. Through the embedded sapphire crystal glass window on the stainless steel case back, the movement at a glance is clear and unique. Equipped with Montblanc MB 24.23 self-winding movement, with a power reserve of about 38 hours. Obtained the ‘500-hour Quality Test from Montblanc Laboratory’ certification, which guarantees the accurate movement of the watch.

Watch strap display

   The watch is connected to a blue crocodile leather strap, manufactured by the Montblanc Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence, Italy. It is comfortable to wear and contrasts with the antique blue dial, showing the overall charm of the watch. The alligator strap is connected with a stainless steel triple folding clasp, which can protect the watch from the wrist and prevent it from slipping off easily.

Watch overall display

Summary: The core watchmaking concept of precise timing adds a profound meaning to this retro watch. Combining the beauty of classical blue with rigorous watchmaking craftsmanship, this retro, classic Montblanc heritage precision chronograph series Twincounter calendar watch. Adhering to the consistent style of Montblanc’s heritage precision timing series, it combines thin appearance and classic design. It can be said to be the sincere work of Montblanc. If you like it, watch it quickly.

More Brilliant 2018 Sihh Cartier Summary

At the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition 2018, Cartier inherited the brand’s high-end watchmaking aesthetic style, highlighting the combination of excellence and breakthrough innovation, bringing us many beautiful and novel Good for your wrist. Delicate and delicate, light and transparent, leaving a deep impression. This time, the new products can be divided into two aspects of surprise and practicality. The surprise models infused the refreshing creative designs into the watches through the imagination of brand watchmakers, like Cartier RÉVÉLATION D’UNE The PANTHÈRE watch is one of the outstanding representatives. The practical watch is prominent in the replacement of the watch strap, like Santos after this update. Then let’s review it together:
Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER day and night display mysterious watch

   Cartier, a high-end jewellery brand, continues the aesthetic style of high-end watchmaking, highlighting the combination of excellence and breakthrough innovation: on the one hand, it is an exquisite and exquisite hollow movement; on the other hand, it is light, transparent, and charming. Movement. At the exhibition, the Rotonde de Cartier retrograde minute-night display mysterious watch was launched. It is the first time that the brand introduced the complex function of day-night display in the mysterious field, which is impressive.
For more details of real shots, please click: In recent years, with the enthusiasm of all sectors of society for women’s watches, the center of the watch market has also slightly shifted to women’s watches. An elegantly designed, yet simple and capable watch has become the ideal wrist companion for ladies. For the design of women’s watches, the new products will not be arbitrarily piled up like gold or diamonds as in the past. Instead, a novelty will be injected into the watch through extraordinary wisdom, making this watch show its exclusive elegance. This is the case for Cartier’s high jewelry cheetah watch launched at SIHH this year.
For more details, please click: Radieuse Watch

   Among the many new products, Cartier’s Crash Radieuse watch is naturally indispensable, breaking the creative limit and re-interpreting the Crash watch design. The inherited ‘squashed’ shape gives a strong and unique twist.
For more details, please click: Infinie Watch

   At this high-profile watch event, Cartier launched a number of beautiful and luxurious wrist watches for urban elegant ladies. The Baignoire Infinie watch is one of them. Breaking the visual balance in the design, the three-circle corolla inlaid with a variety of gemstones is striking.
For more details of actual shooting, please click: RÉVÉLATION D’ UNE PANTHÈRE watch, once again put mysterious creativity on the dial. This watch is inspired by the hourglass as an innovative interpretation of the passage of time and the brand’s cheetah magic. The unique feature is the 900 gold beads that can move with gravity on the dial, but it is interesting that they can not only swing freely on the dial, but roll along a special liquid track to outline the cheetah pattern, which is a watch exhibition One of the interesting watches.
For more details of actual shooting, please click: In addition to the complicated and novel mysterious watches, the famous watch brand Cartier also launched the Cartier Baignoire series cheetah theme watch at the exhibition, integrating the brand’s iconic cheetah elements into the oval Bagignoire Above the collection, it presents a unique beauty on the wrist.
For more details, please click: DE CARTIER skeleton watch

   Cartier hollow-out technology was born in the 1930s and has a long history. In 2001, Cartier launched the Santos 100 skeleton watch, which uses the Roman numeral hour bridge design to lay the iconic status of the skeleton craft. Today, this complication is taking a new look in new Santos de Cartier watches. The brand introduced the new SANTOS DE CARTIER skeleton watch at the highly anticipated Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2018, equipped with the brand’s patented strap quick-change system, which makes the strap replacement more convenient.
For more details, please click: DE CARTIER double mysterious tourbillon skeleton watch

   This tourbillon uses a revolutionary double floating design: the first tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds; the second tourbillon frame contains the entire ‘mysterious’ part, which rotates once every 5 minutes. This requires a very high level of craftsmanship. While maintaining overall coordination, it also meets the requirements of a thin case and complex craftsmanship: All parts are carefully decorated by hand, and processed by chamfering, wire drawing and screw head polishing. The new work launched this year, combined with the Roman numeral hollow bridge, makes the watch more lightweight and delicate. Mysterious legendary magic is complemented by a transparent cut-out aesthetic. The rounded curves of the watch and the mysterious movement complement the sharp geometric lines of the skeleton bridge.
For more watch details, please click: The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2018 SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon brought to you by watch house professionals. For more details, please click the watch house Geneva watch live feature:- —

The Meaning Of Time 12960 Minutes, 861 Ships Saved 338226 People

Time is life. In 12960 minutes, 861,226 ships saved 338,226 people! miracle!
—- Mr. Ye
September 2, 2017

So is it worth looking at? !!

   Definitely worth it! Directly: Douban scored 8.6, War Wolf scored 7.2


   The last shot left for me was that the Air Force did not return when the fuel tank was almost exhausted, but decided to cover his comrades at sea stubbornly fighting German aircraft to the last minute, burning his own plane waiting for capture.

   In fact, the best role is this ordinary old father. He lost his beloved child due to the war, but still carries two slightly young children, plus an old fishing boat, to give his own strength to the soldiers who saved the motherland. This ‘thin’ combination rushed into the devastated battlefield and assumed the responsibility of rescue for the soldiers.

   The next second, the child on the boat was seriously injured. Will he continue on his way back? There was no hesitation in the old man’s heart, he clenched the rudder, speeded up, and saved the trapped life. . .

This incredibly calm sailing uncle is a real person in history

   The uncle was named Charles Lightoller. He was the second lieutenant of the Titanic. After that, he directed the destroyer HMS Garry to sink a German U-boat UB-110 in World War I. It was a war. hero.
   After retiring from the army, he did some small business, so he bought a 13-person yacht.

   He was 66 years old when Dunkirk retreated in 1940, but he still took his son to the boat across the strait to rescue the desperate soldiers. No one thought of a small yacht that could only carry 13 people. Saved 130 people (55 on deck, 75 on cabin)! One person’s life cost 130 lives.


   We were born in stability, we ca n’t understand the cruelty of war, but we never let us go. The shouts that could not be answered in front of the hospital bed, but the sorrow that tears rained away and the irreparable sorrow, the pain of the heart of the loved ones leaving, life is inevitable. It is precisely this way that the answer from the old man is so heavy.
The country does not exist, why do you think of home!
   When thinking of the phrase ‘How difficult it is to rejuvenate the state’ that was made during the Wenchuan earthquake, and the characteristics of the last Chinese visa for War Wolf, every moment always makes me understand the more complicated emotions behind sadness. Just like the soldier rescued by the old man asked him how to deal with the cold body of the dead child, the old man motioned to push him aside gently. . .
Life suddenly made sense at that moment!
   This film is also an enjoyment of hearing. Super big composer Hans Zimmer cleverly uses the ticking soundtrack of time to interweave with the grand symphony, expressing the sense of tension, intense rhythm and oppression!
   Relive the tension in the tick:
Speaking of time, did you notice it?
   Tom Hardy pilot glanced at a watch.

   In the movie, the CK2129 watch is an Omega watch worn by the Royal Air Force. During the mission, the watch’s unique rotating bezel can set a specific time interval. This function is crucial for pilots in battle. The time interval means the amount of gasoline and its own life.
   In World War II, 2,000 CK2129 watches were sent to Britain. The cream dial is in stark contrast to the Arabic numeral hour and pear-shaped hands on the dial, when the military regarded Omega watches as their combat equipment.

   During the two world wars, Omega was one of the largest suppliers of military watches.

   In just nine days, the maximum retreat record was 2,000 people per hour! A total of 47,310 people were evacuated throughout the day.
That is
Two seconds = one life
   This minute-to-second battle of life reminds me of a special museum series in Omega.

   My cousin kept asking me: What do the blue numbers in the outer circle represent? I took the opportunity to answer.
   First of all: the blue outer circle represents the Tachymeter, which is the number of repetitions of a unit amount in an hour (3600 seconds).
   Example: This blue scale can directly see how many people can board an hour in one minute. For a team of 10 people, the boarding time starts, the second hand is from 12 to 7 o’clock, and it takes 35 seconds for 10 people to board the ship. At this moment the red seconds point to 103 on that outer circle. This represents a total of 103 times 10 = 1030 lives saved in one hour.

   Don’t understand? Leave a message, I will explain one by one.
Mr. Ye accompanied us to remind:
No precious historical photos can be seen in the movie:

Well-equipped German ground forces

French escape from tanks that were directly abandoned

Fishing boat full of British soldiers

Lined up in an orderly manner without interruption, even in the face of air raids by the Luftwaffe

226 British and 17 French ships sunk
British Air Force loses 106 aircraft and shoots down about 140 German aircraft