Chanel Launches New Boy · Friend Series Watches Boy · Friend Tweed


   Initially, Ms. Chanel re-cut and stitched men’s clothing for her own use. Later, she began to design a series of ideal clothing for women who are as passionate about outdoor activities as sports, travel, and driving.

   In the 1920s, she subverted the dress code at that time, and boldly used jersey and tweed fabrics to design women’s clothing on the premise of comfort.

   ‘The clothes are not as good as they are. The clothes I often wear most make me feel at ease, but they must not be thick and rough fabrics … definitely not! In fact, I taught the Scots how to weave light twill. Dare to convince them that it is not easy! ‘1
These tweeds then had an indelible influence on her design vocabulary. Tweed is an abrasion-resistant fabric made from carded wool and is native to Scotland. In her eyes, this kind of woolen fabric hand-knitted by the residents of the Highlands of Scotland has a unique quality: carded wool is soft and fluffy, unlike combed fabrics, which can maintain its ‘slightly grainy’ natural appearance. Desirable. Ms. Chanel is particularly fond of wool that has not been washed excessively and retains its original softness. She was even proud to be able to identify the tweeds that had been rinsed in the Tweed River.



   Today, for the first time, Chanel presents the tweed texture on the stainless steel strap of the BOY • FRIEND series.


   The carved strap woven from fine steel wire demonstrates Chanel’s superb watchmaking technology: in order to highlight the rich layer of tweed fabric, the fine texture is accurately and deeply pressed on the strap; at the same time, the strap is maintained Excellent flexibility to ensure comfort when worn. It can take months to make such a strap perfect.


   Thanks to the craftsmanship of the craftsman, the edge of the strap combines the design elements of knitting and piping, highlighting the outline of the TWEED strap. This is exactly the same as the knit design of the edge of the pockets and cuffs of the Chanel jacket.

   The BOY · FRIEND TWEED watch and other models in the same series have an octagonal folding clasp that echoes the outline of the Paris Fontaine.

Quartz Movement Can Also Make Sense Of Luxury

The high-end quartz movement has finally raised its eyebrows in the past two years. Under the circumstances that Longines, CITIZEN and GRAND SEIKO brands have launched powerful products, and after repeated communication, consumers have finally begun to reduce their hostility to quartz. In spite of this, sales have certainly produced good results, even in discussions among players. Also revealed more and more interest and friendliness in high-priced quartz watches.

Cal. 9F82

Quartz / hour, minute, second, date / 9 stone / vibration frequency 32,768vps / annual difference ± 10 seconds, instantaneous day-to-day, dual pulse control motor, second hand rebound correction mechanism, super airtight structure, independent splint for each axis
As the only brand that continues to develop high-quality quartz, GS benefits from this development, but at the same time it has emerged from many competitors. In terms of the main selling point of high-quality quartz, the specifications of GS’s 9F movement are The difference is ± 10 seconds. Compared to the Longines VHP, which made a comeback in 2017, it has an annual difference of ± 5 seconds. In 2018, CITIZEN even released the concept movement Cal. 0100 of ± 1 second, which should make GS feel threatened, however When the author took this to ask the engineers of their watch factory, they thought that although these brands each introduced some interesting things, the 9F should still be the best among them in terms of the performance of the needle.
Here they mentioned a very important concept: ‘advanced’ quartz is not just ‘high precision’ quartz. The so-called advanced should include many other aspects besides accuracy, such as the stability of pointer operation and date switching Speed ​​and so on, these will also affect the user’s wearing experience, which determines the “advanced” feeling. Looking back at the development process of 9F, you will find that they did spend a lot of details beyond accuracy, so when they face You can still maintain full confidence when facing this challenge.

The method of 9F driving the second hand is to release the power twice in one second, and push the pointer to move half a division at a time, which means that it uses twice the power to move the pointer through one division.

GS returned to the market in the form of a quartz watch in 1988. At the time, the 95GS was introduced with an accuracy of ± 10 seconds. For quartz movements with an annual difference of ± 5 seconds, the accuracy is not too much of a problem for them, but the 95GS has been picked out for its appearance, because the quartz movement at the time was too weak to push the heavy The large pointer, so the 95GS is equipped with a slim body style. The problem is that an important feature of the GS in the 1960s is the high-weight Dove needles. The taste of the fine needles after modification is always worse, and this is the point. It became the main weakness of 95GS criticized by players.
In order to improve this, Seiko once again learned from their past research and development results. In fact, Seiko only produced a powerful 7C movement in 1986. At that time, this movement was designed for a 1,000-meter water-resistant catfish diving watch. It is to promote the large luminous hands necessary for diving watches, so the motor torque of the movement is strong, which just solves the problem faced by the new GS. So Seiko integrated the powerful output of 7C and the original grade accuracy. Introduced the first exclusive movement 9F83 of Hyundai GS, which opened a brand new chapter for the history of GRAND SEIKO and even quartz movement.
The powerful torque of the double pulse motor
The powerful torque of 9F comes from its ‘double pulse control motor’. Generally, the quartz movement drives the second hand to release the power once per second, and push the hand to go one division at a time. In the case of 9F, the power is released twice per second. The hand moves half a grid, which means that it uses twice the power to move the hand through one grid. Through this mechanism, the movement can drive the GS ‘wide Douven needle. Today, even ordinary quartz movements can push large hands and even moon phase disks, but even if GS developed such technology 25 years ago, its pioneering work still cannot be ignored.

In order to ensure that the parts are in a dust-free environment and to prevent deterioration of the lubricant, the 9F uses an ultra-airtight structure to seal the entire movement. Only the watchmaker of the main factory can open it.

Aged quartz
The high accuracy of 9F comes mainly from their unique quartz growing method. The quartz used in 9F is produced by the Epson factory of SEIKO from the rough stage. After cutting into the required shape, each piece of quartz will undergo a ‘cure’ for 90 days. During this process, they will be at a temperature of 25 degrees, In a controlled environment with a humidity of 50%, continuous shocks are applied to the quartz, thereby ‘cutting off their fat’, and the performance of each piece of quartz is recorded during the period. Only three months later, only those that meet the standard of ± 10 seconds of annual difference can remain For 9F, if there is more accurate (such as ± 5 seconds), it will be mixed into the product, or it can be selected separately for special styles.
One-to-one temperature control and fine-tuning
Temperature is the main factor that causes the accuracy of quartz movements to fluctuate. Each piece of quartz on 9F will record their habit, and then write these characteristics one by one into the respective IC of each movement. The customized method is matched with a low-power temperature monitoring system 540 times a day to achieve the temperature control of the movement. In addition, the 9F also has a rare fast and slow adjustment device for quartz movement. It can adjust the speed of the movement by rotating the fine adjustment screw according to his environment and habits after long-term wearing. Fine-tuning is performed to personalize and optimize precision.
Backlash adjustment mechanism and transient jump day
When jumping to the second, the second hand tends to shake when it encounters the longer and thinner second hand. This kind of shake comes from the play gap that must exist between the gear teeth that mesh with each other. In order to suppress this situation, 9F is added at the end of the wheel train With a hairspring, the elasticity of the hairspring is used to keep the gap between the gear teeth tight, thereby reducing the jitter of the second hand. The instant switching of the date requires a lot of power, so few quartz movements are used. In contrast, a 9F roller car (hour hand wheel) will spend 18 hours a day to accumulate energy for the spring that drives the day change. Wait until midnight Release of breath, through this mechanism to achieve 1/2000 seconds of instant jump day.

Ordinary calibres, small carts and second wheel collars may interfere with each other, so 9F adds sleeves between the shafts to allow them to operate independently.

3-axis to 4-axis independent structure
In order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 9F, the GS launched the first time of the two-time function 9F86 in the series in 2018. 9F originally had a so-called independent shaft structure, because the common movement of the barrel, small barrel and second wheel collar The frictional force of direct contact with each other may cause mutual interference, so 9F added sleeves between the shafts to allow them to operate completely independently. 9F86 has more GMT needles, and the structure of the independent axis has also changed from three axes (hours, minutes, seconds) to four axes. These sleeves are integrally formed with the splint, and the processing of the plate is extremely precise. This can be seen from this point Of high quality.

9F Caliber 25th Anniversary SBGV238

Stainless steel, 18K yellow gold / 9F82 quartz movement / hour, minute, second, date display / year difference ± 5 seconds / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 40mm / 600 limited edition worldwide 35,000 RMB


Stainless steel material / 9F86 quartz movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / time function between the two places / year difference ± 10 seconds / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 40mm

Zhiqu Lifestyle Environmentally Friendly Taste Tissot Solar Series Watch

Tissot launched the touch-screen watch in 1999, integrating technology and fashion into this small world. Then in 2014, the brand launched the world’s first solar-powered touch-screen watch, integrating technology into our lives and bringing more convenience to life. This year, Tissot has once again become the official partner timing partner of the Asian Games in Jakarta. To this end, it has launched a special Tengzhi series Asian Games watch. In addition to using solar energy as a constant source of energy, this watch is also very sophisticated in timing. The configuration of the regatta countdown and countdown timer allows you to start a fierce sports match at any time and ignite the passion of the arena. Let’s enjoy this solar watch together. (Watch model: T0914204705700)

Zhiqu Life Environmental Protection Choice

   The Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch uses touch screen technology. The dial is equipped with a solar panel, which can use the inexhaustible sunlight as energy and convert it into electricity to provide power for the watch. This watch is not only under strong light, it can provide power even in low light or under light. Using solar energy as the power source of the watch can not only maintain a lasting power for the watch, but also this design is in line with modern environmental protection concepts and is the best choice for environmentalists.

Watch real shot

   The watch case is made of antimagnetic titanium, which is light and strong. The outline of the watch is tough and full of male masculinity.

   The dial is equipped with a solar panel that uses sunlight as a source of power to charge the watch. The watch is equipped with a regatta countdown function, segmented cumulative timing / simultaneous segmented timing / lap timing function, azimuth function, logbook function, chronograph function, dual alarm, dual time zone, and perpetual calendar with date and day The display settings of these functions are enough to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts. The dial is designed with a touch screen function, which can be turned on with a single touch. Arabic numerals and hands are coated with luminous coating, which can read the information on the dial even in the dark environment.

   The lugs retain the classic design of the original Tengzhi series. The unique triangular lugs smoothly connect between the case and the strap.

   The side of the watch is equipped with adjusting buttons and ergonomic timing buttons for comfortable operation. Of course, you can also adjust the watch by touching the sapphire crystal dial, which is very convenient.

   The red rubber strap is more delicate to touch and light and comfortable. The strap is equipped with a button-type folding buckle, which can be worn with a single touch, which is simple and fast.

   The watch’s stainless steel case back is emblazoned with the Jakarta Asian Games logo, adding a memorable meaning to this watch.

Summary: When the equipment is too cumbersome, the Tissot Tengzhi series Asian Games special watch has more than 20 practical functions, which can bring more convenience to sports and travel. Coupled with environmental protection and long-lasting solar charging function, even the travel watch can continue to run, there is no shortage of good choices for sports and travel. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention.

Big Dial Fashion Trends

This trend of large dial watches originated in Europe and the United States. Although it has been popular for many years, there is no sign of reduction this year. The new men’s watches are not only above 40mm, but even 60mm. From military applications to the forefront of fashion, today, a large watch on the wrist is the most direct way to express personality.
Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 45.50mm Chronograph

 The Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe Ceragold Chronograph uses a large 45.50 mm 18K red gold case. The black polished zirconium-based ceramic bezel is the most eye-catching appearance of this model, which contrasts sharply with the Ceragold diving scale. The Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 45.50 mm Ceragold Chronograph is also amazing. This watch is equipped with the Omega 9301 coaxial movement. This movement, released in 2011, is the first chronograph movement in the family of Omega’s own coaxial movements. The Omega 9301 coaxial movement is specially luxuriously processed. The balance and balance wheel bridge are made of 18K red gold. The screws, barrel and balance wheel are all blackened. The Omega 9301 coaxial movement allows the hour hand of the watch to be adjusted independently without affecting the movement of the minute and second hands, which is very suitable for people who often need to adjust the time zone frequently on long trips. The Omega 9301 coaxial movement is equipped with a silicon spring. Like every Ocean Universe watch, the Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe Ceragold Chronograph is guaranteed for up to 4 years.
Breitling Bentley World Time V8 Chronograph

 The collaboration between Breitling and Bentley is always looking forward to. This time, in order to celebrate the official release of the new Bentley Continental GT V8 sports car, Breitling has drawn inspiration from the surging and passionate speed, specially launched the Bentley World Time V8 chronograph watch (Bentley GMT ‘V8’), limited to 250 pieces worldwide. A new supercar with a powerful and efficient 4.0-liter V8 engine pays tribute. The unique metallic red rotating inner ring of the V8 chronograph is dazzling. This vibrant red color complements the red Bentley ‘B’ logo of the Continental GT V8 sports car. The watch is equipped with a high-performance self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and is also equipped with Breitling’s exclusive ’30-second chronograph system’. The asymmetrical lugs on the stainless steel case have a novel and bold design, which can be matched with the Speed ​​racing stainless steel bracelet or the dynamic GMT world time rubber strap, which exudes the ultimate passion on the wrist.
Hublot and Ferrari World’s First ‘Magic Gold’ Big Bang Watch

 Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold Watch. The unprecedented Big Bang Ferrari has a larger case (45.5 mm diameter), more dynamic and mechanical-this is the first evolution of Big Bang since its release in 2005; the deeper cylindrical bezel allows The movement viewed through the sapphire dial is more three-dimensional; the graduated crown is marked with the H mark, and its position can be automatically maintained in a straight line; the extended button is fixed on a wheel axle, like the throttle of a car; carbon is used on the side Quality inserts; highly innovative strap replacement device can quickly replace two straps, inspired by car seat belts, stitching in the same color as the Ferrari interior. In short, every detail of the watch is designed and manufactured according to the basic principles in the DNA shared by Hublot and Ferrari: sports, performance and technology. The entire watch does not have any useless parts, and its design must fully comply with functionality and rationality.

 The UNICO movement is quite similar to Ferrari’s 12-cylinder engine. Self-produced engine, self-produced chronograph movement-the same pursuit makes this Big Bang’s movement out of choice. It was designed and developed by Hublot and produced by the Hublot factory. This is also the first time that the UNICO movement has been embedded in Big Bang. With more than 330 parts, the vibration frequency reaches 28,800 times per hour. The column wheel and double horizontal connection are located on the side of the dial. The new pendulum is also inspired by the Ferrari rim. This watch has a 72-hour power reserve and can withstand a pressure of 100 meters.
Admiral Kunlun Cup Didier Cuche Limited Edition

 This watch is the spark of a collision between Kunlun and Swiss ski legend Didier Cuche. The accuracy of the watch can definitely be applied to the speed track close to one hundredth of a second on the ski track, showing Kunlun’s extraordinary watchmaking technology. The watch case is made of vulcanized rubber and has a diameter of 44 mm. Its velvet-like matte surface design reflects the movement characteristics of the watch. The unique 12-sided case of the Admiral’s Cup series of the brand is decorated with dark black color, with the orange chronograph seconds hand, ‘LIMITED EDITION’ on the surface, and the nautical flag pattern and minute circle on the scale position, forming a strong The contrast exudes infinite vitality. The watch uses the CO960 self-winding chronograph movement verified by the Swiss official astronomical observatory. It is a complex sports watch with a central chronograph function-the minute chronograph hands are set on the same axis as the hour and minute hands. Limited edition of 100 pieces.
Radar HyperChrome Man in Black

 The new black chronometer Swiss Radar HyperChrome series watch is made of high-tech ceramics from the inside to the outside. The case is elegantly matched with a hardened stainless steel strap and the button material is also made of high-tech ceramics. It also has a crown made of stainless steel and black rubber. The warm touch, matched with rhodium-colored hands, chronograph ring and scale, is classic and dynamic. Vitality is always the infinite source of power for the watch. The wearer is immersed in innovative materials and eye-catching shapes. For sports enthusiasts who focus on watch wear and personal pulse heart rate, this 45mm dial Swiss Radar HyperChrome watch will become his perfect match.
 The trend of large dial watches will still be popular this year, and more large dial watches are expected to appear at Basel this year.

Breguet (Breguet) 缱 绻 Strong Feelings And Charm Blend – Chinese Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Selection Pair Table

Love always makes people forget the time. Even if the two cannot meet each other, looking at the moon, the mind system is already in harmony. The annual Qixi Festival is approaching. In this passionate day, only time can witness. After reading the bustling countless times, only the tacit understanding of spiritual charm can withstand the experience of time. For two hundred and forty years, Breguet has inherited the fine tradition of nuances from its long history, adhering to the brand’s unique aesthetic style, overlapping the watch with history and reflecting each other, giving the timepiece the purest heritage of beauty.

   On the seventh day of 2015, Breguet has uniquely selected men’s and women’s watch pairs from two major timepiece series: the classic 7337 moon phase men’s watch and the Naples queen series 8908 moon phase women’s watch. The seemingly different designs of the two originate from the same creative inspiration. The traditional round case for men’s watches is matched with the feminine and oval lines of the Naples women’s series. Such an innovative combination coincides with Breguet’s breakthrough brand concept of traditional leather.
   The Breguet Classic 7337 watch perfectly reflects the elegant and refined brand value and technological innovation. As a symbol of Breguet’s classic collection, this elegant watch has the function of displaying the day, month, and moon phases. Breguet-style eccentric scales and a small seconds dial at 5 o’clock give this watch an asymmetric charm. The Reine de Naples 8908 ladies watch, which also has the moon phase function, is exactly the same, which continues the perfect curve of the goose-shaped case while being more difficult and complicated. Similar dial design, Breguet-style eccentric structure shows the gorgeous elegance of the model, the name is actually both inside and outside, just like modern new women, beauty and connotation. Only such a combination of internal and external, spiritual charm can create a perfect timepiece; only the parallel after the bustling retreat is the most beautiful interpretation of perseverance.
Watch description

Breguet Classicique 7337 Men’s Watch
Number: REF. 7337BB / 1 E / 9V6
Ultra-thin self-winding movement.
Engraved dial.
45-hour power reserve.
Sapphire crystal case back
Water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 meters)
Diameter: 39 mm

Breguet Queen Naples Series 8908 Women’s Watch
Number: REF. 8908BB / V2 / 864 D00D
The ring and dial flange are set with 128 diamonds and weigh approximately 0.83 carats.
Automatic mechanical movement
Guilloché dial
Roman numerals and hidden signatures
Sapphire crystal case back
Water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 meters)
Dimensions: 36.50 x 28.45 mm.

Extremely Aesthetic Experience Roger Dubuis Diamond Watch

Roger Dubuis can be described as the newborn in watch time. Although the company’s history is too young compared to the century-old watch tycoon brand, its strong and distinctive style and noble temperament can be easily identified even if you look at high-end watch brands. Next, the editor introduces Roger Dubuis Diamond Watches.

 Roger Dubuis, using meticulous craftsmanship, is meticulous and strives for perfection. The 304 diamonds weighing approximately 13.61 carats are meticulously set on the watch with a concealed setting method, which makes the diamonds shine and show the ultimate beauty.
 The case is paved with 138 rectangular diamonds (weighing 7.5 carats, including 24 different sizes), while the dial is inlaid with 136 diamonds (weighing 5.20 carats, including 50 different sizes). Two pillow-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.4 carats are adorned at the lugs for a more refined look. Another 30 beautiful diamonds (0.91 carats) are set on the folding clasp, which is dazzling. The watch showcases femininity, elegance and brilliance, and the unique charm of Diva’s celebrities is fully revealed.

Richard Mille Rm 011 Flyback Chronograph Flyback Chronograph Captures The Screen

The revolutionary high-end watch brand Richard Mille Watches is proud to announce its sponsorship of the forthcoming film Parker, directed by Taylor Hackford, Starring Jason Statham. Jason Steinson, who plays Parker, will wear a Richard Mille RM 011 Flyback Chronograph throughout the film.
The protagonist of the movie ‘Parker’ is a genius grand theft. He adheres to a criminal principle: never rob a rich man. However, after a big case, his associates not only betrayed him, but also wanted to kill him. So Parker embarked on a long road to revenge, letting them pay their due price.

Jason Stanson wears a Richard Mille RM 011 flyback chronograph in the film Parker

‘The avant-garde high-end RM 011 flyback chronograph watch complements Parker’s gallant courage.’ Watch designer Richard Mille said. ‘The Parker in the film is the business person Daniel Parmitt, and the RM 011 flyback chronograph watch under the care of the sapphire crystal is exposed and transparent, and the titanium and 18K red gold case exude endless Complexity and detail are perfect for Parker’s role. ‘
On the road to revenge, Parker must be agile, precise and punctual. The RM 011 watch with large date display, flyback timer, 60-minute countdown function, 12-hour totalizer and 55-hour power reserve fully meets these requirements.

‘Parker’ was released in the United Kingdom and the United States on January 25, 2013, and in France on March 13, 2013.
Source: Richard Mille
Photo: Flashfire Productions LLC

Precise And Timeless Art: Jaeger-lecoultre Atmos Classique 560 Rhodiumclassic Air Clock

Da Vinci has stated that according to the laws of physics, ‘eternal movement’ can never exist. Nevertheless, for centuries, researchers have not lightly given up the mechanism of pursuing constant motion. In 1928, Jaeger-LeCoultre set out to develop and produce the air clock invented by Jean-Leon Ruetter, which truly realized the ancient dream of mankind in pursuit of eternal movement. Air clocks rely on subtle temperature changes to get the power they need to run forever.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Classique 560 Rhodium air-plated rhodium-plated metal case with dimensions of 200 x 155 x 225 mm, hour and minute display, Jaeger-LeCoultre 560 Perpetual Mechanical Movement, hand-made and assembled, ring balance The swing period is 120 times an hour, with a blue lacquered face plate, model Q5102208.
   The Atmos air clock is both complicated and wonderful. It is almost constant and requires a constant operating environment. It seems to have life. The 48-hour kinetic energy depends on only one degree of temperature difference. The secret of the operation of the air clock is that a sealed cover is filled with mixed mercury vapor, and the gas expands and contracts due to temperature rise and decrease, thereby driving the clock for the mainspring. Each degree of temperature change can provide power for 48 hours of operation.

The Atmos Classique classic clock is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 560 permanent-moving mechanical movement. It is handmade and assembled. Its ring balance swings 120 times an hour. It has 15 ruby ​​bearings and contains 207 parts.
   Because the power required by the air clock is very thin, the extra energy consumption is excluded as much as possible in the design, and the movement is almost never consumed. Take the balance wheel as an example, its pulsation is only two times per minute, which is sixty times slower than that of an ordinary clock. If we add up the energy of 60 million clocks, we can barely light up a 15-watt electric bulb. The energy required for an air clock is very small, so we can see a class.

   The structure of Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos air clock came out more than 80 years ago, and after continuous improvement, it is still a revolutionary creation today. Through cooperation with contemporary artists or drawing inspiration from classic works of art, the practical eternal kinetic energy is even more important. Provide a new look for the world.

Ebel Yubao Duo Punches-news Ebel

1911 TEKTON Automatic Chronograph Ajax Amsterdam uses Ebel Ebel Calibre 245 Observatory certified movement, which is specially designed for football enthusiasts, with forty-five minutes indication and referee time indication. Stainless steel case, black engineered fiber strap.
Ebel Ebel has recently appointed a pair of duo to replace Thomas van der Kallen to head the company. They seem to be the two centers determined to score in this noisy game. Loek Oprinsen previously managed the brand’s main markets in northern Europe, and Marc Michel-Amadry was promoted to vice president of marketing to co-CEO of the brand. Oprinsen is responsible for operations and sales, while Michel-Amadry will be responsible for design and marketing.
‘This is an original way to share pressure,’ said Marc Michel-Amadry. ‘By forming a team, we have the most favorable chance of success, especially in the current economic environment.’ For Ebel Ebel, currently The situation is very difficult because his parent company, Movado, trusts the troubled American market. The group has already restructured and applied for a layoff program in Switzerland. The group announced the temporary dismissal of 25 people in Switzerland, six of whom were Ebel Ebel employees. (In addition to the Ebel Ebel brand, the group also owns the Movado and Concord emperor brands, as well as a series of licensed production brands.) But for Amadry, Ebel Ebel is ‘completely committed to watchmaking’, so He was spared the worst, (in mid-December, Switzerland is said to have cut a total of sixty positions). And now this two-person group has begun to act. Their strategy is to return to the foundation of time art. The above is the detailed plan of van der Kallen.
Eleven new models
Eleven new watches were launched in BaselWorld, lower than previous records, as Amadry explained, ‘We don’t want to fill our retailer’s warehouse, we just want to provide them with some practical Something. One of our goals at BaselWorld is to understand how much inventory our retailers around the world can absorb. ‘
Our aggressive strategy focuses on price. For example, the entry-level version of the Ebel Ebel classic mechanical movement steel version will start at CHF 3,900. Another strategy is about competitiveness. A new Chrono Exagon with a gorgeous one-piece key case and Dubois-DÉpraz movement. The hours of the stopwatch are displayed on an active chip. The watch is priced at less than 5,000 Swiss francs.
Ebel Ebel focuses on men’s watches, which account for 35 percent of sales. At this year’s show, the brand will launch his most interesting new models, such as a classic and unique flyback date hexagon watch in a rose gold case.
The Tekton series has become significantly more sporty. The newly added member is a powerful Tekton Chrono with the Ebel Ebel 137 movement inside. This is designed for Europe-Ajax, Olympique Lyonnais, and Real Madrid. There is also a special Tekton designed by the football club. He does not have a bezel, but instead uses a sapphire crystal instead of the bezel to fix the case with left and right cross threads. The waterproof function is achieved by a sealing ring hidden under a circular metal bar on the glass. This watch is very architectural, reminiscent of a large open-air football field. Now it’s up to the new team to score fast.
Source: Europa Star April-May 2009 Magazine Issue

Unforgettable At A Glance Six Special Indicators Of ‘arrogant’

For most people, time is watched by time, but when you raise your wrist to watch time, how many people have paid attention to the design of the hands? The movement of the pointer drives the focus point of the eyes. Each brand’s pointer has its own characteristics, and even some brands of pointers will be firmly memorized by watch fans. The design of the pointer should be exquisite and smart, not affect the time, but also beautiful. . In the previous article, we introduced Breguet’s hollow eccentric ‘moon-shaped’ pointer, Vacheron Constantin’s crown princess needle, Rolex’s lightning pointer, Omega seahorse’s bee pointer and IWC pilot’s flight pointer. The editor below introduces some Seemingly familiar pointer.

  Audemars Piguet: the classic church pin
  Church pin, called CATHEDRALE in French, is commonly used in Sven or square watches. This is the clock hands from the European Gothic church bell tower. Beginning in the 12th century, the ancient Romanesque architecture, which symbolized the absolute authority of religious status, no longer appealed to the church, and was replaced by Gothic architecture characterized by tall, straight, and pointed buildings. For a time, the church’s minaret, which was endowed with the divine spirit, blossomed all over Western Europe.

  At present, the vertical pendant of various church-shaped pointers in watches is inconclusive, high or low; the rhombuses are also different in size. The flat 90-degree positive rhombus is the most plump basic shape, and there is also an acute angle of about 75 degrees. diamond. Because of the rich sense of history and humanity conveyed by church pins, many vintage watches or commemorative watches have chosen church pins. Audemars Piguet’s traditional ultra-thin watch uses a square pillow-shaped rose gold case. The gold Arabic numerals on the dial and the gold church hands inherit the design of an antique watch, which is dazzling and not flamboyant. Also loved by church needles is Longines, whose Beja watches are also favored by many women for their elegant appearance.

  Girard Perregaux: romantic willow-shaped hollow hands
  Girard Perregaux CAT’SEYE series ladies watches show the noble and elegant feminine beauty. 18K rose gold creates smooth lines. The dial design not only highlights the center but also implies a sense of layering. At twelve o’clock, there is a moon phase display window. The deep night sky is dotted with bright stars, and the retrograde seconds hand and retrograde weekday retrograde display under the dial bring a static and dynamic visual contrast. The willow-shaped hour and minute hands are decorated with hollow, which is more chic and delicate, which is also different from the retrograde hand. Under the embellishment of the diamond, the hollowed-out hands are even more elegant, and every detail is inseparable from the overall design.

  White silk strap with 18K rose gold folding buckle, stylish and beautiful. The watch is designed with a sapphire crystal glass back and is equipped with an internal GP03390 self-winding movement, which provides a 46-hour power reserve when fully wound.
  Rolex: The Mercedes Benz Needle
  Although Greenwich watches are specifically designed for professional use, their unparalleled functionality and design make them popular with tourists at the same time. In addition to the time display in different time zones, Greenwich’s sturdy material and easy-to-match appearance are not only suitable for wearing around the world, but also suitable for any occasion.

  The ‘Benz’ style logo on the hands is easy to fill with more luminous paint, making the reading in diving and night clear, and the Mercedes-Benz hand has become a classic. Although some brands have tried Mercedes-Benz needles since then, people still think of Rolex’s famous ‘Water Ghost’ when they see Mercedes-Benz needles. In fact, whether it is a Mercedes-Benz owner or a Rolex watch owner, it is basically correct to use the word ‘courage to explore’.

  In addition to the traditional hour, minute and second hands, the Greenwich II is equipped with a separate 24-hour hand and a 24-hour progressive two-way rotating graduated bezel. The 24-hour hand shows the reference time in the first time zone (such as the time of residence), and the hour can be read on the outer scale.

  Omega: Tough Arrow Needle
  The arrow-shaped pointer has a very obvious sign, a striking triangular arrow at the needle head, and the watch hand as a whole arrow. The hands are large enough to be bold, and they are mostly used in military watches and diving watches. Can be filled with luminous paint, very practical. Omega’s hippocampus series is a typical example of sticking arrows. Some arrow-shaped needles will be made into a hollow effect, see through the chassis color, and highlight the sense of fashion. Due to the eye-catching indication, it is also often used as a special hand, such as a 24-hour hand.

  The Omega Seamaster GoodPlanetGMT watch is equipped with a blue dial and hour markers. The wide hour and minute hands lead the dial. The bright orange aluminum GMT hands enable the wearer to record time in dual time zones. The polished blue two-way rotating bezel is equipped with a bright orange GMT scale. The case is equipped with a helium exhaust valve at 10 o’clock and a calendar window at 3 o’clock. A 44 mm stainless steel case with a bracelet of the same material is equipped with an Omega 8605 coaxial movement.

  Panerai: minimalist pins

  Stick pins are simple in design, beautiful in appearance and easy to identify. The craftsmanship is not as complicated as vintage Breguet needles and rosette needles, and it is easy to mass-produce. Therefore, they are widely used by many prominent and practical watch brands. Simple and straight, straight rod-shaped pointers with slightly wider needles make it easy to fill with various luminous paints. This is the common point of these pointers. Many brands will also make some changes to the rod pointer. For example, only the pointer tip is filled with luminous paint, or a hollow effect is made to highlight the sporty fashion sense, so that the sturdy and simple rod-shaped pointer has a masculine taste, and also has some design sense.

 Panerai LuminorMarina series watches have the classic design elements of Panerai, highlighting the tough navy temperament. The number 9 position is a simple small second. This design reduces the number of gears in the movement transmission system and reduces the thickness of the watch. Black dial with luminous Arabic numerals and signs. The rod-shaped hour and minute hands complement the scale design, capable and simple.

  Tudor: The Creative Snowflake Needle
  The Tudor Heritage BlackBay series 79220R watch has a rare burgundy outer ring that can be rotated in one direction, which makes it easy to think of Rolex’s Cola ring. This watch introduced a blue model in 2014, which is really playful. The shape of the hands is also unique. Such ‘snowflake’ hands are very rare. At the same time, snowflakes are also adorned with the Tudor logo at 12 o’clock. The pointer has a unique oxidation effect, exuding a sense of nostalgia. The black dial has striking hour markers, and each hour marker is coated with a green luminous coating, which can read the time clearly in the dark, so that the time can be seen at a glance.

  In addition, this watch has a water resistance of 200 meters and a screw-in crown to meet the daily waterproofing needs of the wearer. This watch uses the ETA2824 movement, which is also an entry-level movement. This movement has been launched for half a century and has also introduced many extended versions. Many of Tudor’s junior series are using this movement, but the shock absorber and fine-tuning device have been replaced. This is the self-persistence of Tudor Watch Factory.

Summary: Watches and clocks themselves are a delicate mechanical world. Only after careful study will you find the beauty and mystery contained in them. Every discovery will make new discoveries, and maybe a small detail will change the overall style. Do you remember the above ‘high cold and lonely’ pointers? The dial of a watch is like the dashboard of a car. When you face it every day, you will always pay attention to its design. Among different design styles, there is always one that you can love. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)