13 Beautiful Square Watch Recommendation

Each year’s watch exhibition, watch brands will be eye-catching from two angles: the world’s astounding complexity and refreshing appearance design. Whether you are a professional or not, you can express your opinions on watch design. To say that this year’s design trends are many, but at first glance, the difference must be the square case.
It has never been a year like this year, and almost every brand has launched a watch style with a square case. You know, in the watch world, the traditional, classic and low-key round case has always been the focus of attention and taken for granted. From the sharp increase of square watches this year, we can see that, on the one hand, brands are seeking more changes; on the other hand, market demand is becoming more and more diversified. Personalized design is the first step to attract more consumers’ attention. Want to show yourself? Why not wear this year’s hottest square watch!
Hard line group
The square watch is the most confusing design, it looks a bit colorful, and even makes people think that wearing such a watch will be too high-profile and too public, but all the ideas are swept away when trying on , It’s very beautiful to get started. If you are used to wearing a round watch, wanna something for a change, go for it decisively! Omega Disc X2 coaxial chronograph
A rare Omega watch style, the coaxial movement is very powerful, the shape is considered ‘rebellious’ even in the brand, do you love it?
Timepiece Bauhaus men’s watch
Looking at the name of the series, I know that it is inseparable from the ‘Bauhaus movement’, so it has a beautiful appearance, stainless steel, automatic movement, hollow design, and personality.
Tag Heuer Monaco Twenty-four Racing Calibre 36 Chronograph
方形 This square watch reveals speed and personality. Of course, in addition to avant-garde appearance, high-quality movements are also a big selling point. Available in November, stay tuned!
Rolex prince watch
Rectangular dial, Rolex’s 7070 movement, 4 styles to choose from, for the simple and low-profile Rolex, it is an outstanding shape.
Character female watch group
女装 Compared with men’s watches, women’s watches are more willing and more frequent to make an appearance design. With the use of square dials, women’s watches are more easily made into a piece of jewelry. We see many square dials and bracelets designed in one go, making the watch exude glamorous charm. There are also those that only focus on square lines to make the watch look stylish and simple, not to mention a mechanical movement, which is not enough for female wearers? Tissot porcelain art gold watch
In addition to the square, you can know the ceramic material by the name. It looks very concise, in fact, the lines are very beautiful, and the hands are very beautiful.
Square middle circle group
‘Square in the square’ has two meanings. One is that when the brand designs the watch, the case is not a square with a straight line, but a smooth curve transition at the four corners. Don’t underestimate this minor change, because it joins, the watch instantly transforms from tough lines to soft temperament, which is most suitable for office staff to wear. Another kind of ‘square with a circle’ is that although the watch has a square case, it still uses a circle as the main body to design the dial. The large square + large circle has a ‘stacked’ beauty!
Glashütte 1970s large calendar watch
大 The 70’s large calendar watch with obvious retro mood, stainless steel, minimalist design, automatic winding movement, is a gift of traditional German mechanical watches.
Patek Philippe Gondolo Collection
The unisex Gondolo watch, the circle in the square is still surrounded by diamonds, which is very Art Deco style. Needless to say other qualities.
Bell & Ross BR01 Radar
的 The expert in making “Fang Zhong Yuan Yuan” watch, the new watch is inspired by the flying radar, and conceals the complicated internal structure, which is a gospel for military watch enthusiasts.
Radar r5.5XXL chronograph
This year’s r5.5XXL watch is extremely beautiful in gray. The most important thing is that r5.5 gets its name because the four corners of the case have a radius of 5.5 millimeters!
Bucherer Plavi EvoTec PowerReserve
弧 The arc-shaped case between the square and the circle is also set with a ‘small arc’ small seconds dial, which is very funny.
Movado LINIO bracelet watch
Planar sun dots and parallel pointers, following Mr Howett’s prototype design. All-steel gold bracelet watch, it is difficult for women to refuse!
Ck modern
The dial and bracelet are integrated into a watch, which transforms the watch into a piece of jewelry, the best representative of New York style.
NOMOS Tetra watch
Neutral design, clear edges and corners, smaller dials, more delicate lugs, manual winding movement, suitable for sharp and calm women.