He Just Turned 17 Has Great Potential To Become A Rising Star In The Watch Circle

Yi Xi Qianxi has just passed his 17th birthday recently. Although he is still a minor in terms of age, he has already surpassed many peers in his passion for watches and even It also surpassed some seniors in the entertainment industry. Regardless of his young age, he already has his own aesthetics for watches. From Casio G-SHOCK to Zenith, Hublot, to Cartier, Chanel … This young man who has just turned 17 is really a bit jealous about his watch.

Casio G-SHOCK series (similar models)

 Casio G-SHOCK, highly respected by young people, will certainly not miss Yi Xi Qianxi. It is sturdy and resistant to damage, and has the tide taste that young people like. For a juvenile youth, it is both cost-effective and labelled. The one worn by Yi Xi Qianxi is only similar to GA-100BW-1A. If it is really this one, the public price of more than 90,000 yuan will be much stronger than the ordinary G-SHOCK.

Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid (Model: ART3001)

 Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid smart watch also worn by Wang Daluo, also worn by Yi Xi Qianxi when traveling to Denmark’s Iesco Castle and Scodham Manor. This watch was officially launched online in mid-November. It is a smart watch with a built-in quartz battery and traditional pointer design. It has basic functions such as event tracking, controlling music playback, etc. It is not expensive and costs about 3,000 yuan.

Yi Yi Qian Xi Dai Zhenli Pilot Series (Model: 29.2430.679 / 21.C753)

Yi Qian Qianxi wears Zenith pilot series

 When it comes to Yi Xi Qian Xi’s favorite watch, it should be Zenith. Because he did wear many watches from Zenith. Among them, he most often wears the Zenith Pilot series, model number 11.2430.4069 / 21.C773. The rock gray grained dial, olive green oily suede rubber-lined strap, and the old-made steel case make this watch look retro and nostalgic. Although the design of the watch was inspired by the locomotive cycling movement in England in the 1960s, the young Yi Qianxi did not feel awkward to wear it. Coincidentally, nowadays, the retro wave is popular in the fashion industry, and the nostalgic and powerful Zenit Pilot Collection now seems to be another wave.

Yi Li Qianxi wears Zenith DEFY series (model: 95.9000.9004 / 78.R582)

 In addition to the retro Zenith Pilot series, Yi Xi Qianxi also has worn Zenith DEFY series watches several times. Avant-garde design, titanium 5 case, star-shaped sweep seconds hand, large luminous stick hands, blue and gray-black chronograph dial, mechanical and futuristic impact Sex. Yi Xi Qianxi also prefers mechanical watches. In addition to DEFY, his choice of Hublot BIG BANG and Tag Heuer Carrera is also this style.

 Yi Qian Qianxi wears Tag Heuer Carrera series (model: CAR2090.BH0729)

Yi Qian Qianxi Dai Hublot BIG BANG Series (Model: 411.NM.1170.RX)

 Hublot BIG BANG should be the most expensive one of the Yi Qian Qianxi watches, the price is about 146 thousand yuan. The 45.5mm diameter titanium ceramic case of the watch makes the dial full of mechanical elements look tough and avant-garde, which also continues the sharp edges of the case and the classic “sandwich structure” of Hublot. Generally everyone thinks that this kind of design is complicated and the mechanical sense of the watch is more suitable for mature and tough men. .

Yi Yi Qianxi Dicardia Santos Series

Yi Yi Qianxi Decatur key series

Yi Yi Qian Xi Dai Chanel J12 Series

 As a star, Yi Xi Qianxi will inevitably put on a suit to attend many relatively formal occasions. At this time, the watch that he usually wears will be simple, like Cartier key series, Santos, Chanel white J12 are his choice when wearing formal clothes. Less avant-garde, the classic elegance is more applicable here.

 At the age of 17, he showed a lot of interest in the watch exhibition. It seems that Yi Xi Qianxi has the potential to be a rising star in the world of watch fans.

Noble Royal Princess: There Are People Who Do N’t Love Bracelets And Watches

The princess in the foreign royal family has a noble status, and she also enjoys high standards of courtesy when traveling and visiting. The mystery they bring to everyone is no less than those celebrities. They are not only delighted in the manners and anecdotes of the accompanying diplomacy. As the ‘king’s woman’, the most inevitable is their dress and accessories that are usually embellished as princesses. Although most princesses wear jewelry necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. on formal occasions, there are also many princesses who love watches. Once the most representative person was Diana, and now there are Princess Kate of Britain, Princess Charlene of Monaco, Princess Mary of Denmark …

British Princess Diana loves Cartier tank watches, everyone knows

   This charming woman not only showed her good taste to the world with a set of high-level custom-made clothes, but her wrist watch also showed her elegance once. Diana especially loves Cartier tank watches, simple square dials, neat lines and neutral styles. Like her innate temperament, she is peaceful and beautiful, and gentle and full of strength. A tank watch can show Diana’s princess field more than expensive jewelry.

British Kate Princess Cartier Blue Balloon Watch

British Kate Princess Cartier Blue Balloon Watch

   The decent temperament of a beautiful lady and her relatively confident royal style made Kate one of the most popular princesses in the European royal family. And her elegant and inspiring dress style has always been a must-have for fashion editors to comment. Unlike her alternate dressing, the watch on Kate’s wrist is basically the same, that is, a Cartier blue balloon. The round and compact dial is in line with Kate’s temperament. It is friendly, gentle, and exquisite, and looks low-key and elegant, not offensive. The phrase ‘up the hall, down the kitchen’ can be used to describe both Princess Kate and the blue balloon.

Kate Princess State Visit, Diocletian Blue Balloon

Princess Kate plays tennis and Diocletian blue balloon

   Princess Charlene of Monaco was a former professional Olympic swimmer and married Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2011.

Princess Charlene of Monaco Van Cleef & Arpels ALHAMBRA series

   She is a little different from the traditional princess. She is more than the kind and peaceful, most cold eyes and super aura that most princesses will show, making her look supermodel. And her favorite watch is also more luxurious Van Cleef & Arpels. Compared with the traditional strap watch, the Alhambra series ‘Clover’ bracelet watch is more unique and elegant. The elegant Clover bracelet will flicker when the wrist of the wearer rotates.

Princess of Monaco Beatrice Dai Rolex Women’s Diary Collection

Princess of Monaco Beatrice Dai Rolex Women’s Diary Collection

Princess of Monaco Beatrice Dai Rolex Women’s Diary Collection

   Another younger Princess of Monaco, Beatrice, is as extraordinary as Princess Charlene, but she is a real model and her family is also an Italian nobleman. She married the youngest son of Moroccan princess Caroline, and the two’s appearance is very outstanding in the royal family. Not long ago they joined the Venice Film Festival together, and it was at that time that I paid attention to this as Princess Monaco. Maybe younger, mixed with the fashion circle, not as conservative or luxurious as the orthodox princess, Princess Atelier, like other ‘little young’ people in the fashion circle, prefers Rolex. Walking the red carpet, shopping, playing in the sea, etc., all wore the same one.

Denmark’s second princess Mary de Cartier sports car series

Denmark’s second princess Mary de Cartier sports car series

   The former wife of the second prince of Denmark, Joachim, was a gentleman born in Hong Kong. His second wife was now Princess Mary. Princess Mary, who is low-key and relatively modest in dress, can be said to be very conservative. Similar to her style of acting, her wrist watch also appears to be ‘low-key.’ Cartier is not a popular sports car series, and it is still not obtrusive on Princess Mary’s wrist, but if you want to talk about beauty or aura, you also have wisdom.

Jordanian Queen Rania Decatur Tank Series

Jordanian Queen Rania Decatur Tank Series

   King Rania of King Jordan II is the youngest queen in the world, and some praise her as the most beautiful and elegant woman in the world. Born in Kuwait, Rania became a refugee in 1948 due to the founding of Israel. After a long childhood, her university received a Western education at the American University in Cairo, and then successfully pursued a degree in business administration.

Jordanian Queen Rania wears apple watch

   After becoming a princess, she was also very active in voluntary activities. She is graceful and decent, and has an exceptionally good-looking appearance. When she visited the United States with her husband last time, she was praised by the media, believing that she completely matched Trump’s first lady. Queen Rania also likes the simple Cartier tank watch, which she also wears when traveling. Casual apple watch has accompanied her to participate in voluntary activities. From this point of view, the Jordan Queen’s watch selection is actually more casual and more affinity.