Traditional Tipo Cp-2 Chronograph Watch Classic Reproduction Tribute Legend

In recent years, 2,500 watches manufactured by Zenith for the Italian military in the 1960s have skyrocketed in the antique market. This is the iconic TIPO CP-2 watch-one of the historical treasures of the Le Locle watch factory. To commemorate this legendary watch, Zenith introduced a modern model that fully inherits the original soul and design: the heritage series TIPO CP-2 chronograph watch-a new member of the heritage series.

   Looking back at the development of Zenith Watchmaking, a legendary priceless treasure has shaped the history of the entire watchmaking industry. Since the early 1960s, the Italian military has selected Zenith to make military watches for its naval and air forces. Roman dealer ‘A. Cairelli’ shipped 2,500 chronographs to the Italian Navy and Air Force; until the late 1970s, pilots of the US Lockheed F104 ‘Star’ fighter (F104 Starfighter) were still wearing this table.

   The original military chronograph, code-named TIPO CP-2, features two chronograph dials with a diameter of 43 mm, ensuring legibility that is vital for pilots. Powering this state-of-the-art flight equipment is the Zenith DP 146 movement, which is exemplary in terms of reliability-it has proven to be decisive for the accuracy of the tasks performed. With extraordinary practicality, this Zenith chronograph is the perfect complement to various on-board instruments in the cockpit. Even if the pilot is not tasked, the watch is rarely left off the wrist, so every wearer can be seen. Full trust in this watch.

   Earlier, the Heritage Cronometro TIPO CP-2 watch has been widely praised by users, once again showing Zenith’s high professionalism in the field of time measurement. Since the beginning of the 20th century, various military forces have come in, and commissioned Zenith to build military watches to meet their various strict technical specifications. That is, they required that Zenith’s timepieces should be highly reliable, accurate, Excellent readable and durable in any environment.

   In order to give back to the fans’ enthusiasm for this time-honored chronograph with extraordinary significance, Zenith Manufacture has made it reappear, only limited to 1,000 pieces. This time, the watch is equipped with the most iconic movement: the well-known Zenith El Primero star speed movement — another historical creator, vibrating up to 36,000 times per hour. The new chronograph not only fully inherits the soul and characteristics of the previous generation, but also is more convenient-self-winding and a power reserve of up to 50 hours.

   It has an unquestionably powerful ‘qi field’, and its military genes are self-explanatory when worn on the wrist; it is subtle in its subtleties and impeccable, so it is enough to esteem the fleeting so-called fashion trends and time itself, and become a permanent Timeless and timeless example. Its memorable and rare features have survived to this day and remain intact: its hands ensure perfect readability even under harsh conditions; the bezel enables reliable and accurate operation; and it is easy to operate and responsive Buttons — all of these designs are faithful to the military’s exacting technical specifications, and they are not bad.

   Few modern chronographs follow the exterior and soul of their inspiration models so authentically. Zenith has proven itself once again: successfully completing another challenge that is highly consistent with its ambitions-beyond time!


   In the late 1950s, the Italian military wanted to improve the Tipo CP1 chronograph, which was standard equipment for the then Italian Air Force and Navy pilots. In terms of technical specifications, the watch requires: perfect readability; a 43 mm case that can be worn outside the pilot’s flight suit; buttons and bezels that can be operated instantly and safely; and, of course, the same as the most precise astronomical watch Reliability.

   Manually wound Zenith 146 DP was one of the most well-known and reliable movements of the time. The Italian Air Force named this chronograph TIPO CP-2, delivered by A. Cairelli, a Roman dealer at Zenith. Pilots of the famous Lockheed F104 Starfighter fighter also wear this watch, so they have become an important extension of various onboard instruments in the cockpit. Pilots trust the watch so much that they wear it on their wrists even when not on business.

   Zenith produced a total of 2,500 watches to its Italian dealers, some of which were reserved and never actually used. This explains why the serial number and TIPO CP-2 reference number of some wristwatches that were brought back in that year were not engraved with the letters MM (for the Italian Navy) or AMI (for the Italian Air Force).

   Piloting the Lockheed F104 ‘Star’ fighter is a recognized dangerous task, and pilots are undoubtedly very willing to wear such a reassuring chronograph. All models have reached the accuracy of the astronomical watch level specified by the Italian Air Force. Until the late 1970s and even the early 1980s, Zenith’s TIPO CP-2 chronograph remained the favorite of Italian pilots.

   The TIPO CP-2 chronograph has now become one of the world’s most popular collectible treasures-provided by the dealer ‘A. Cairelli’-which has become a feature for collectors to identify treasures; the watch is also considered military One of the most iconic watches in history.

   Zenith has a long tradition of providing watches to the global military. Since 1916, the United States, British, German, Polish, and Italian troops have benefited from the expertise of Zenith engineers and watchmakers. The TIPO CP-2 chronograph is a member of the unique legendary chronograph field, and has won the reputation of “Excellent Timepiece” in military and watchmaking history.
Unique selling point: The famous Cairelli model from the 1970s reappeared in the flagship series of automatic winding column wheel chronograph

Price: RMB 59,800

Technical Parameters:
El Primero 4069 self-winding movement Case, dial and hands
Movement: 13 ¼ law minutes; (30 mm diameter) Diameter: 43 mm
Movement thickness: 6.6 mm Diameter opening: 32.5 mm
Number of components: 254 Thickness: 12.85 mm
Number of stones: 35 Crystal glass: curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal
Vibration frequency: 36,000 times / hour (5 Hz) Case back: Curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal
Power reserve: at least 50 hours Material: stainless steel
Process: The oscillating weight is decorated with ‘Geneva ripple’ Waterproof depth: 10 ATM (100 meters)
(Côtes de Genève) pattern Dial: Black

Function: Time scale: Arabic numerals covered with SuperLuminova
SLN C1 Super Luminous Material
Center hour and minute display Hands: rhodium-plated, faceted, covered with SuperLuminova
SLN C1 Super Luminous Material
Small seconds at 9 o’clock Bracelet & buckle
Chronograph: Bracelet: 27.00.2218.774
-Central chronograph hands Black calfskin strap with protective rubber lining
-30-minute time lap is at 3 o’clock. Buckle: 27.03.0208.940

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