The World’s Finest Club Montblanc’s Top Watchmaking Crafts Appraisal Meeting

A few days ago, Montblanc held the ‘Montblanc Top Watch Crafts Appraisal’ and invited ’20 VIP VIPs’ at the 101 Montblanc Store to appreciate Montblanc’s latest timepieces. Mr. Zeng Shixin, a professional watch expert, was invited to give a detailed introduction to the historical background of Montblanc and the new watches for the VIPs. In addition, the watchmaker is invited to demonstrate superb watchmaking skills and make close contact with the VIPs.

 Montblanc has a lot of highlights this year. It has launched a number of watches that break the market. At the same time, it has complex functions but a very attractive price! This appreciation event brought VIP guests several timepieces published in SIHH, including the new Meisterstück Heritage in 2014, the Nicolas Rieussec series with a smiling face, the sporty TimeWalker series, and the northern and southern hemisphere Star watches with different moon phase perspectives, pulse detector watches equipped with Minerva movements, etc., the latest watch works, once the VIP guests at the scene feasted.

 The watchmaker’s explanation of the watch making process is also a highlight of the event! Put on a table of watchmaking tools and movement parts, and then live demonstration of wonderful production techniques such as manual polishing, it is dizzying. The watchmaker also detailed the internal structure of the watch directly. The VIPs even put on the watchmaker’s magnifying glass, watched the movement made by the perfect craft, and personally appreciate the legendary charm from Bai Langfeng!

 Montblanc’s top watch appreciation will be launched in the 101 store. The black design of the store and the exquisite display window show the classic brand characteristics.

 Before the guests arrived, Montblanc staff took care of everything on site. Simple and elegant interior design, displaying the latest products of MONTBLANC.

 The host warmly introduced the process of the appreciation, and started a wonderful timepiece feast!

 The event invited Mr. Zeng Shixin, a watch expert, to make a review of Montblanc’s latest models for you.

 Mr. Zeng Shixin is telling the history of MONTBLANC’s watchmaking factory and its origins.

 The Meisterstück Heritage automatic watch, with its classic and simple appearance and reasonable price, has responded well in the market and is a good entry model for watch fans who want to own a high-end watch.

 Meisterstück Heritage perpetual calendar watch, the model can accurately run to 2100, the date, day of the week and month are displayed at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock, of which leap years are marked in red. It has a perpetual calendar complex function, but compared to the price, it is a watch worth starting.

 Meisterstück Heritage Pulse Detector Watch with single push-button timing function and pulse detector function.

 TimeWriter II double-vibration 1,000 chronograph watch, full of sports style, attracts the attention of the table.

 The Star dual moon phase watch, designed with the moon phases seen by the wearers of the northern and southern hemispheres, is quite interesting. The blue steel hands present a classic taste.

 Nicolas Rieussec chronograph annual tribute limited edition, with a white chronograph disc and diamond-shaped blue steel hands, replacing the previous smile bridge design,

 The Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Annual Tribute Limited Edition is the same color and hand style as the patented 1821 timer ‘Drip Chronograph’, with date display and dual time zone functions, and day and night display.

 TimeWalker Extreme DLC chronograph, full of architectural lines. Only the even-numbered hour-markers and the cutout design of the lugs are quite distinctive, and the belt is waterproof and even fireproof.

 The watchmaker performed the assembly process of the movement live, which was extremely delicate and required patience.

 The accompanying staff will translate the English of the handsome watchmaker into Chinese, so that the guests at the scene can understand the models deeply.

 Watchmakers and distinguished guests explain where the movement is made and its rarity.

 Monerva, one of the world’s four well-known hand-wound chronograph movements, is also one of the few brands in Switzerland that can make its own hairspring.

 The tools on the table are placed at random, as if they were back in the Swiss watch factory.

 Watching the watchmaker’s tools alone is amazing. The precise movements are made by these fine tools.

 Watch expert Mr. Zeng Shixin also interacted with the watchmaker to watch the movement with a magnifying glass.

 The watchmaker even took down the watch he was wearing for the guests on the spot.

 VIPs can make the closest contact with the movement and watch, watch carefully and play with it.

 Through these sophisticated movements, you can observe the operation of each complex function. When you move, you can be very surprised!

 The VIPs experienced the TimeWalker Extreme DLC chronograph for themselves. The stainless steel was coated with a ‘Black 4’ deep black diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating with extremely high hardness.

 Some of the small parts scattered in the front are movement parts that are not even visible on the transparent back of the sapphire. These small parts are also polished by hand, showing Wanbao’s determination to pursue perfection.

VIPs watch the movement with a magnifying glass and experience the process of watchmaking by watchmakers.

VIPs at the scene can also have face-to-face communication with watch expert Mr. Zeng Shixin to get first-hand professional watch information.

On-site staff demonstrated the use of the TimeWalker series double-vibration 100 chronograph watch with an accuracy of 1/100 second.

Not only look, but also try on the latest models! It seems that the VIP is quite satisfied after wearing it (laughs).

During the event, VIPs exchanged experience and information about watch purchase.

Dazzling Atmospheric Minimalist Style 2017 Basel Clock & Watch Fair Radar Exhibition Stand

The 2017 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair has officially kicked off. A fascinating feast of high-end watches is waiting for watch lovers to experience it. Before in-depth visits, let’s take a look at the brands Pavilion style. The following is the radar pavilion:

 This year, the radar booth featured classic watches in black and chocolate brown. The solemn, mysterious and minimalist aesthetics made the eye-catching ‘RADO’ the most attractive logo. The LCD screens on both sides of the reception desk played The propaganda film of the radar meter allows people walking through it to fully feel the charm of the radar meter.

Summary: Baselworld 2017 will present us a beautiful and unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event: