2013 Sihh New Product Preview-piaget’s New Limelight Gala Series

In the 1960s, full of imagination and vitality, Piaget transformed the creativity of the times into a dazzling jewelry watch with only elegant women at the time.
 In the 1960s, full of whimsical energy, Piaget transformed the creativity of the times into a dazzling jewellery watch with only elegant women at the time. Inspired by this aspiring soul of the times, Piaget launched the new Limelight Gala jewelry watch and transformed it into Piaget’s new identification mark. Unparalleled aesthetics, full-bodied curves and delicately set gems echo each other, revealing a unique personality that sparkles fashion. At the intersection of art design and jewelry setting, Piaget once again interpreted the eternal charm of time with his creative power.

 Bright and moving, full of business, sexy and charming, these three adjectives perfectly fit the Piaget Limelight Gala series. It releases time from the straight path we are accustomed to, and migrates into a curve curve of a completely female. Two elegantly extended lugs round out the round case, and the natural and sexy curve is caused by a small single row Beautiful diamonds are more prominent. The simple, low-key dial shines with extreme contemporary femininity, and the black Roman numerals on the dial echo the exquisite silk strap.
 Piaget’s new creation of the Limelight Gala series of jewellery watches has been developed and produced by Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshops from concept sketches and designs all the way to the mold opening and polishing of the case. A top watch brand that excels in all-round watchmaking is enough to fulfill the mission of front-line production. Loyal to Piaget’s brand heritage, all watchmakers are passionately dedicated to interpreting Piaget style and personally confirm the original character of Piaget Limelight Gala jewelry watches. It is the inheritance of the style of the 1960s, and it is undoubtedly a signature of contemporary fashion based on absolute feminine charm, leaving its unique mark in the streamer.
Limelight Gala Product Description
Limelight Gala – 32 mm
18K white gold case with 62 diamonds (approx. 1.8 carat total weight),
Silver dial with black Roman numerals and black silk strap
Folding buckle with 1 diamond
Piaget 690P quartz movement
Limelight Gala – 32 mm
18K white gold case with 62 diamonds (approx. 1.8 carat total weight),
18K white gold dial with 228 diamonds (approx. 1.1 carat total weight),
18K white gold bracelet set with 451 diamonds (approximately 16.4 carats)
Piaget 690P quartz movement

Zhong Express People’s Quick Guide (3) ‘s Jumpback Pointer

In the traditional impression of people, most of the hands of clocks should be operated in a circular motion, but creative watchmakers believe that all watches always work this way is really boring, so They just want to be a wonderful thing that the hands of the clock can follow the fan-shaped path, so the watch with the function of jumping back hands was born. The English name of the jumping back hands is Retrograde, sometimes called As a retrograde pointer, it means that the hands of the clock use the arc as the running track. When the pointer reaches the end point, it immediately rebounds to the starting point. Compared with the ordinary circular motion pointer, the running track of the jumping pointer changes into a reciprocating motion. So many people will confuse flyback with flyback. Flyback in English is completely different from flyback. The word flyback is only for a chronograph, which means that the chronograph is timing. In the process, without pressing the stop button, you can directly press the zero reset button to restart the next time counting function. So if you see a dial with a fan-shaped display in the future, don’t call it flyback, remember that it is called jumpback.
   The bounce hand function was born in the 18th century. At that time, watchmakers wanted to show the passage of time in more ways, so they created a new time reading method with their own wisdom. In 1794, Abraham-Louis Breguet first produced a pocket watch with a jump-back calendar pointer, and the jump-back pointer became a watch display function and evolved continuously. In 1892, E. Koehn demonstrated his patent for a jumpback second hand, which diversified the jumpback function. In 1903, Giovanni Sgherlino registered in Switzerland a patent for jumping the hour and minute hands. Nowadays, whether it is the hour, minute, calendar, day of the week, month, or even the second hand, all can be expressed in the form of a jumping hand.
   In the blink of an eye to the 1930s, Patek Philippe pioneered the creation of a perpetual calendar watch with a retrograde calendar hand. This is the first time in the history of horology to bring the retrograde hand into the field of watches. This was definitely an extremely fashionable feature at that time, probably because it was too fashionable, so the prevalence of the back-jump pointer function was in the 1990s 60 years later, in the 1990s, the ‘Institute of International Watchmakers’ (AHCI) member Paul Gerber produced a 60-second jump-back second watch, and then miraculously appeared the function of 30-second jump-back second hand, that is to say, the second hand jumped back twice to run for 1 minute. This means that the second hand jumps 2880 times a day, and even some models are equipped with two jump-back second hands, each of which runs for 30 seconds. So when you admire this watch, the two flip-back seconds hand is enough to excite your adrenaline, which greatly meets your needs for visual impact, although this watch looks cool, But I always have reservations about the durability of this kind of watch. Below, I will show you a few more representative rebound pointer function watches.

   Diagono should be regarded as a Bvlgari veteran watch series. With a unique strap connection method, it has been unanimously recognized by the majority of watch fans. Diagono has inherited the fine historical ancestry while creating a new concept. Classic Sport watch. The dial and frame have a new flat curve. The 45-degree outside cutout button, crown protection and chain handle have been redesigned. In addition to the time display on the dial, the day of the week, calendar, and moon phases are all displayed in a retrograde manner. In addition, to show its classic style, it is specially made of 18K red gold, with a diameter of 42 mm. It uses a Bvl347 movement and a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour. 46 jewel bearings, 50 meters of water resistance also take into account the needs of sports.

   When it comes to Corum (Kunlun), the first thing we must think of is the single golden bridge and the admiral, but there is also a Romvlvs series with Roman numeral time scales on the outer ring, which is also indelible. This series shows its unique marks. The perfect harmony of the highest quality watchmaking technology and long-standing Swiss traditional watchmaking culture. This watch is an annual calendar. The way of displaying the jump-back calendar is no longer the traditional 180 degrees, but it has become 240 degrees. This feature makes this feature the visual center of the entire watch. The case diameter is 41 mm. The dial is decorated with Sun Guilloche pattern. The case is equipped with a CO502 movement with an annual calendar function. 28,800 vibrations, 32 jewel bearings, power reserve over 55 hours, limited edition of 90 pieces.

   Fresh and elegant, the most distinctive feature of the Jaquet Droz watch, this model is one of the best examples. This watch uses an 18K red gold case, the calendar and the week are double-hop layout, the dial is handmade enamel material, accurate Mastering the firing temperature is extremely important for ceramic coloration, and any manual operation must be smart enough to control weak reactions as small as one-thousandth. Of course, it is also beautiful. The fine powder surface on the dial comes from the white burned enamel technology. The bottom of the case is engraved with a unique production number, which proves to the world that it is a truly extraordinary 88 limited edition.

   Maurice Lacroix (Emmy) has always attracted the attention of everyone with its fantasy dial design. This ingenious series of double-rebound watches, as always, brings out the outstanding design concepts and persistent details to the fullest, no matter from which angle of appreciation, I can deeply appreciate the great focus and enthusiasm that Amy has put into each product. The pure and delicate watchmaking technology is impeccable even for the most professional connoisseurs, bringing endless surprises to watch fans. The hands and scales on the dial are specially polished. The precious rose gold and silver dials complement each other, which better complements the display of the dial-back function. The most important thing is the extraordinary performance of this watch’s ML 151 movement. The elegant and slender rose gold hands and the special treatment of the black gold surface are even more brilliant after being tuned by the watchmaker’s hands, showing the powerful function of the callback display and the time charm of the original watch.

   Although Milus is not a well-known brand in China, in fact, its control of details is also meticulous, just like this three-second hand-backed hollow watch is really Rare in the world, not only in its rebound function, but also in the round case with a fine structure composed of nine parts; there is also a unique dial design that can be divided into three three-dimensional layers. The bottom layer of the dial is a skeleton movement with a circular rotating texture; the second layer is dimly engraved with the Geneva stripe decoration; the top layer of the dial, the hollow Arabic numerals 3, 9, 12 are arranged in an orderly manner with the scale. It forms a clean and time-marked display; at 6 o’clock, it uses the hollowed-out Merex sign to ingeniously view the date clearly, which shows the designer’s relentless pursuit of details and good intentions.
   Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the watch with the function of jumping back hands. If you are really tired of the conventional time display, a watch with hands jumping is definitely the most correct choice for you The moment the pointer bounces, you will be able to experience the visual experience that others have never experienced!