Green Gold Rolex New Generation Top Dive Watch

Keywords: green gold dial and ceramic bezel, a memorable green theme in Rolex watches. A new generation of Rolex’s top diving watches with considerable appreciation in the market.
Water-resistant to 300 meters
Rolex’s new work in 2010. Although green is the classic color of the Rolex brand, Rolex rarely uses it in watches. Previously, a watch with a green color was 16610LV, which was launched in 2003 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Submariner series. This shows the importance of this color for Rolex. Compared with the green 16610LV, which only uses green in the bezel, the 116610LV uses the green system as a whole. Its dial is a new material called Rolex, which was just launched in 2010. The bezel is Cerachrom green ceramic. For a brand such as Rolex, which adheres to the tradition, such a design is already a great innovation, and the market should have a great appreciation space in the future. Even if it is classified as one of the best diving watches of 2010, it is not an exaggeration. 3135 automatic movement.

Hublot’s First Pop-up Store Unveiled In Singapore

Hublot’s world’s first pop-up store was officially unveiled in the atrium of Paragon Shopping Centre in Singapore. Hublot’s world’s first pop-up store
    The appearance of this temporary store designed by Singapore-based Asylum Creative Co. is very eye-catching. It uses tens of thousands of ‘black gems’ to hang down from two floors, forming the side wall of this pop-up store.
Designed by Singapore Asylum Creative
    This pop-up store will sell the most complete limited edition Hublot watches, with a total value of up to 20 million US dollars. Hublot’s famous $ 5 million ‘Big Bang’ watch is also available here.
Tens of thousands of ‘black gems’ hang down from two floors
    In addition, a full range of lifestyle products inspired by Hublot watches will also be sold here, including all-black carbon fiber bicycles, all-black snowboards, all-black carbon fiber armchairs, and Hublot sleighs.
This pop-up store will have the most complete range of limited-edition Hublot watches on sale
    The Hublot Pop-up Store opened for a total of 10 days from September 14th to 23rd to welcome the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix held concurrently from September 21st to 23rd.
Hublot’s famous $ 5 million ‘Big Bang’ watch is also available in this store. The Hublot Pop-up Store has been opened for a total of 10 days from September 14 to 23 —- ** *

2015 Basel Watch Show: Breitling’s ‘aviation’ Philosophy

The Breitling Galaxy Collection ushers in a watch that realizes comprehensive innovation-Galactic Unitime SleekT Galaxy Time Zone SleekT watch. The first is a breakthrough in technology. It is equipped with Breitling’s new self-made B35 movement. The main feature of this self-winding world time zone movement (Breitling’s first self-made movement without chronograph function) is revolutionary convenient control. Simply pull out the crown and move forward or backward in hours Rotate back to adjust all indications on the dial, and the calendar can be automatically converted to the local date through two-way adjustment.

Galaxy World Time Zone SleekT watch is dynamic, easy to use, and high-precision watch, perfectly presenting Breitling’s ‘professional wrist watch instrument’ temperament watch

Galaxy World Time Zone SleekT watch with Pilot pilot steel bracelet, delicate and durable

In order to realize this unprecedented function, Breitling has developed and launched two new patented inventions-a differential system and a connection device between the city disc and the movement. In addition, the new Breitling B35 movement (as well as other Breitling movements are certified by the Swiss official observatory) also has two other patent protections on the winding and time adjustment system. This series of innovations and functional enhancements is to further enhance the performance of the watch, as well as the functionality and reliability of the movement, which is more in line with the Breitling brand’s ‘aviation’ philosophy.

The Galaxy World Time Zone SleekT watch is equipped with Breitling’s new self-made Swiss official observatory certification (COSC) B35 movement.

The new smooth bezel on the case of the Galaxy World Time SleekT watch is made of tungsten steel, showing a practical and delicate texture

Tungsten steel age
The second innovation stems from Breitling’s pursuit of aesthetics. The new smooth bezel on the case is made of tungsten steel, an extremely sturdy, high-tech composite that exudes a natural gradation of gloss, forming a subtle contrast with polished steel. Tungsten steel is moulded from tungsten powder through extremely high temperature and pressure. It is extremely hard, and its hardness is almost five times that of stainless steel. At the same time, the non-slip surface makes it able to withstand violent impact, ensuring long-lasting as new. The futuristic bezel surrounds the black or white dial, which is a perfect combination of the rotatable city disc and the 24-hour disc, and in the center is decorated with a delicate earth pattern made of silver and gold. The large hands and hour-markers covered with luminous coating enhance the readability of the dial.

Patek Philippe The World’s First Maison Patek Philippe In Shanghai Is Unveiled

After more than two years of repairs and renovations, Maison Patek Philippe opened on the Bund. This new and distinguished source residence is the best testimony of Patek Philippe’s seven years in the Chinese market and its long-term partner Melchers Group. In 2005, the Patek Philippe store in Shanghai was grandly opened, marking the official entry of the brand into the Chinese market. In 2008, Patek Philippe opened its second store in China in Beijing. Today, Maison Patek Philippe replaces the Shanghai store, providing a private place for watch collectors and enthusiasts in China to share their views and knowledge about high-end timepieces and experience this outstanding brand of the famous Geneva watchmaking company Tradition.

Shanghai Patek Philippe Residence

The opening ceremony of Maison Patek Philippe was celebrated by Patek Philippe Honorary Chairman Philippe Stern, current President Thierry Stern, and CEO Claude Co-chaired by Mr. Peny. The invited guests include Mr. Zhou Wei, Mayor of Huangpu District, and Mr. Matthias Claussen, Executive Director of Melchers Group, a long-term partner. Mr. Teri Stein, President, said, ‘Maison Patek Philippe’s new location is strategically located with a strong cultural atmosphere. We hope to show China’s growing watch enthusiasts the long history and value of the brand. Not so much Buying Patek Philippe watches is actually sharing the passion and dedication of this family watchmaking company for generations. ‘
Maison Patek Philippe, as a distinguished customer experience place with functions similar to Patek Philippe Salon, has created a brand first in Asia. Yuandi will highlight various beautiful world-renowned timepieces, and at the same time lead guests to explore the legendary history and value of Patek Philippe, as well as the brand’s unparalleled customer service.

Interior view of Patek Philippe Shanghai

The new upgrade of Patek Philippe Shanghai Customer Service Center reaffirms the brand’s long-term commitment to China. The customer service center moved to the new site covers an area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters. This completely independent space ensures that the new customer service center operates in a more efficient manner and strictly follows the global unified standards of Geneva headquarters.
Maison Patek Philippe is located in the historic Shanghai Bund with neoclassical and colonial style. Its predecessor is the official residence of the British Consulate General in Shanghai, which was built in 1849. It reflects the relationship between Chinese culture and Western culture. Integration. The Maison Patek Philippe Residence in the same English garden as the former residence of the British Consulate General in Shanghai is quiet and beautiful. This building is located at No.33 Bundyuan, where the mother river Huangpu River and Suzhou River meet. It was commissioned in 1884. The Consulate General’s official residence is a two-story brick-wood structure with Victorian Romanesque architecture and Corinthian columns. As the earliest existing building on the Bund, the former British Consulate was the birthplace of the Bund in terms of both geographical and historical significance.
As the mother of Patek Philippe’s third generation head Philippe Stern and the mother of the current president Thierry Stern, Ms. Gerdi Stern is the chief designer and soul figure. The design team from Geneva devoted themselves to the decoration of the entire new Patek Philippe home. The furnishings, art decorations and books are all from Switzerland, France and Italy, which bring out the delicate and elegant palace charm and the relaxed and comfortable salon culture atmosphere. The interior is presented in a classic and elegant Napoleon III decoration style, with classic furniture and decorative collections in the style of Louis XVI. The crystal chandeliers of Bagues, the French royal brand arrived in Paris, are unique and unique pieces designed for the first floor central living room and showroom. Custom maple showcases are painted and stamped. Every detail and carefully selected artwork will let visitors experience the aesthetics, culture and hospitality of the Patek Philippe universe.
Maison Patek Philippe is divided into two upper and lower floors, with a building area of ​​1,227 square meters and a total of nine rooms, including the main exhibition hall displaying all current Patek Philippe timepieces. This is also the largest timepiece displayed by Patek Philippe in Asia series.

 Patek Philippe Ref. 5130G World Time Watch

The opening of the Yuandi coincides with the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon. Patek Philippe has specially designed four limited edition platinum commemorative watches with dials decorated with cloisonne ́ enamel dragons. At the same time, in order to reflect the special significance of Yuandi’s completion in Shanghai, this time also specially designed and launched two ‘Shanghai’ World Time watches, limited to 50 pieces, platinum and rose gold versions of 25 each. The dials are named after the 24th time zone, of which the East Eighth District is specially marked with the red ‘Shanghai’ word instead of the usual ‘Hong Kong’, which perfectly highlights the uniqueness of this watch for Shanghai, China emotion.
What is even more exciting is that for the opening ceremony of the source residence, the legendary timepiece Star Caliber 2000 also arrived in Shanghai from Geneva. With 21 special features, this pocket watch is the third most complex pocket watch in the world. Star Caliber 2000 has witnessed the enduring legend of Patek Philippe watchmaking technology and technological innovation. This visit to Shanghai is undoubtedly the best memorial and long-lasting witness to the opening of the brand new Maison Patek Philippe.