The Infinite Light Of The Milky Way Nebula Blancpain Women’s Watch

Blancpain has launched a variety of women’s watch series, both inside and outside, so that women never have to continue in the design of the watch
Make trade-offs with technical functions. As early as 1930, the Blancpain workshop observed that the complex technology used in the past only for men’s watches actually attracted the attention of many women.

   Blancpain is the first brand to launch a self-winding women’s watch. It is the pioneer of women’s timepieces in the watch industry. Since then, it has continued to develop a series of innovative and elegant watches at a steady pace. Make the most wonderful interpretation.
   The creation of this watch illuminated the dazzling light of the watch with 152 hot broken diamonds, praising femininity. The 36.8mm rose gold case is set with a total of 108 diamonds (1 carat total weight), showing the beauty of nobility . This original gem inlaid wrist
The watch is interwoven with two rows of broken diamonds of different sizes, echoing Blancpain’s representative double-circle design, while the diamond on the crown adds a dense and elegant look.

Set with 152 perfect diamonds, the faceplate is arranged like a galaxy nebula
   Multi-faceted diamonds are scattered on the white mother-of-pearl face plate. The eccentric plate falls at 12 o’clock and is decorated with 4 pieces.
Arabic numerals and waterdrop-shaped hollow hands, and the 6 o’clock position with the brand name Blancpain, understated and delicately highlights the 30-second retrograde design. The top and bottom broken diamonds form a fine wave on both sides of the watch, showing a perfect balance.

The five-petal flower automatic disc on the back of the case is more unique and precious
   The internal heart of this timepiece is as stunning as the external design. It adopts a new self-winding movement Calibre 2663SR composed of 226 parts.
28,800 times. The sapphire caseback provides a glimpse of the Geneva ripple design, as well as an automatic disc conceived by Blancpain, shaped like a five-petal flower. To satisfy every woman’s hopes and aspirations, the new women’s watch series is also available in white gold with a blue mother-of-pearl faceplate.
Models, and stainless steel models with white dial. Gold models have a white ostrich leather strap, while stainless steel models have a crocodile leather strap.

Who Are The Fans Of Panerai In The Celebrity Circle?

Panerai has won the favor of many male stars with its highly recognizable rough sports style. The gigantic and rugged shell shape and the unique winding crown protects the bridge, which just strikes the heart of a man with a strong style and personality. Huo Jianhua, the ‘old cadre’ who has just become a spokesperson some time ago, Wang Kai who loves to show his way, and Wang Han who only has both, they are all star fans of Panerai.

Huo Jianhua wearing a Panerai watch

Panerai Luminor Due

   Huo Jianhua just became a spokesperson for Panerai some time ago. His temperament and commercial value may be one aspect of being chosen by the brand as an endorser. On the other hand, he is also a true fan of Panerai. On many occasions earlier, Huo Jianhua liked to play with Panerai watches. Many people like Panerai, especially the Luminor 1950 and Luminor series. The big reason is because of its unique bridge design. From the style selected by Huo Jianhua, it can be seen that he is also obsessed with this detail.

Wang Kai Dai Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series

Wang Kai Dai Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series

   After becoming popular in ‘The Langya List’, Wang Kai’s pair of ‘beautiful hands’ became lace news after dinner. It was also from then on that the Panerai he was wearing became familiar to everyone. This LUMINOR 1950 has a completely black appearance. Not only the case and bracelet are matte black, but the watch’s movement is also processed to black. Want to show domineering in a low-key, Wang Kai selected this is the right one.

Han Han wearing Panerai RADIOMIR series ‘California face’ watch

Wang Han wearing Panerai LUMINOR series watch

   In the interview, Wang Han once said that “buying a watch is a kind of temperament.” He likes the old or classic models of the brand, and he doesn’t like that the watch has too many other designs in addition to the timing function. The watch should be simple and generous. The California side of Panerai is obviously very desirable. There is also a design in which Roman numerals and Arabic numerals each halve, which should also let Wang Han, who likes to explore everything, be fascinated by the historical story behind it.

Wang Continental Dai Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series

   Although Wang Daluo was young, he also entered the pit of the watch very early. Before he became famous for ‘My Girlhood,’ he wore Panerai LUMINOR 1950. During the film promotion period, he took out the watch and continued wearing it. The 44-mm-diameter dial is very easy to handle for a sunny man like Wang Dalu. With a black alligator leather strap, it’s both comfortable and handsome.

Zhu Yawen wears Panerai Luminor 1950 series 3-day moving storage flyback timepiece

   Zhu Yawen also chose the Panerai Luminor 1950 series. This 3-day moving storage flyback timer was released by Panerai at the 2013 Geneva Watch Fair. This chronograph is different from the ordinary chronograph in design. In order to make the chronograph clear and easy to read, the chronograph minute and second hands are set in the center of the main dial. The two are distinguished by different colors. Blue steel needles, crown bridges, and hollowed-out hour markers make this watch very stylish.
   Zheng Kai, who loves sports watches, has also worn this watch from Panerai.

Zheng Kai Dai Panerai Luminor 1950 Series

Yu Wenle Dai Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series

   As everyone knows, Yu Wenle is a ‘work fan’. When people have been playing watches for so long, they should also collect the most classic and popular watches from other brands. Naumi Luminor 1950 series this PAM 00335 model watch, Yu Wenle has been exposed before.

   Looking at the star fans who like Panerai, they basically have a certain age and experience, and they are not the first time to play watches. What do you think of the reason?