2014 Rolex Talent Award-young Talent Visits Bund Rolex World ·

On October 28, 2014, the world’s top watch brand Rolex held the 2014 Rolex Awards for Enterprise media meeting at Rolex World on the Bund. Two young talents who won the Rolex Award for Talents this year were Francesco Sauro from Italy and Olivier Nsengimana from Rwanda, and Professor Lu Zhi, a Chinese conservation biologist and giant panda expert, who was one of the judges of this jury, shared their creation project and their experience in participating in the Rolex Award for Talent. Rolex hopes that through this media meeting, people with lofty ideals from the country will be able to attract more attention and dedication to participate in the 2016 Rolex Talent Awards, benefit the society with the spirit of personal creation and innovation, and benefit the world.

   The Rolex Awards for Talent and Talents began in 1976 to encourage those who have the courage and determination to meet the challenge of improving human life or protecting the world’s natural and cultural heritage. In 2009, Rolex decided to cultivate the next generation of leaders, adding awards to young talents and awarding them to young people who showed their talents in innovative projects. Candidates can apply for awards in five major areas: science and medicine, applied technology, discovery, environmental protection and cultural heritage. Since the creation of the Rolex Award for Talent and Talent, 30,500 applicants from 190 countries have submitted projects for creation, of which 130 outstanding individuals and young talents have been recognized. Prior to 2014, 122 experts were judges of this award.

   On the day of the media meeting, two young talents from Rwanda and Italy introduced and shared their respective creation plans. Olivier Sinkivena, 30, has started a series of conservation efforts in Rwanda to save the endangered Grey Crowned Crane. First, he set up a national database of gray-crowned cranes to properly record all captured gray-crowned cranes. He lobbied within the country to convince the elite to release the cranes and birds they raised. Hinchina launched a national media campaign to teach people how to make a living without threatening endangered species. In the end, he hopes to train the younger generation to become conservationists, thereby preserving Rwanda’s biodiversity.

   Francesco Choro, 29, plans to explore ancient quartzite caves in the flat-topped mountains of South America. From 2014 to 2017, Sauro plans to conduct four expeditions in Pingdingshan, the easternmost part of the Amazon region. This reconnaissance mission will help them find cave entrances, evaluate the possibility of caves and scientific research, and study logistics difficulties. In addition, his team will be responsible for surveying caves, collecting geological and geobiological data, analyzing cave types, hydrochemistry, and rock weathering, and looking for new or rare minerals and organisms.

   Professor Lu Zhi, a Chinese conservation biologist from China, joined together to hold this media meeting. Mr. Lu, who is one of the judges of the Rolex Talent Awards, said, ‘The Rolex Talent Awards is designed to support outstanding people who are innovative and unconvinced, and to use their creation plans to expand human knowledge. To promote common well-being. I encourage more people of insight from different fields in China to sign up for this award, and then drive the common development and progress of their research fields and the entire human race. ‘

   Earlier, Rolex’s premier scientific research organization, the Royal Society, announced the list of winners of the 2014 Rolex Awards. Winners of this year’s Young Talent Program under 30 are from Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East. They all have outstanding leadership qualities, and rely on ingenious and innovative solutions to promote the well-being of the community with technology, improve the environment, and at the same time promote scientific knowledge. These five young talents were selected by a Rolex jury of eight outstanding experts from 1,800 applicants around the world, and each young talent will receive a prize of 50,000 Swiss francs to achieve their ambitions.

The five winners are:

Neeti Kailas, 29, India-Aims to promote screening of hearing impairments in newborns with inexpensive and easy-to-use devices, and to establish a network of health care professionals in India to diagnose or treat deafness.

Olivier Nsengimana, 30, Rwanda-Promotes conservation of endangered grey crowned cranes and encourages release of hunted grey crowned cranes. The grey-crowned crane is a symbol of wealth and longevity in Rwanda. It is often captured as a pet because of its beautiful appearance.

Francesco Sauro, 29, Italy – Explore the legendary Pingdingshan cave clusters in the legendary South American mountains at the border between Venezuela and Brazil, discovering this millennium formed by the world’s isolated environment Unique world.

Arthur Zang, 26, Cameroon-Invented Africa’s first medical tablet, allowing medical staff in rural areas to access the results of heart disease tests via a mobile phone and send them to a cardiologist for diagnosis.

Hosam Zowawi, 29, Saudi Arabia-A fast test method is being developed to detect whether bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is currently posing a serious threat to human health worldwide. He also plans a public awareness campaign across the region to warn against misuse and abuse of antibiotics.

   Rebecca Irvin, Rolex’s director of philanthropy, said: ‘This year has a record number of young applicants. We are proud to announce the list of winners and strongly support these young talents to advance inspiring work. The five young talents and the plans they proposed clearly demonstrated their strong founding spirit and leadership skills. What impressed the jury most this year was the pragmatic style of each of these plans. Question. They are undoubtedly role models for the world, and Rolex is happy to tell their story to the world. ‘

Rolex Award for Talent

   In 1976, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Oyster Precision Chronometer, the brand began to hold a magnificent award to pay tribute to this world’s first waterproof watch and the symbol of innovation. The establishment of the Magnificent Talent Award supports this innovative spirit. This award aims to encourage creative people from all over the world to use their talents and enterprising spirit to change the world in the five major areas of science and medicine, applied technology, environmental protection, discovery and cultural heritage.

   In 2010, the first Youth Talent Awards honored creative and visionary award-winning young talents and helped them at a critical juncture in their careers. In addition to bonuses, each young talent can use international media campaigns to promote their plans, join a network of past winners and judges, and receive a Rolex watch.

Lange 、 Songzan Aesthetics

This year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este antique car show was held on the shores of Lake Como. The winner of the ‘Best Car’ category was awarded a Lange unique hand carved LANGE 1 TIME ZONE ‘ Como Edition. ‘

Awards Ceremony: Langer President Wilhelm Schmid (second from left) and winners Dr. Friederike Hrubesch-Mohringer (left) and Andreas Mohringer (middle), Ulrich Knieps (second from right), head of the BMW Classic Car Division, and designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti (right) )

  A 1958 Ferrari 335 Sport won the prestigious title of ‘Best Car’ at this year’s Concorso d’ Eleganza Villa d’ Este antique car show. Austrian owner Andreas Mohringer was awarded the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE ‘Como Edition’. This watch is made of white 18K gold and is specially designed for this event. On the rotating city circle of this special edition watch, the central European time is marked by the race location Como rather than the classic version of Berlin to commemorate the place where the car show was held. Langer President Wilhelm Schmid presented this special piece to the winners at a grand banquet held at the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este on May 27, 2018. The cover was engraved by hand. Concorso badge.

Winner 伉俪 gladly took over LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition” from Lange President Wilhelm Schmid

LANGE 1 TIME ZONE ‘Como Edition’ unveiled with hand-engraved Concorso badge

  Lange has been a partner of this famous classic car race since 2012. In his speech, Langer President Wilhelm Schmid shared the common ground between the collection of extraordinary cars and fine watches: ‘Cars and watches are definitely more than technical features. Behind every invention and design, there are passionate people. A car or a watch is also a symbol of personal aesthetics. The most beautiful car with a unique watch is seamless. The owner has invested a lot of time and energy in maintaining this car masterpiece. LANGE 1 TIME ZONE ‘Como Edition’ is exactly what we do. Affirmation of giving. ‘

Langer President Wilhelm Schmid, left is the winning car

The most fascinating car of 2018: the Ferrari 335 Sport, produced in 1958

50 entrants show the collection of famous cars in the park of the Este Manor

Rado Swiss Radar High-tech Ceramic Watch Extraordinary Lightness Create Simple Life

The ‘light texture’ has begun to spread, and the pursuit of ‘lightness’ has become a necessity and the present tense. The ‘lightness’ of traveling in space, the ‘lightness’ of light travel, and the ‘lightness’ of a walk-away lifestyle. Light and simple watches set time as eternity, which makes time worthy of control. Mature consumers who understand the ‘Less is more’ philosophy are pursuing more pure, timeless and exquisite craftsmanship. Rado accurately grasps these new design keywords, and is committed to creating light, simple and soothing timepieces, bringing a sense of peace and healing to the complicated life.

 Thanks to the iconic material high-tech ceramics used by RADO, the extraordinary lightweight watch is like a piece floating on the wrist, becoming a natural continuation of the wearer’s style. The high-tech ceramic material is not only beautiful and durable, but also extraordinary lightweight. Compared with the same volume of stainless steel, its weight is about 25% lighter. It is one of the extremely lightweight materials in the field of fine watchmaking, but its hardness is almost the same Five times the material. In addition to its extraordinary lightness, Rado’s high-tech ceramic is a highly anti-allergic material that can quickly adapt to the body temperature of the wearer. Therefore, when it comes into contact with the skin, the wearer does not feel overheated or cold.
 The new True series of high-tech ceramic watches are chic and unique, and the lightness when worn is even more amazing. The application of transparency and black and white conveys the message of peace of mind: white has the mysterious power of softness and fusion of all other colors, while black is calm and calm, and can be perfectly matched with any color.

 Both RADO True watches are made of high-tech ceramics, which brings lightness and wear resistance. The new three-row bracelet is flexible, flexible and comfortable, bringing a more comfortable wearing experience to the wrist. RADO’s True Series black watches, selected by men for men, feature luxurious details in ‘black gold’, highlighting the outstanding texture in a low-key gentleman style. The white True series diamond watch, which is the favorite of ladies, is more graceful and charming. The pure white dial with brilliant Westerton diamonds are all eye-catching. The new watch is also equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, which allows you to easily navigate a variety of occasions and become your most loyal wrist companion.
 The special page with the theme of “Lightweight Watches Simple Life” has been launched recently, please click here to start a lightness journey. http://www.rado.com/lightness?lang=zh-hans