Longines Jialan Series Simple Design Fresh And Vulgar

Longines is the flagship brand of the Swatch Group. From the beginning of the brand, it has developed a long history and rich experience in watchmaking. The Longines Jialan collection continues to inherit the elegance and charm of Longines women’s watches, fully blooming the charm of watches. Today, I will introduce a Longines Jialan series diamond-set watch L4.308.0.97.6.
  Longines Jialan Diamond L4.308.0.97.6 Watch
 The Jialan series is definitely the best example of Longines’ elegance. Whether it is a male or female watch, it reflects the essence of the Longines brand. The Longines Jialan series diamond-studded L4.308.0.97.6 watch has an elegant and classic appearance. From the beautiful diamonds, from the simple design, to the wild and durable stainless steel materials, this watch can be seen as fresh and refined.
 The Longines Jialan Diamond L4.308.0.97.6 watch is made of stainless steel as a whole, which is sturdy and wear-resistant. The case and bracelet are connected in a unique way, simple and elegant. The round dial, with a size of 29 mm, is perfect for women’s wrists. The bezel is set with two densely packed diamonds, which are particularly dazzling and bright.
The dial is dark blue with 12 diamonds on it as a time marker, like a sparkling star in the vast night sky. The simple disk layout uses only two pointers, hour and minute, and a flying wing hourglass that symbolizes Longines’ classic. It has a simple and stylish beauty. From the side we can see that this watch is quite thin, more suitable for ladies, and beautiful in time.
The 29mm size of the Longines Jialan diamond-set L4.308.0.97.6 watch and its ultra-thin body are very suitable for women. The stainless steel bracelet with the diamonds on the ring also embodies the gorgeous dazzling of this watch. The main color of the watch is the dark blue.

Athens Launches Original Dual Time Zone Watch

Along the legendary watch series of Athens Watch, Dual Time Manufacture of ‘Original Dual Time Zone Watch’ can adjust the time zone and calendar of the second place back and forth. Like the marine watch series, it is fully equipped by Athens Watch. Conceived and manufactured movement.

 Never before has a watchmaker fulfilled the desire for comfort for business travellers and explorers so perfectly. One of the legendary watch series of Athens, the launch of ‘Original Dual Time Zone Watch’ symbolizes an important milestone in the history of contemporary watchmaking. When first introduced, the watch can be adjusted forward and backward to the second time zone; now, this extraordinary watch also uses an automatic movement UN-conceived, developed and manufactured by the Athenian watch factory. 334. Equipped with a large dual-window date display that can also be adjusted back and forth, the silicon escapement device is a high-level watchmaking technology that a few brands can master.

 Through the courage to innovate and achieve brand independence, in the past few years, Athens Watch has continuously pursued a steep path, but it is all worth it. ‘Original dual time zone watch’ is undoubtedly the easiest watch on the market to read and adjust the time, with hours and minutes display, oversized second hand, dual window large calendar and two time functions; 9 o’clock position is 24 Home time window in hour format. Without removing the watch or affecting the operation of the minute hand, just press the (+) or (-) button at 10 and 8 o’clock, the hour hand can move forward or backward to synchronize with local time Adjustment. Of course, the best mechanical equipment can’t be missed-it can adjust the calendar function automatically and synchronously.

 Behind this simple operation is a team of watchmakers delving into improved watch functions. The invention of the UN-334 movement is the result of years of unremitting research and development. The movement has a 48-hour power reserve and uses a silicon anchor escapement, escape wheel, and wobble plate. The oscillator with a frequency of 4Hz also uses the patented 1.1.1. Silicon hairspring to ensure high accuracy. Thank you Athens for your efforts more than a decade ago to pioneer the revolutionary watchmaking material. This highly modern material does not require the addition of lubricants and is more resistant to wear than other materials. The application of silicon is quite complicated, and its manufacturing technology is still a privilege owned by a few watchmakers; through the sapphire crystal on the case back, you can admire the delicate workmanship of the automatic movement.

 ‘Original Dual Time Zone Watch’ is full of time sense, while blending classic elements, exuding elegant and casual atmosphere. Water-resistant to 30 meters, with a newly designed 42mm stainless steel or 18K rose gold case that can be fitted with a crocodile leather strap or a rose gold bracelet with a folding clasp. To ensure perfect reading, the black or silver dial uses hollow hour and minute hands to add a delicate and timeless. Whether you are working in the day or attending important occasions, the watch is also suitable for wearing.

Technical Information
Model 3346-126-91
Movement UN-334, 11 ¾ ‘’ ​​’Self-designed and developed movement Silicon escapement Balance: Patented inertial balance I8 and silicon balance spring 49 stones
Power reserve approx. 48 hours
Winding method automatic winding movement
Function 9 o’clock position Second time zone Patented hour hand quick adjustment device Nine o’clock position ‘home time’ display Patented dual window large date display, calendar front and back adjustment Oversized second hand display
Case 18K rose gold or stainless steel
Crown Waterproof Crown
Size 42 mm
Water resistant to 30 meters
Table glass anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Crown wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Strap Alligator leather strap with folding buckle or stainless steel bracelet with folding buckle

  The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it.

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