Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch

Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Watch is the first pilot watch with a perpetual calendar, digital date and month display and innovative chronograph display at IWC Schaffhausen. This timepiece is also equipped with IWC-manufactured 89800 movement, which provides sufficient power for the watch.
There are very few Spitfires in active service. If the pilot submits a landing report while driving the fighter, the control tower will generally instruct him to fly around the airport. Known as the ‘Legend of the Air,’ this aircraft has always fascinated pilots and aircraft fans around the world. What is the reason? Is it the elegant lines and the shape of the oval wings? Or is it a huge noise from a Merlin engine with 2050 horsepower? Probably both, and there are more factors. Air Force Lieutenant General Cliff Spink, one of the last Spitfire pilots, said: ‘I have never piloted an aircraft that is comparable to a Spitfire. Its cabin is really a technological masterpiece. , I’m shocked to be in it. ‘
Elegant design, cutting-edge technology and efficient power are the hallmarks of the new IWC Pilot’s Watch. This Spitfire perpetual calendar digital date-month watch (model 379103) is named after the propeller-driven legendary aircraft of the same name.
灵感 Inspiration from cockpit instruments
多项 A number of displays and complex devices on the dial highlight the importance of the Spitfire perpetual calendar digital date-month watch in the IWC pilot watch series. There are 79 instruments in the cockpit of the Spitfire. Compared with this, although the number of functions of this watch is less than that, it is already very rich for pilot watches. Moreover, the dials are clearly arranged and balanced. This is the first IWC pilot watch with a large date and month digital display, inspired by the cockpit instruments used in the early days of modern aviation, which show important data such as altitude. The digital display also has a long history at IWC. More than 100 years ago, the IWC IWC based in Schaffhausen incorporated the Pallweber system into the first wristwatch equipped with a digital hour and minute display, which put IWC on the cutting edge of the times. Although today’s Volkswagen is trending towards hands-on watches, numbers have been used as standard date displays. In addition, this mechanical watch uses a great deal of expertise and a fine wheel train to convert the date and month to the dial’s digital format.
Quickly operate the conversion device to provide power when necessary
The latest model of the Spitfire Perpetual Calendar watch, a small window is added at the ‘6 o’clock’ position, which displays the 4-year cycle of the leap year in a digital way. February 29, 2012 is the next day. The perpetual calendar counts this irregular day and the wearer does not need to make any adjustments. Because there are three digital displays, up to five display wheels need to be advanced synchronously, which will not have a significant impact on the accuracy of the watch. The power required for the entire event comes from a fast-operating conversion device specifically designed for this purpose. Every night, when the date is displayed, this device will pick up a small amount of power and store it, until the end of the month and the month dial move forward, and when the year-end leap year needs to advance, these powers will be released instantly. The perpetual calendar can be easily set through the crown, and no adjustment is required until 2100 (2100 broke the traditional four-year cycle and is not a leap year).
Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Watch also adds another feature to the Pilot’s Watch collection. Just like the traditional, the central chronograph hand displays a chronograph record of 60 seconds, and the accumulator at the ’12 o’clock’ position can easily read the hour and minute chronograph records, which is no different from the normal reading time. With flyback, the chronograph can be reset to zero without a pause. This feature also originated from the aerospace needs of the 1930s and 1940s, when pilots needed to fly over a specific curve radius within a limited time, or they needed to start new timings in real time after terminating combat operations.
To realize this innovative ‘table-in-table’ concept, the designer added a high-performance double detent automatic winding device to IWC’s self-made 89800 movement. This movement has a total of 474 independent components and provides a 68-hour power reserve. Through the sapphire glass case back, the wearer can explore the movement’s unique oscillating weight, which is reminiscent of a sophisticated Spitfire fighter.
The watch is made of 18K red gold with a case and buttons, and the finish is also very delicate. Exposed parts such as the case ring, buttons and case back are meticulously modified by hand with experienced experts. The surface has a staggered effect of polishing and frosting, which makes the watch design unique. The shiny metallic blue-gray dial is decorated with a sun pattern, contrasting with the warm gold case and brown leather strap. Two materials, metal and leather, create a classic pilot watch style. The hands, numerals and gold-plated hour markers are coated with luminous material, which can show excellent time reading effect, day and night.
IWC Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Watch Detailed Parameters
Model: IW379103
Features: mechanical chronograph movement, hour, minute and second timing functions, combined hour and minute hands in 12 o’clock position accumulator, flyback function, small second hand with stop device, perpetual calendar, large two-digit date and month Display, leap year display, screw-in crown, sturdy glass mirror assembly, can withstand sudden pressure drop without loosening, transparent sapphire glass case back, Spitfire-shaped rotor
Movement: Model 89800 / 28,800 vibrations per hour / 4 Hz / 52 gems / 68 hours power reserve / winding
Material: 18K red gold case, blue-gray dial, brown alligator leather strap, 18K red gold folding buckle
Table mirror: double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass mirror
Water resistance: depth 6 bar
Diameter: 46 mm
Thickness: 17.5mm