Quality Assurance! Interview With Mr. Li Rimei, General Manager Of Siku Luxury Club

SECOO is the largest and most comprehensive high-end luxury goods circulation club in China, and has an authoritative luxury goods identification center with 100% goods fidelity, mainly for individuals or businesses. After identification, idle luxury goods are sold by Siku through online and offline channels, and there is a complete after-sale maintenance service guarantee. A few days ago, our watch house invited Mr. Li Rimei, the director of the SECOO Luxury Appraisal Technology Center and the general manager of the Shanghai branch, to make an exclusive interview. Mr. Li Rimei talked about the development status of the SECOO luxury store club and The development status of China’s luxury goods market, the following is an excerpt from the key content of the interview.

Mr. Li Rimei, General Manager of SECOO Luxury Appraisal and Evaluation Technology Center, Shanghai Branch
Watch House: How was the consignment model of Siku conceived at the time? What scale has Siku China operated so far? Are you considering adding store layouts in some second-tier cities?
Li Rimei: In fact, this model of consignment has existed for a long time, but there has not been a standardized market and a trusted brand. We visited and investigated many cities at home and abroad to solve this problem before deciding to open a company with its own brand and brand. A series of luxury goods identification and after-sales processes to achieve a one-stop service storefront.
 We opened the first store of Siku China in Jinan, Shandong, but the market industry was not standardized at that time. After that, Siku led the establishment of the National Consignment Working Committee to strive for a more regulated and orderly consignment industry. Siku China now not only has its own stores in first-tier Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, but also has some cooperative stores abroad. For the national layout, it is also steadily and steadily proceeding at its own pace.
Watch House: For consignment consumers of valuable luxury goods, there are concerns about quality. How does Siku solve this problem?
Li Rimei: Generally, sellers will consider three factors when buying products. Before, during, and after sales, we have also taken corresponding measures to ensure that the rights and interests of consumers are safeguarded, and the people who consume them can be protected. Legal rights.
Pre-sale: Each consignment product we receive needs to be evaluated by our appraisal center to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product. If there is any inaccurate product, we will not accept it, so we can grasp the product quality at the source of the product .
On sale: First of all, the decoration style of each of our clubs is high-end luxury, and then we will provide special training to our sales staff to improve sales staff’s awareness and taste of luxury goods, which can better serve high-end customers. .
After sales: At present, our SECOO luxury maintenance service factory is located in Beijing, covering an area of ​​2,800 square meters. After completion, it will be the largest luxury maintenance service factory in the country. It can provide luggage, watches, jewelry and other products can be maintained and repaired.
Watch House: With the rapid development of the Internet, will the future strategic layout of the SECOO luxury library club focus on e-commerce?
Li Rimei: Our current sales model is a combination of the Internet and physical stores, because many users now purchase information from the Internet, and we have been increasing investment in the Internet. At present, we also have an online mall. . However, we will pay more attention to the offline user experience, because luxury goods users pay more attention to the feeling of wearing and the experience of the scene, because many things cannot be experienced online.
Watch House: In terms of maintenance services, what services can Siku do for consumers?
Li Rimei: At present, the two most important aspects of our maintenance services are bags and watches. We can do both watch maintenance and bag maintenance, but since we do n’t have some watch accessories, we ca n’t do maintenance for the time being. .
 Each of our temple stores has its own identification center to ensure the quality of the goods in our system. Our ultimate goal is to promote the development of the second-hand luxury industry and regulate the market. In the end, we can make our appraisal center a national appraisal center and regulate the second-hand luxury market to help more people.
 And while we are guaranteeing our products, we are also actively cooperating with the needs of various national departments. Last year we worked with the National Consignment Committee and the Ministry of Commerce to customize the ‘Management Standards for Luxury Consignment Stores’, which is also gradually regulating the market.
Watch House: What is the current sales of Siku watches in Siku? What types of watches and brands sell better?
Li Rimei: With the continuous popularization of watch culture, watches are no longer just simple timepiece functions. They are more for fans to discuss the history and connotation of watches, as well as the value and significance of collections. The watches in our stores Generally, the lowest price is more than 50,000 yuan, so sales also account for more than 60% of our total sales. As for the sales brand, it still depends on the consumer. High-end brands such as Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe, and low-end Rolex, Cartier, and Omega are selling well.
Watch House: What do you think of the current market for watch products? Are you optimistic about this market?
Li Rimei: According to China’s economic development, China’s watch market will develop very quickly, and I am very optimistic about the development of this market. Because people who like watches are different from luxury goods such as bags, this part of people will become more obsessed with watch products, and the appreciation of watches will be greater. There are many collectors around me who collect dozens of people Block of high-end watches. According to my current analysis, China’s high-end watch market has not yet fully opened, just a small number of people exchange transactions. More watches have flowed into the auction market, and our next goal is to quickly increase the awareness and recognition of our brand, so that more brands and more people with watches can participate in us.
 Through this pleasant interview, we can see that Siku China’s attitude towards the luxury market is actively promoting the healthy development of the market, and it attaches great importance to consumers. We believe that this kind of responsibility and mission The development of business associations will definitely get better and better. Next we appreciate the situation of Siku Shanghai physical store.

SECOO Shanghai Luxury Clubhouse

Middle luggage tie products and rest areas

Bags and glasses, belt sales area

This is the watch sales area I am most concerned about. The business area is still quite large and there are many products.

A particularly beautiful Vacheron Constantin mechanical pocket watch.

Jewellery sales area

Chanel that girls like

Next to it is the tie sales area, a favorite of men.

Teraku checkout counter

SECOO Technology Center for Luxury Appraisal and Evaluation

SECOO luxury service center can do leather goods maintenance and watch maintenance

 The middle waiting area is equipped with four Apple computers to pass the time. The situation of SECOO Shanghai Luxury Goods Club will be introduced here today. If you have any purchase needs, you can directly visit the physical store located at Pok Oi Building (east of Ast Martin) at 758 Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai.