Double Ultimate Of Beauty And Craftsmanship: Jacques De Rouge Enamel Watch

Jacques Dro has always been famous for the Great Minghuo enamel technique, and he is particularly good at modifying the Mingliu micro-painted enamel dial with fine micro-painting technology. The composition is full of poetic and imaginative, outstanding micro-painting technology , As well as the big fire technique that dominates the watch industry, highlights the brand’s perfect interpretation of taste, creativity and skills. Let’s enjoy the charm of enamel watches together. Jacques de Petite Herue Minute Micro-painted Enamel Dragon and Phoenix Pair Watch
    Enamel is an ancient legendary craftsmanship that is still highly respected even after a century. The enamel dial, like the same old hand-carved dial, records the era when the mechanical technology was not as developed as it is today, and Europeans have no inferior pursuit of beauty. Not only because of the preciousness of the materials, but the enamel dial that can be realized with the pure green fire that has been cultivated for many years, reveals the nobility from the pure, and becomes the perfect expression of classic feelings and noble feelings.
    In the middle and late twentieth century, this ancient tradition of craftsmanship did not end with the end of the pocket watch era or the emergence of new watchmaking techniques, but it really became less and less like the number of blue blood aristocrats in today’s society. This is destined that the enamel dial will not be ordinary goods and common things flying into the homes of ordinary people. Today, only a handful of workshops and masters are still practicing this diminishing skill, and a few brands are still adhering to the enamel dial. They are all without exception, all from watchmaking families with a long history and noble blood. Because only these brands with a deep history can fully interpret the pure enamel technique, Jacques Droe is one of them.
    Jacques de Ronaldo’s enamel dates back to the eighteenth century and is one of the brand’s undisclosed ancient craftsmanship. Since 1733, the Grand Feu has been the ultimate symbol of Jacques Droe enamel craftsmanship. In its heyday, it was not only the princes and nobles of Europe, but also the Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, who sought the enamel clocks of Jacques Dero. After three centuries of historical heritage, Jacques de Loire, a maverick brand, still retains its persistence and insistence on the large fire enamel dial. Masters of enamel craftsmanship have been passed down from generation to generation, diligently exploring the control of the power of enamel powder and flames, creating dials with unique textures and elegant textures.
    Daming fire enamel has always been respected as the highest state of enamel technology. On copper or gold that has been fired in balance (the metal will heat up and cool down, it will cause inertial shrinkage, and the metal surface will be curved and arched). The enamel powder is coated with multiple colors and even micro-patterned patterns, and then fired and strengthened multiple times until the enamel finally vitrifies. After the firing is completed, the enamel painter will manually draw the chronograph scales and time scales on the surface, and then roast it to ensure that the surface decoration is perfectly firm on the surface.
    Enamel skills have the highest requirements for ingenious hands and ingenuity. It is also a subtle game of color and temperature, or the ultimate beauty and experience. As many colors as there are on the dial, how many baptisms will be experienced. Strictly grasp the order from light to dark, from warm to cold, and apply the same color system each time. After finishing a color system, it is sent into a 800-degree kiln for firing to melt the enamel. After taking out, it is cooled and solidified for a long time after being taken out, and then the color is continued. Each round of coloring must be repeated three times to get close to perfection. In addition to the technique of coloring, the burning time and duration are the keys to the other two absolute test technicians. Each high-temperature burning puts the semi-finished product at the risk of being destroyed once, and multiple firing naturally enlarges this risk infinitely. Even a skilled technician may face a failed firing process to produce a perfect enamel plate.
    The enamel smelted from minerals has many advantages of minerals. First of all, it has a gem-like unique luster and transparency, and it is extremely stable in nature, hard in texture, impermeable to air and water, so good enamel works can definitely Preserved for hundreds of years, even for thousands of years, and beautiful forever. I think the reason why today’s enamel dial watches become the masterpiece of timepiece collectors is because of the rarity, difficulty of burning and lasting vitality of superior enamel dials.
Jacques de Rouge Limited Dark Black Enamel Watch
    As early as the 18th century, Jacques Droe’s pocket watches have used eccentric indicators of hours, minutes, and seconds to design and create extremely difficult open flame enamel dials. The reason why the eccentric design was adopted was to highlight the preciousness of the gemstone or enamel face plate, but it gradually evolved into one of the brand’s most classic labels. This watch also uses an eccentric design. The oversized round seconds hand faceplate with eccentric hour and minute faceplates, plus Arabic or Roman numerals listed thereon, are minimalist-style black large fire enamel faceplates with repeated burning. The white great fire enamel pointer made from it creates a perfect style that blends classical aesthetics with modern techniques, exuding a beautiful, restrained and elegant luster.
    It is worth mentioning that this watch once again challenged the technological limit of enamel surface firing. You need to know that the deep and flawless black enamel needs to undergo multiple color modulation and repeated firing in a large open flame at a high temperature of 900 to 1200 degrees.
Jaquet-Droz 2011 Only Watch
    The enamel dial of this watch was interpreted by Jacques Droe to use a large open flame technology to become milky white, supplemented with extremely delicate brushwork painting techniques, and finally reproduced the new port of Monaco and the island realistically on the dial. Generally speaking, the ivory white enamel painted dial takes about seven working days to complete. It requires the most skilled craftsmen to use their expertise to burn the ivory white pure and exquisite with the big fire. This watch is the core work of the Hommage Geneve 1784 series. The master craftsman has exquisitely modified the classic font of Roman numerals. The timeless ivory is still the same, but it has broken through the original limitations.
Jacques de Petite Heure Minute Relief
    Every micro-painted large fire enamel dial watch is a masterpiece unique and unique. The micro-painted enamel process is used by Jacques Droe on a few models. These classic models are completely drawn by hand and consist of five layers of enamel. It takes at least a week under the microscope and 20 large open flame processes to achieve perfect results . Today, the brand has carried forward this process, allowing the watchmaking tradition created by its founder to continue in the existing watch series, and each piece is as eye-catching as an artwork.
    The composition of the dials of the two selected watches is composed of the magnificent and full-featured winged eagle and tiger family. The mood is calm, the strokes are delicate, and the strokes are drawn in a stroke to draw out the finest muscle texture, feathers or The fur pattern and the vivid gesture of soaring and running, and the tranquility and beauty of the background landscape, reflect each other, making it unforgettable at first sight. The poetic dial, with the off-center Roman numerals and hours and hours display, is clear and elegant, and matches the watch’s elegant and refined temperament seamlessly.
    More refined are the limited edition Relief models in the collection, white mother-of-pearl dial, 18K patina gold bird inlay. This model uses a rare enamel inlay process. Female birds return to their homes, birds are waiting to be fed, and eggs have not hatched. They are white and pleasant. The craftsmanship is amazing.
Jacques de Hommage Londres 1774 series
    Contemporary white enamel watches are basically precious metal cases with leather straps. They are simple and retro in style. They do not deliberately pursue overly decorative styles and dazzling mechanical functions, allowing the watch to return to its original appearance. The round case is the most obvious common feature of these watches, because classic pocket watches are all round cases. Made of gold, rose gold, and platinum, both in keeping with tradition and representing their extraordinary position in the product line. The ivory-white dial with antique Breguet needles, willow needles, sword-shaped needles, and pear-shaped needles, these elegant elegance in details will evoke memories of 18th century Europe. The L ‘Origine Email enamel watch in the Hommage Londres 1774 (A Tribute to London) series, with simple lines, elegant Roman numerals, and atmospheric blue steel hands, all refer to the 18th century Enlightenment, and has its own simplicity and nobility.
Jacques de Grande Seconde Saint-Valentin
    This Grande Seconde, specially created for Valentine’s Day, draws inspiration from the romanticism of the 18th century, combining the brand’s superior watchmaking wisdom and aesthetics. 39mm diameter 18K white gold case, ivory white large fire enamel dial, the dial is shaped as a figure 8, the two rings are interlocked, symbolizing the fusion of yin and yang, representing eternal happiness. The flaming red hands and crocodile leather strap symbolize eternal love, shining brightly on the wrist, shining brightly on the wrist, portraying the love of fire.
Jacques de Grande Date Ivory Enamel
    This new watch at the 2012 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, as always, inherits the enamel craftsmanship of Jacques Droe, showing the highest luxury in the ultimate simplicity. Inside a 43 mm diameter red gold case, a large ivory white enamel dial lies. Its unique texture and incomparable color are the master craftsmanship handed down by the dial craftsmen of the Jacques Dro watchmaking workshop. The eccentric hour and minute display at 12 o’clock is also made of large fire enamel. Two slender hands slide past the Roman numerals, and the jewel-like luster complements the glow of the case.