Paul. Newman’s Sky-high Price Rolex Daytona Effect

The most expensive watch in the world today is an auction sold in October 2017 and once belonged to the late movie star Paul. ROLEX Daytona Ref. 6239 by Paul Newman. Do you also have a collection of 6239? Can you hold it like the same high-priced auction item in 2017?

The first-generation Daytona can be said to have its own market, and this 6241 was completed at 200,000 US dollars in the recently completed auction. (Image source: Sotheby’s)

When Paul Newman’s Daytona Ref. 6239 was awarded the world’s most expensive watch in the Philips Watches auction in 2017 with a stunning US $ 177.5 million (about NT $ 530 million), it really inspired a lot of Ambitions for watch collectors.
In Paul. Under the Newman effect, in a recent auction held in New York, the United States, a number of first-generation Daytona were sold, all of which have a market. One of the 6241 ‘share noodles’ in 1967 was sold for up to 200,000 US dollars ( (Approximately NT $ 6 million). Whether the 2017 auction brought a certain degree of appreciation, the answer is yes.

Paul Newman’s Daytona 6239 sold at Philips Watches in 2017, making it the world’s most expensive watch

Hard to have sky-high price 6239
Although six million is definitely not a small number, but relative to Paul. Newman’s only century-old price is still a small witch. That is to say, even if you have a watch of the same model, you may not be able to auction it at an exaggerated price, because the auction is about the status, supporting, time, location, and the most important: background.
Therefore, there should not be another 6239 worth more than 100 million, because the whole world understands that although that watch is not Paul. Something unique to Newman, and Rolex never introduced the so-called Paul Newman version of Daytona for himself, but the reason why that godly auction can become the most expensive watch in the world is because it records the superstar and racer His legendary life, all the other watches without his own blessing, even if very valuable, but it is difficult to reach the level.

The original Daytona was different from the watch of the same period because of its size and design, and it was not immediately sought after by the market when it was first launched.

Daytona’s story
When ROLEX launched Daytona in the 1960s, it did not attract much attention. One of the reasons was that the brand’s status was not as high as it is today, and it was far less sought-after than today. Another reason is that the size of the original Daytona seemed large at the time. Even in men’s watches, it was still a bit difficult to accept its 37mm diameter and 13.5mm thickness. Moreover, it is a ‘functional’ watch with a tough shape. Even if the more fancy Exotic Dial faceplates are introduced later, the market still fails to digest them.

Paul Newman is inseparable from his Daytona and has appeared in movies, racing tracks and magazine photos

Until Daytona met Paul. After Newman, whether it appeared on his wrist in movies, racing tracks or magazine cover photos, things changed dramatically. Of course, the celebrity effect is not enough to push that 6239 to the top, and a perfect background story needs to be added.

Paul Newman gave Daytona to daughter Nell’s boyfriend, only to go on sale in 2017

Paul Newman sends love list to daughter’s boyfriend at the time
This Daytona is not Paul. Newman himself bought it as a gift from his wife, Joanne Woodward, and the back cover was engraved with the words Drive Carefully ME. He was required to take care when racing. Paul. Newman was wearing the watch until 1984, when he gave it to his daughter’s boyfriend at the time as a reward in return for repairing the furniture. Since then, this watch has disappeared before the eyes of the world, and no one knows its whereabouts. Later, a watch expert found that the watch owner still kept this super collection, and its trace was exposed again, and it was not put up for auction until 2017. After the sky-high price was set, the watch owner also allocated part of the proceeds for environmental protection purposes, making this legendary watch story even more meaningful.