The Type Is ‘thin’: Ball Watch Engineer Master Ii Voyager Is Equipped With The Slimmest Self-luminous Miniature Gas Lamp

In today’s Nano era, ‘fine’ seems to be king. BALL WATCH, which has always been famous with self-luminous miniature gas lamps, has launched a new series of the finest self-luminous miniature gas lamps integrated into the dial design after years of research and development-Engineer Master II Traveler Limited Edition. This brand-new miniature gas lamp has a diameter of only 0.3mm, which is worthy of the name of ‘mini’. Its diameter is reduced by 40% compared with the traditional miniature gas lamp.

   You can imagine that the diameter of 0.3mm is only the width of the refill. To make this new gas lamp, you must first cast a 0.3mm glass strip into a hollow glass tube, and continue to inject the self-luminous gas. The process is complicated. As you can imagine, setting such a slim gas lamp on the dial is another challenge for watchmakers. Of course, spending so much thought is not just to catch up with the trend, but to have practical uses. In the past, self-luminous miniature gas lamps used to display dimensional relationships. Most of them were only used for pointers and hour scales. The engineer’s Master II Voyager limited edition series used a 0.3-meter self-luminous miniature gas lamp to lay a 60-minute scale to illuminate. every second.
Dual time zone display-remote time at the same time
   Named Voyager, as the name suggests, in addition to the hours, minutes and seconds, the watch is also equipped with dual time zone display. The dial layout combines the design of the dual dial, which can display the time in two time zones at the same time. The 6 o’clock position makes it easy to adjust or read the time. When traveling or traveling, the Voyager watch allows you to keep track of your home and home time at the same time.

Large calendar window display
   At 12 o’clock on the dial, there is a unique large calendar window display. For some travel professionals, this design is allowing them to continue their splendid journey in an orderly manner even during a busy journey.

Two limited edition collections
   The Engineer Master II Traveler Limited Series is available in 44mm or 40mm diameter dials, and the dial color is available in black or blue, plus a stainless steel strap or calfskin belt strap, a variety of combinations, Any such, in certain embodiments, the invention provides a method, wherein the method comprises:

Exclusive offers book now
   The Engineer II Traveler range is available in stainless steel and calfskin. The prepaid activities limited during this period will end on February 28, 2017. Shipment date is from May 2017 to June 2017 (all subject to Swiss production progress and arrival date). This series is available in a limited edition of 1,000. Please pre-order to pick your preferred limit number. ?

12 Years … We Are Finally Graduating!

Hee hee, the end of the national college entrance examination, finally can usher in a wave of Ge You lying. No no no, the exam didn’t stop there. Today, Xiaoha will give a mysterious test question to everyone. I believe that after reading the test questions, everyone will surely complete the test paper with interest. Without saying a lot, let’s start answering the questions. 01 Which gesture in the ‘Big Rock Scissors’ version of the Big Bang Theory wins? Lizard 02 In this sofa, which position is the exclusive seat of Xie ears? 03 03 Which nickname is ‘Dr. Donut’? Rajesh04 Which protagonist’s bedroom is this? Penny05 Who is the only one of the four who does not have a PhD and is often ridiculed by Sheldon? Howard did not know what kind of true feelings and sentiments would people show when they were doing the questions? Nostalgia? Unwilling? There must be! Suddenly, we had to admit willingly that this hilarious American drama ‘The Big Bang’ that had accompanied us for 12 years really said goodbye to us. Twelve Seasons of ‘The Big Bang’ poster Hey, are there tears in your eyes? From the beginning of saying ‘hello’ to the eternal freeze, in the process, those bites of beauty and loss seem to have become the most classic pictures, like Xie ears waiting for them to become our familiar friends, become Part of our lives. Today, in addition to letting everyone remember this drama, we also want to tell you what are your favorite characters, what kind of watches might they like to wear in real life? Sheldon Sheldon In his personal life, Sheldon has a pet dog. Look, when you teach your dog to shake hands, you can see that he is wearing an Omega Speedmaster series watch in his hand. This silver-white dial with three small black function dials, the dynamic style formed by black and white reflects the humorous image of Sheldon. Omega Speedmaster series watch Shelton likes to wear a special ‘square watch’, the delicate design of the charcoal gray dial, the image sets off the connotation and temperament of Shelton, right, this It is a very special model of Cartier Tank Louis Cartier series. Cartier Tank series watches in a suit, a handsome face, I do not know his connotation is also very profound, a Montblanc Nicholas Kaiser chronograph day and night chronograph worn on Sheldon’s wrist, uh ~ not to mention more Charm too. Montblanc Montblanc Nicholas Day and night chronograph Leonard Leonard Leonard would like a watch that looks domineering? Although not handsome, but a Chanel J12 series watch shines brightly from the hand, we only found that under the stylish package, he turned out to be a delicate pig boy. Chanel CHANELJ12 series watches Of course, Leonard will also like Panerai’s watches, his mature and stable appearance and Panerai cool watches blend together, can only be said to be an absolute man Full of flavor. Panerai PAMINAI LUMINOR series Penny watch is the most feminine watch, Cartier blue balloon watch must belong to it. As one of the heroines of the Big Bang, there must be special reasons for choosing it, because whether it is a brilliant design or a feeling of wearing, it is impeccable. Which woman does not love Cartier? Cartier Blue Balloon series watches so it seems that everyone has found that the watches they wear are super in line with their image and personality. Although there is no ‘Big Bang’ in life, we can choose a watch that is suitable for us to accompany ourselves, just like the characters in our favorite drama, and record the beautiful things, waiting for the next 12 years , You can definitely accumulate a lot of interesting stories, just think about how much it is meaningful. Some things never change! Friends! That’s right, nothing will change. The ‘Big Bang’ that has stopped will always be our friend. It is our meal, our laughter, or our most precious years. Edit: Lily | Vision and Cartography: Serena Picture: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Flow Hip Hop launched by watch giants to watch and jewelry culture guide for 8090 young people

The Charm Of Mature Men

Low-key luxury seems to be the favorite word of luxury media. It is expensive and not so noticeable, which fits the mentality of some people who do not want to reveal wealth. Today, Watch House brings you three low-key luxury watches, let us see their charm.
Rolex Day-Date 40

Model: 228239
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Platinum
Strap Material: Platinum
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details: RMB
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watch details: S IRM QA LU movement, thickness 5.32 mm, composed of 335 parts, providing a maximum power reserve of 45 hours. The special drop-shaped link bracelet is memorable.

 Breguet Classic 7147

Model: 7147BB / 29 / 9WU
Domestic public price: RMB 169900
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Platinum
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details: authentic Breguet watch style. The Breguet Cal.502.3SD movement has the original Geneva ripple and Paris stud sanding. The movement is equipped with a silicon hairspring, a flip-in embedded lever escapement, and a silicon pallet. Silicon is lightweight and has excellent antimagnetic properties.

Summary: Although platinum is a precious metal compared to gold, it is more understated. If it is paired with a light-colored dial, it is more self-evident and understated. Such a watch, born for successful men, shows its extraordinary maturity.