Golden Horse Glory Hour Piaget And The Golden Horse Executive Committee Plan Together Superstars Are Back In The Background

Earl of Piaget, a well-known Swiss watch and jewelry brand, has been the longest-running film award in the Chinese film industry for four consecutive years-the Golden Horse Awards chief cheer, and has been involved in promoting the art and film industry for many years. Since 2008, he has sponsored the American Independent Spirit Film Awards and has been the theme sponsor of the Hong Kong Film Awards for six consecutive years. The ‘Golden Horse Glory Hour’ shooting plan, conceived and executed by the Earl and the Golden Horse Executive Committee each year, leaves a glamorous scene for the directors and protagonists of the Golden Horse Awards, and records the bright moments of important moments in the Chinese film industry.

Back to the background

 The Earl and the Golden Horse Executive Committee joined hands again this year to take a photo of the ‘Golden Horse Glory Moment’ after the film’s finalist and director, gathered the star guides from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to reproduce the classic moments of the finalist films this year. Under the camera, the finalists returned to the filming state again, reappearing charming acting skills and vivid expressions; moreover, the glorious shadowman’s unrivaled confidence and charm were set off by the count of jewellery and watches of Piaget.

 The famous stylist Liu Daqiang designed the image for the finalists, and once again, the well-known Secret 9 production company in Hong Kong-the famous photographer CK led his team to take charge of the shooting work, gathered the finalists, and carried out across Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vast plans for four places in Beijing. Secret 9, which took over this shooting plan again, cultivated a perfect understanding with Golden Horse and Earl, and was better at capturing the moments of the star’s sincere emotions. And Liu Daqiang, the stylist of many celebrities, also used his own unique taste to create the most suitable Finalist, classic and memorable image. As the chief cheer of the Golden Horse Awards, Piaget also embellished the stars with brilliant jewellery and watches, set off a group of outstanding superstar guides, and raised his hands to reveal the unique charm of his feet.

Exclusive commemoration

 The best director who participated in shooting ‘Golden Horse Glory Moment’, the best male and female protagonist’s elaboration on the role and mood of the filming, the passion and original intention of the film work, and the joy of being shortlisted for the Golden Horse Awards, all under the cooperation of the master team , Portray the current, retain eternal touch.

 The Principal of the Golden Horse Awards praised the Count, and selected the finest watches and gorgeous jewelry as the finalists, so that the shooting plan and the Golden Horse Awards will always remain brilliant. The 53rd Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will be held on November 26th at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. It will note the moving moments of the filmmakers and Piaget.

Finalists who participated in the filming of ‘Golden Horse Glory Hour’ include:
Best Director: Du Qifeng, Feng Xiaogang, Zhong Menghong, Zhao Dezhang, Zeng Guoxiang
Best Actor: Xu Guanwen, Liang Jiahui, Ke Zhendong, Fan Wei
Best Actress: Fan Bingbing, Xu Weining, Wu Kexi, Ma Sichun, Zhou Dongyu

About Piaget

 Piaget’s unique charm comes from its bold creative style. Watches and jewellery with outstanding temperament and brilliance reflect the dazzling light of the brand. This enthusiasm for innovation was born in La Côte-aux-Fées, where George. Edward. The first workshop opened by Georges-Edouard Piaget in his farmhouse is a place where he dedicated his life to making precise movements. In 1874, the workshop began to gain reputation. In 1943, the company made a decision that had a profound impact on the future-registering a trademark for the brand name.

 Piaget implemented the pioneering spirit and began to design and produce ultra-thin movements in the 1950s, becoming one of the brand’s masterpieces, and immortalizing the watchmaking process.

 Piaget also often symbolizes a style: the perfect combination of gold and brilliant colors, new forms, precious stones and hard stones. Yves G. Piaget created a new peak in creativity. The brand’s jewellery series developed towards the original, emphasizing bright colors, and the Earl classic style was born. The brand has been established for more than 140 years, has a long history, dares to innovate, and constantly exerts unlimited creativity to create dynamic jewelry, elegant and luxurious high jewelry series and extraordinary watches. In the vast and creative world, Piaget watchmaking and jewellery masters are constantly exploring creative possibilities, turning gold, rough stones and precious stones into exquisite works of art.

 Piaget has always been committed to supporting the cause of theatre and art. In February 2017, Earl will, as always, sponsor the American Film Independent Spirit Award for ten years.

Oris Rectangular Diamond Calendar Unique Feminine Beauty

Many watches launched by the famous Swiss Oris Oris are filled with a strong sense of sports, but the Rectangular diamond-set calendar brings people into another style, that is, women’s elegance And intellectual. Diamonds are loved by women, which is why diamonds are often used on women’s watches. The mirror is made of anti-refractive sapphire crystal, which is dotted with 42 brilliant diamonds at 3 and 9 o’clock. Perhaps many people think that diamonds are too common in women’s watches, but it is this most classic element that can give watches the most timeless style. The exaggerated digital form on the mysterious black dial adds a bit of fashion to the Rectangular diamond-set calendar.

 The automatic movement relies on a vibration system. When the arm is swung, the automatic disc rotates under the force of gravity, which provides power for the mainspring of the watch located in the barrel. The mainspring controls the release of power from the source to the mechanical device through the escapement structure, releasing the power to the gear train of the watch, thereby controlling the movement of the hands, the sun wheel, and so on.