Why Cartier Watches Are So Hot In China

As a big brand that relies on jewellery, of course, it has the ability and financial resources to strive for excellence in all aspects of workmanship, materials, and technology. The Cartier show particularly emphasized the Chinese style. In fact, the company also has a strong interest in African, ancient Egyptian, Indian, and Russian styles. These have been integrated into the company’s tradition and become a source of inspiration that is full of change and charm. .

Cartier time art exhibition

什么 What are the most impressive events of the twentieth century? It is undoubtedly the tragic two world wars. Second? The benevolent sees the wise. For example, the October Revolution and the rise of socialism, the development of relativity and modern physics, the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons, the birth of new China, and the flight of humans into space. Among them, the Great Depression of 1929-1933 can certainly be included in the top of the candidate list. Take the latter as an example. Prior to this, although people experienced economic turbulence from time to time, no one could ever imagine that it would plunge people from cities and villages throughout Europe and the United States, as well as the world. However, even in those tragic days, there are still many exciting things, even the romance and legend are passed on to this day.

This is my strong feeling for the ‘Cartier Art Exhibition’ exhibited at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art from mid-July to mid-October this year. As a global tour exhibition, the Cartier Collection’s global tour has covered the world in recent years, from Paris, London, St. Petersburg to New York, Singapore, and Beijing. It is a well-known classic display. My personal attention to the exhibition is mainly concentrated in the 1920s and 1930s. This is a special era full of uncertainty and self-danger. What was Cartier doing at the time a global company? It’s fun to go to a foreign country to find new inspiration and develop a series of classic themes for the company.

Originally, twentieth-century Europeans had a special interest in exotic customs, from Livingston-style expeditions to African outbacks, scientific expeditions at the north and south poles represented by Amundsen, and a large number of oriental daily handicrafts pouring into Europe. Etc., have become the target of people’s attention and discussion and even social trends. However, Cartier’s vision is obviously more broadened, not only reflecting the relatively ancient Egyptian style that the French are relatively familiar with, but also embellishing his luxurious products with a series of Chinese styles that they are not very familiar with or even a little bit understandable-in In the exhibition, people can appreciate a series of oriental-style porch clocks, which are titled ‘Chinese porch’. In fact, they have mixed many characteristics of Chinese and Japanese classical temples. You can even see jade carvings such as carp, guanyin, and cymbals, as well as corals and pearls, which are actually produced by Chinese craftsmen. They are also used on watches and clocks, making the Chinese look familiar. It is worth noting that from the European perspective, it seems that Chinese culture naturally has a strong mystery. Cartier is particularly willing to match his own unique technique, the mysterious clock, with Chinese style. The special design that uses the crystal gears to transmit power and allows the two hands of hours and minutes to float freely in the air. It truly expresses the mystery of time and makes the charm of Chinese culture more intuitive and vivid. To show.

As a big name that started from jewelry, of course, it has the ability and financial resources to strive for excellence in all aspects of workmanship, materials and technology, but what is most impressive about Cartier is that it is not limited to many of these complex and difficult details, and the simplest factors are ever-changing. Without losing its eye-catching charm. Take the clock as an example. Until today, the jewelled small table clock from the company still likes to decorate with various colors of gems into lotus, fairy crane, magpie and other patterns. People familiar with China almost immediately see the Chinese taste in it, and its luxury The style is actually sought after around the globe. One of the most impressive was the 1990s Cartier jewellery table clocks that were ‘looted’ by collectors at the Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong last April. They were made of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Standing on one foot on two small lotus flowers made of pink gems and nephrite green leaves, the posture is elegant. Looking down at another lotus flower studded with diamonds inside and outside, it obviously has the oriental exoticism.

It seems that it is because it is displayed in China that the Chinese style was particularly emphasized in this Cartier exhibition. In fact, the company also has a strong interest in African, ancient Egypt, Indian, and Russian styles. These have been integrated into the company’s tradition and become Its change is full of charm and inspiration.

Glashütte Original Most Worth Buying Watch

Glashütte’s original watch, I have written several times before. Today I wrote it again because Glashütte Original adjusted the public price earlier this year, and the cost performance was further improved.

Glashütte Original 90 Eccentric Large Moon Phases
 I have bought a few mainstream watches from Glashütte. Including 100 calendar moon phases, new 36 large three-pin, 90 eccentric large calendar moon phases. After playing several types of watches, I think it is the most worth buying, and also my favorite, is the 90 eccentric large moon phase. The Eccentric series is the original Glashütte iconic watch. From the appearance to the movement, it is unique to Glashütte original. The appearance is highly recognized and the movement is exquisite. So today I want to focus on this watch.
 The Glashütte 90 Eccentric Large Moon Phase was first introduced in early 2000. Currently on the market, the new model launched in 2015. Compared with the old model, the difference between the new model and the old model is that the new model is more concise and refined.

On the left is the early 90, and on the right is the current sale of 90. You can see that the layout of the disk is the same, but there are differences.
 The Glashütte Original Eccentric Collection has several watches:
 90 is eccentric large calendar moon phase (automatic)
 65 is eccentric large calendar mobile storage (manual)
 91 is the large-scale calendar (automatic)
 66 is the reversing disk storage (manual)
 One of the 90 eccentric large moon phases is automatic, and the other is a relatively low public price, so it is one of the most popular watches in Glashütte’s original eccentric series.

Glashütte Original 90 (top) and 65 (bottom), 90 is automatic and 65 is manual.
The first feature of Glashütte Original 90 is the dial.
 There are a lot of things on the 90’s disk. Sometimes the minutes, small seconds, moon phases, and big calendar are all concentrated together, but the 90’s disk is not chaotic at all. Balance and harmony. The hour, minute and small seconds dials are on the left side of the disk; the moon phases and the big calendar are on the right side of the disk. At first glance, I know that it is Glashütte’s original watch, which has a high degree of recognition. From a functional point of view, the 90 has a large calendar and a moon phase. The two functions are concentrated on one watch, so the 90 eccentric large calendar moon phase is not a simple watch.

Glashütte Original 90 Eccentric Large Moon Phases
 In addition to its functions, the 90’s panel decoration is also quite special. First of all, on the hour and minute dial and small seconds dial, you can see very fine record pattern decoration. At the same time it should be noted that the entire 90 eccentric large calendar moon phase dial is plated. After electroplating, the dial is very bright under the light, has an electro-optical effect, and looks better than the ordinary lacquered dial. In my impression, Glashütte Original has a dial factory, which is the only brand in German watchmaking with electroplating ability. So the dial is an advantage of Glashütte’s originality. Coupled with blue steel hour hand, minute, small second hand, three-dimensional hour markers, the entire watch is very bright.

Glashütte Original 90 Eccentric Large Moon Phases
 The case size of the 90 eccentric large calendar moon phase is 40 mm and the thickness is 12.7 mm. There are different models of steel case and gold case. The case is not very thin because of the additional functions of moon phase and big calendar. The large jump calendar can be adjusted quickly with the crown. The moon phase is located on the case at 2 o’clock by the hidden button on the case.

We can see that the two-point hidden button on the case is used to adjust the moon phase.
The second major feature of Glashütte Original 90 is the movement.
 This watch uses Glashütte’s original 90-02 self-winding movement. According to Glashütte’s original habit, it is used to use the movement model as the abbreviation of the watch. This is the name of the 90. The Glashütte Original 90 uses German standard 3/4 splint, and the Glashütte original signature double gooseneck trim. In order not to obscure the double gooseneck trimming, the 90 uses a small automatic rotor on the 3/4 splint. The movement is very exquisitely decorated, the automatic top is hollow, with a double G logo, and the edge of the automatic top is equipped with a 21K gold rim counterweight. The double gooseneck trimming looks like a butterfly, and the double gooseneck trimming splints are hand-carved, and the classic screw balance (lotus balance) is used. The entire movement is decorated with Geneva stripes, the bottom splint is decorated with fish scales, and the screws are baked blue. The level of beauty and decoration of the movement exceeds other luxury watches of the same level. Perfectly taking into account the beauty of the movement and the convenience of automatic winding, very cattle.

Glashütte’s original 90-02 caliber used in the eccentric large calendar moon phase.
 The 90-02 movement has a swing frequency of 28800 times / hour and a power of 42 hours. According to my observations, the error of this watch is 1 second per day, which is 1 second slower per day. I am very satisfied.
 Regarding the Glashütte Original 90, I would also like to talk about the buckle. Players who have played the 90 should know that the 90 buckle has a small flat screw to fix the hole of the strap. I know that the original design of Glashütte was designed to prevent the buckle from being accidentally opened, the buckle and the strap separated, and the watch falling directly from the wrist to the ground. With this screw, even if the buckle is opened, the buckle will still not be separated from the strap. The original intention of this design is very good. However, there is an inconvenience. If you want to adjust the strap and change a hole, you can only adjust it by removing the screw with a screwdriver. After adjusting it, screw it on again.

Glashütte’s original signature double gooseneck trim.
 After the price adjustment, the price of 90 eccentric large calendar moon phases is 82500 (the manual 65 is also 82500, and the movement of the reversed 66 and 91 is higher). This time Glashütte’s original price adjustment mainly flattened the domestic and foreign public prices. The price-performance ratio of 90 after the price adjustment is very prominent. Because the 90 face and movement are unique to Glashütte original, and the double gooseneck is very exquisite, it is worth playing. After 90, 100, 36 original Glashütte original watches, if I have the opportunity in the future, which Glashütte original watch I want to receive, it should be 58 Observatory. Hope for fate.
PS. Finally, put on a full set and verify the body.