Christmas Eve Is Not Asleep Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis 2016 Christmas Season Tenderness Recommendation

Time is quietly approaching the end of the year, and the colorfulness of Christmas gives a different meaning to winter. Winter nights are clear and practical, with wooden speakers playing Christmas songs, red wine in a small pot being slowly cooked, bare feet on the carpet, and loved by relatives and friends wearing long fleece robes. The festival is no longer an endless carnival, just the sweetness, the warmth is long enough. Stick to the good things and you will thank yourself. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis specially selected four superb timepieces, and they were affectionately accompanied on Christmas Eve, recording the moving moments of the night and having a long aftertaste together.
   Spring is long in summer, and autumn is in winter. In winter, we rely on a little ritual persistence, you and I give each other gifts, share a touch of blue between square inches, and convey strong emotions. The growth of sparks from the burning of candles is like the winter night when we stepped on the soft snow, the sound was quiet and the night was peaceful.

   Before dawn, the Excalibur 42 self-winding watch embraces the blue night sky, like a reindeer travelling thousands of miles, delivering surprises to its side. With a stainless steel case and blue satin dial, and a small silver seconds at 6 o’clock, the watch combines romantic and poetic temperament with the watch’s outstanding performance to remember the timeless feeling.
Reference price: 88,000RMB

   The Velvet Secret Heart watch is charming and exquisite, exuding elegance and charm. The delicate white gold threads around the edge of the barrel shape set off the pure luster of the diamonds. The blue dial and silvery white complement each other, just like a soft light flowing in the blue night sky.
Reference price: 154,000RMB

   The flames in the fireplace were jubilating, friends went on a snow search, met each other, and lived up to a glass of festive mulled wine. The Excalibur 42 rose gold automatic skeleton watch on the capricorn’s wrist played a match. This watch shows the extreme control ability of Roger Dubuis on the double layers of technology and aesthetics in a hollowed out position, which complements the heart of the game. For the challenges and breakthroughs in traditional watchmaking, Roger Dubuy has always held the belief. Smart chess game, grow up with your best friends.
Reference price: 521,000RMB

   The moonlight splattered like a mist haze the earth. Back at home, standing in front of the open window, the steaming heating in the room and the cold air rushing into the window. At this moment, I am only willing to quietly enjoy the happiness of the moonlight and the Velvet series rose gold diamond-wound automatic watch. The diamond watch with mother-of-pearl dial and the satin strap are dazzling. The light reflects the elegance and nobility of luxury. The translucent and soft luster breaks the silence of winter and sets off the festive joy atmosphere. Enjoy a little bit and look forward to the whole season.
Reference price: 301,000RMB