The World Is Always Hello. Forum Cousins ​​give You The Best Choice

In the forum, I saw many friends sharing their ‘indissoluble bond’ with the watch. Each watch is filled with heavy love … or a wedding anniversary, or a birthday gift, or It’s a long overdue surprise … The minds of the men in front of their love have become delicate, and they will not forget to surprise their wives on business trips. Some people say that buying a watch is also a matter of fate. ‘A mountain is higher than a mountain, and the world is always hello.’ Watches become meaningful through these emotional precipitation. Let’s share the ‘watch love’ of some forum watch friends together.

‘Booming New Year-New Year Gift for My Wife’

   This Cartier blue balloon series Chinese red limited edition watch coincides with the Chinese New Year, which is in line with the romantic and auspicious meaning. In the new year, ‘red’ is the best luck. In the past Spring and Valentine’s Day, men are lovers. As a gift, this Cartier is the perfect choice.

   The watch is a new model, but the forum’s table friends are already scheduled to be available for the first time. The diameter of the watch is 33mm. The stainless steel bezel is exquisite and durable. The dial is decorated with sunlight rays. The sword-shaped silver hands are very delicate. The crown is set with a convex synthetic spinel, just like Cartier’s chic and exquisite design. The delicate soft leather strap is extremely comfortable to wear. The watch is priced at ¥ 41500. Welcome the year of great luck with red auspicious wishfulness and romantic elegance.
Watch details: One of the most famous and most recognizable watch brands in history, Rolex also has a girlish side. This women’s diary watch is very feminine. The pink dial is not too beautiful. If your loved one likes simplicity Or obsessed with pink, I believe this watch will definitely capture the heart.

Forum tablemates share watch map
   This forum friend had no time to try it on, so she had to wrong her first. So the second picture is a boy’s wrist, but it’s still ‘girly heart’ bursting. It can’t be refined any more. The unique Rolex dial, the hour markers are made of durable and lustrous 18ct gold, the 28mm dial is small and exquisite, and the characteristic oyster strap easy-to-adjust link extension system makes the wearer comfortable in all situations. Guangmei is not enough. The watch movement is also impeccable. The movement has a Rolex-patented Syloxi silicon balance spring, which introduces superb chronometer precision timepiece performance to women’s watches. This hairspring is not affected by magnetic fields and is extremely stable even in the face of temperature changes.
Watch details: The Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe 600m watch is water-resistant to 60 atmospheres and has a helium exhaust valve. The watch is equipped with an observatory-certified Omega 8500 coaxial movement, an automatic winding coaxial movement, equipped with Cardo balance with hairspring and double barrels arranged in succession, two-way automatic winding system. Unique Arabic ripples on the splints and pendants.

Forum cousin sharing watch real shot
   Speaking of this watch friend’s words is ‘fate’, wearing it for four years also accompanied the owner to witness the good times, ‘After wearing it for 4 years, this watch still looks so lush. The only thing is that the time is in steel Traces left on the surface. Many cousins ​​hope that he will last as long as new, and many cousins ​​think that the traces of these years are his true taste. I belong to the middle of it … I usually pay attention to it, but the scratch , I think that’s the taste. And it makes him feel more alive. ‘The host said. The emotion and testimony of a watch must also be its greatest significance. Time is moving forward, and the watch still seems so glamorous.
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