2018 World Ocean Plan: Blancpain And The Economist Deepen Cooperation

In 2012, Blancpain and The Economist launched the first World Ocean Summit, and have spared no effort to support this ocean forum. In 2018, the Fifth World Ocean Summit was held in Riverra Maya, Mexico, marking a new phase of cooperation between Blancpain and The Economist. This year, this prestigious international summit has launched a new World Ocean Initiative, thus starting a new chapter in marine public welfare. As the founder and partner of the summit, Blancpain is proud to deepen its support for this project with passion, in order to highlight the brand’s core values-vision, optimism and innovation.

The Fifth World Ocean Summit was held in Riverra Maya, Mexico
   Over the past six years, under the organization of The Economist, the World Ocean Summit has gradually grown into the world’s most influential multilateral forum on ocean governance. More than 360 leaders from politics, business, academia, international organizations and non-governmental organizations came together to make suggestions and suggestions for the harmonious and win-win development of sustainable development and the blue economy. In 2018, the summit has been expanded into a broader and more ambitious ‘World Ocean Plan’, focusing on measures and practical results to accelerate ocean governance.
   Today, under this new initiative, Blancpain, the founder of modern professional diving watches, and The Economist have jointly launched The Protectors. This plan aims to support six highly innovative and far-reaching independent projects to achieve the ambitious goal of including 30% of the planet’s waters in marine protected areas by 2030. In the next two years, the public will learn about the progress and achievements of these six core projects through a series of short videos, panel discussions and online interactive activities. At the opening ceremony of this year’s World Ocean Summit, the ‘Ocean Defenders’ plan to officially release through the documentary ‘Ocean Ocean’ (the second season). Produced by The Economist Film Agency, this documentary is exclusively sponsored by Blancpain.

Guests at the Fifth World Ocean Summit Propose Suggestions for Sustainable Development
   As a staunch practitioner of the marine industry, Blancpain has always been committed to supporting marine public welfare, and is particularly pleased that Mexico can become the host of this summit. In fact, not long ago, a brand-backed study led to the Mexican government’s decision to build North America’s largest marine protected area in the Revillagigedo Archipelago. The archipelago is made up of four volcanic islands. The new marine reserve covers an area of ​​about 148,000 square kilometers and will help protect hundreds of species that inhabit or migrate through the archipelago.
Early Press Conference in London

Mr. Mark Hayek, President and CEO, Blancpain Global
   On December 12, 2017, represented by Mr. Marc A. Hayek, President and CEO of Blancpain, Blancpain held a gala dinner at the London Natural History Museum. 230 guests spoke about the deep friendship between Blancpain and Sea World. At this special event, media professionals, collectors and VIP guests explored Blancpain’s rich historical tradition in the marine field, and learned about Blancpain’s development process in the marine public welfare undertaking and its new cooperation relationship in the future.

On December 12, 2017, Blancpain held a grand press conference at the Natural History Museum in London.
   At the party, Blancpain announced that for the first time, the brand will sponsor a one-year sponsorship of the London History Museum to ensure its solid position as a research center and to enhance the public’s outstanding ability to pay attention to the sustainable management of the marine environment and marine species. Subsequently, marine biologist and underwater photographer Laurent Ballesta brought a second surprise to the party-the fourth Gombessa Expedition led by him ) The initial image and scientific results. This expedition with scientific, technical and aesthetic significance has been strongly supported by Blancpain since 2012. In 2017, Lauren Ballesta’s outstanding photographic work also won the annual Wildlife Photography Contest (Earth Environment Category) award from the London Museum of Natural History.

Blancpain’s best friend, marine biologist, underwater photographer Lauren Ballesta
   At the end of the party, Paul Rossi, President of The Economist Group’s media business, predicted that the partnership with Blancpain will enter a new stage, and the two parties will jointly launch the new World Ocean Plan 2018: ‘We are very honored to launch Cooperation to jointly promote the research and innovation of marine philanthropy, because this is likely to be one of the most difficult challenges facing our future generations … In 2018, we will launch a new plan to explore how to integrate 30% of the world’s oceans into the ocean Protected areas, 30% is the minimum we must achieve. ‘This is a highly innovative and highly demanding measure, which perfectly fits Blancpain’s unremitting efforts in the field of marine protection. Mr. Mark Hayek emphasized: ‘Facing today’s technological development and the major threats facing the ocean, Blancpain will continue to make every effort to fulfill its commitment to protect the ocean in a new way.’

Paul Rossi, President, Media Business, The Economist Group
Blancpain’s ‘heart is ocean’ charity
   Since the official launch of the world’s first modern diving watch, the Fifty Fathoms, in 1953, Blancpain has been committed to the unremitting exploration, protection and research of the marine world. In the past 65 years, Blancpain’s commitment has been continuously deepened and enriched through various plans and cooperation. In 2014, Blancpain’s global concept of “People’s Mind in the Ocean” was brought together. As a result, Blancpain has supported numerous large expeditions, ocean exploration projects, environmental forums, underwater photography exhibitions, and the production and publication of documentaries and films. In this context, Blancpain, as the main sponsor of the World Ocean Summit, has launched a new cooperation with The Economist.
   Earlier, Blancpain has released two limited editions of “Hearts in the Ocean”. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms submersible, Bathyscaphe, has returned to the 2016 limited edition of the chronograph “Hearts in the Ocean”. Like the edition, Blancpain will donate 1,000 euros for each watch sold in support of the “Meaning of the Ocean” charity.
   In the near future, Blancpain is about to release the third ‘Mind for the Ocean’ limited edition watch, so stay tuned.

Blancpain Fifty Fathom Series Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph ‘Heart Is Ocean’
2016 Global Limited Edition

Blancpain Fifty Fathom Series Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph ‘Heart Is Ocean’
2014 Global Limited Edition
Watch the full version of the documentary Ocean:
Blancpain has helped to increase the area of ​​marine protected areas by four million square kilometers, doubling the total area of ​​marine protected areas worldwide.