Panerai 5 Series, What’s The Difference?

Panerai is very familiar to everyone. Panerai’s recognition is super high, it is big, has personality, and many people buy it. Anyone who touches a little watch knows that Panerai has two main appearances, one is a bridge guard, called Luminor, and the other is a bridge guard, called Radiomir. But those who are familiar with Panerai know that Panerai is divided into five major series under Luminor with and without Radiomir.

Panerai’s 5 major series, from left to right, are Radiomir, Radiomir 1940, Luminor 1950, Luminor, Luminor Due.
 Panerai’s current five major series are Radiomir, Radiomir 1940, Luminor 1950, Luminor, Luminor Due. The 5 series of Panerai have similar overall appearances, but there are slight differences between them. So today I will sort out the evolution and differences of Panerai’s 5 major series, so that new players can identify each series at a glance.
First, the Radiomir series
 What we usually say about Panerai without a bridge is Radiomir. Radiomir is the earliest watch in the history of Panerai. In the 1930s, Panerai just started making watches, just like Radiomir. In the 1930s (1938), when Panerai first started producing watches, it did not have the ability to make watches on its own, so Rolex provided them to Panerai and used Rolex movements, so some people often said, LP doesn’t separate. The shell shape of Radiomir was also influenced by the shape of early Rolex watches.

Panerai 424
 The characteristics of Radiomir are very obvious. The cushion-shaped case has no crown guard and the crown is in the shape of an onion crown. Radiomir’s lugs are linear lugs. The lugs are made of two metal bars (the two metal bars are indirectly connected together). In addition to these two obvious features, Radiomir also has an important feature on the case, that is, the side of the case is curved, a bit like a willow leaf. The shape of the side of the Radiomir case has an important influence on the Panerai shell shape after differentiation. Based on the above characteristics, Radiomir is a relatively “stylish” and “classical” model in all Panerai watches. Even the size of 47, because there is no bridge, is not so big after getting started.

Panerai 425
Second, the Radiomir 1940 series
 After Radiomir, Panerai evolved Radiomir 1940. Everyone who knows Pei knows that Panerai has been used by the Italian Navy as a military product for a long, long time. So many designs in Panerai history are designed to meet the needs of divers. The standard Radiomir’s lugs are made of metal strips. From our point of view, there is nothing wrong. If from a diver’s military perspective, the metal lugs will not be strong.

Panerai 577
 In order to solve the problem of weak lugs, Panerai began to improve on the basis of Radiomir. The metal lugs were replaced with conventional lugs, which were much thicker. At the same time, the standard version of Radiomir’s onion-shaped crown has also been changed to a flatter conventional crown. And this improved watch model with conventional lugs and conventional crowns is now the Radiomir 1940. The Radiomir 1940 is a mid-range version of the standard Radiomir’s transition to Luminor. At the same time, please note that the side of the Radiomir 1940 case is also curved, similar to the shape of a willow leaf.

Panerai 572
Third, Luminor 1950 series
 We all know that Panerai with a bridge is called Luminor, but in fact, Panerai with a bridge is divided into Luminor 1950 and Luminor. Many people at Luminor 1950 and Luminor don’t know what is the difference between them. Let me focus on that, first of all, Luminor 1950. The evolution from Panerai watches is from Radiomir → Radiomir 1940 → Luminor 1950 → Luminor. Luminor 1950 said it was Radiomir 1940 and the bridge. Bridge protection is a patented and iconic feature of Panerai, in order to further strengthen the watch’s waterproof and crown protection.

Panerai 372
 Please note that Luminor 1950 has two obvious features. The first is that the side shape of the case is the same as the Radiomir / Radiomir 1940, which has some curved willow leaves. The second is that the Luminor 1950’s bridge It is written with the words REG and TM (TM, I think is the meaning of trademark, the meaning of trademark, in the process of patent application, the trademark can be marked TM). It is because of these two characteristics that we can see that Luminor 1950 is a watch directly evolved from Radiomir. We can recognize Luminor 1950 from the bridge at a glance, there are words on the bridge of Luminor 1950.
   In addition, Panerai’s professional diving watch SUBMERSIBLE is also under the Luminor 1950 series. You can pay attention to observation. SUBMERSIBLE also meets the various characteristics of Luminor 1950.

Panerai 1359
Fourth, Luminor series
 After Luminor 1950, it was Luminor. Panerai Luminor can be understood as another change on the Luminor 1950. Luminor and Luminor 1950 look the same on the surface, many people may have bought Panerai and did not care that Luminor is divided into two. Please note that there are two changes to Luminor. The first is more intuitive. There is no lettering on Luminor’s bridge; the second is that the shape of the side of the case of Luminor has changed. Please note that the side of the case of Luminor is rectangular in shape, which is different from the curved shape of Luminor 1950. Similarly, we can identify Luminor from the bridge at a glance. There is no word on the Luminor bridge.

Panerai 590

Panerai 777
 Luminor and Luminor 1950 have another difference from the specific watch. Panerai’s most classic size is 47mm. Luminor 1950 has a 47mm watch, Luminor does not have a 47mm watch. I think it is the shape of the rectangular side of the Luminor shell. If it is 47, the watch will look very thick, so I did not make 47 on Luminor, only 44.

The picture above shows the Panerai Luminor 1950, and the picture below shows the Panerai Luminor. You can notice the difference between the side of the bridge and the case.
Fifth, Luminor Due series
 Luminor Due is well understood, that is, Panerai’s slim series, which is also a new series in the past two years. Because Panerai watches have always been very large, very thick and aggressive, not everyone can accept. Panerai has released a thinning series Luminor Due. Luminor Due is based on Luminor 1950 and is thinned. Its appearance is similar to Luminor 1950. Because of the use of Panerai’s new P4000 pearl movement and P1000 manual movement, these two relatively thin movements make the thickness of Luminor Due greatly reduced. At the same time, Luminor Due mainly includes the size of 42 and 38 mm, and the size has also been reduced (45 models are also available), so those who are not willing to wear a large watch and girls with fine wrists can wear it with a formal dress.

Panerai 676

Panerai 755
 The above mentioned are actually mainly used as popular science. When you buy a watch, you don’t have to think about it so much. You can buy whatever you like. For me personally, I buy Panerai, only 47.

Chopard Launches Mille Miglia Commemorative Chronograph To Celebrate Zagato’s 100th Anniversary

CHOPARD Chopard met Italian top car design company Zagato because of the Mille Miglia, and because of the two concepts, they were fascinated by the car race and precision performance, so a lot of cooperation . Today, in order to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of its car racing partners, Chopard has launched the new masterpiece Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph Zagato 100th Anniversary Edition chronograph.

This new timepiece features a racing dial with Zagato’s signature red lacquered ‘Z’ pattern, a curvy case, and a Zagato-style car seat-style ‘Bund’ leather strap

The Mille Miglia Trinity was hailed as ‘the most beautiful event in the world’ which prompted the Chopard Co-Presidents Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and Andrea. Zagato meets the car race. Watches and cars have similarities, but they have real meaning only when they resonate with emotions. The key lies in careful details, exquisite machinery, elegant lines and harmonious beauty. Both Chopard and Zagato are well-versed in this, and they have jointly created outstanding masterpieces.

Mille Miglia, only accepts antique cars that participated in large-scale car races from 1927 to 1957. The route begins in Brescia, Beiyi, and returns to Rome via South Tuscany.

 In 2019, Chopard commends Zagato’s 100th anniversary with a timepiece bearing commemorative significance. The 100th Anniversary Edition is a Mille Miglia watch that will belong to the Classic chronograph series created in 2017, with the characteristics of a car race dedicated timepiece, thus reflecting the spirit of the antique car race cherished by both brands. Therefore, the watch has a distinctive retro style, and its curve design inspiration is derived from the charming ‘antique car race’.

The dial of the watch uses red with white indexes and hands, and the small dial is distinguished by dark red. The entire watch is clear and easy to read

The dial of the watch is decorated with Zagato’s initial ‘Z’ pattern, which is the favorite of Milan designers Zagato and Mille Miglia. At 12 o’clock, there are two brand logos, highlighting the origin of this watch, surrounded by Barton-style hour markers and hands covered with SuperLuminova, to ensure legibility in any environment. The black aluminum inner ring is engraved with the tachymeter scale, highlighting the sporty temperament of this chronograph.

The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory Precision Chronometer, which combines outstanding aesthetics and superb technical performance. The word Zagato on the case back symbolizes the partnership between the two brands, and the number 100 represents the 100th anniversary of Zagato’s founding

And the watch is equipped with Zagato car seat-style ‘Bund’ straps with tonal stitching, echoing the old car trunk belts, reminiscent of the glorious era of racing. At the time, some riders preferred this type of strap design, which allowed them to attach the timepiece firmly to the racing suit. The ‘Bund’ strap can also be transformed into an elegant black calfskin strap, which can be used to decorate the wrist of a business gentleman.

Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph Zagato 100th Anniversary Edition Chronograph

Stainless steel material / automatic movement / hour, minute, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 42mm / limited to 100 pieces / reference price: 51,000 RMB