Patrizzi The Latest Member Of The Pocket Expert Series: Girard-perregaux Ww.Tcworld Time

Osvaldo Patrizzi is extremely enthusiastic and enthusiastic about timepieces, and this passion can be seen in the PATRIZZI Pocket Expert Series published by him.

The PATRIZZI pocketbook expert series is highly regarded for providing watch collectors with detailed watch information and knowledge.
After launching the Golden Bridge Tourbillon pocket book, Osvaldo Patrizzi and his team published a pocket book for another famous Girard-Perregaux watch series-WW.TC World Time.
In addition to introducing all the WW.TC world time watches of the brand, the pocket book also traces the process of the invention of international standard time. Copernicus talks about the sun as the central system, and it will be said until the international standard time is completely unified.
PATRIZZI WW.TC World Time Pocket Expert Series is available in English and French.