Hamilton Presents Featured Watches

As the holiday season approaches, gloomy skies and cold weather arrive as scheduled, Hamilton presents a selection of watches to bring a ray of warmth to the winter, which can be described as a gift or a favorite winter clothing The ideal timepiece.

 As night falls, the cozy pleated leather sofas and open flames of the whiskey bar and cigar lounge make an affectionate call. From cosy afternoons to long, relaxing nights, spend time with friends and family.

 This is a wonderful time of the year, and if you are looking for a watch to record the current moment, Hamilton has a watch for you. Hamilton’s American Classic, Jazz and Khaki Pilot collections are aimed at men who value fashion, presenting a series of masterpieces to enjoy the cozy environment and festive atmosphere.

 For men who love classic watch styles, the Hamilton Ultra Thin Watch is the first choice. Yellow gold or rose gold embellished with smoked glass and warm metal details, coffee, whiskey and warm gray dials are the focus. These watches are equipped with a very soft leather strap, which completes the overall look and complements warm winter clothing.

Unique ‘little Three Hands’ Watch Elegant Collection

‘Little Three Hands’ refers to a watch with a small disc on the dial to indicate seconds. Although the ‘big three hands’ is the product of watch technological progress. However, the elegance and uniqueness of the ‘small three-pin’ dial design is still favored by many watch lovers. Today, I recommend four small three-hand watches with high cost performance.
Vintage Choice–Lady’s Gondolo Series 7041R-001 Manual Mechanical Watch

 No one can own a Patek Philippe, it is just for the custody of the next generation. However, if you can have a Patek Philippe in your life, it will be a lifetime without regrets. This small three-pin female watch of the Gondolo series is equipped with a manually wound mechanical movement 215 PS. The outer edge of the square dial is inlaid with 108 diamonds. The brown Roman numerals and slightly curved sides make the watch classic and elegant. The deep and elegant dark maroon square scale crocodile leather strap has creamy white stitching, giving a strong handmade texture.

 This Patek Philippe watch is like a time traveler, coming to people with charm that has been deposited for hundreds of years. If you love everything that is old and historic, this elegant small three-hand watch is not to be missed, because from the first glance you will think of it as a watch with a story. To match this watch, black skirts and red lips are an excellent choice, and black and white retro striped items are also indispensable elements.
Literary choice-Jacques de Grande Seconde Ceramic series J003036202

 This watch by Jacques de Roy takes the simplicity and purity of beauty to the extreme. The large, one and two circles on the dial form the classic figure of Jacques de Lo, which is recognized by the watch industry as an indispensable high-class elegance. In the selection of the case material, Jacques de Loose uses exquisite white ceramics, white is simple and pure, and the ceramics are as warm as jade. Is there any more wonderful combination than this? In addition to the round and stretched lines, this This new elegant timepiece is accurate and reliable, and it is worth collecting.

 Don’t look at it with its elegant white appearance, but this is a watch for men. The 44 mm diameter is a bit less feminine and a bit more domineering, and the white rubber strap adds a bit of sportiness, which is very suitable for boys who have a requirement for the texture of life and yearn for a spiritual journey, with warm colors Knit sweaters, dark jeans, striped backpacks, you can start your journey. Of course, girls can also wear this watch, which will add a bit of dexterity compared to boys.
Fresh choice-Parmigiani Tonda 1950 diamond ultra-thin watch

 While retaining the original elegance and harmonious proportions, Parmigiani launched the new Tonda 1950 diamond watch last year. The recommended rose gold watch with a white pearl dial is equipped with an ultra-thin automatic movement PF 701. The thickness of the movement is only 2.6 mm, and the thickness of the entire case is only 7.8 mm. The watch bezel is inlaid with 84 diamonds. In addition to the bar-shaped hour markers and hour and minute hands, the simple dial is a small seconds dial at the six o’clock position. This exquisite design shows the feminine beauty beyond time and space.

 The combination of white and rose gold makes people’s eyes shine. At the first glance of this watch, it feels very fresh. Girls with a fresh and beautiful temperament must not miss it. This feminine small three-pin female watch is suitable for white and printed items. For example, a white bee waist top with plain printed feet pants, plus a little fragrance, can definitely make it hard to resist. Feminine charm.
Elegant choice-Glashütte PanoInverse XL 66-01-04-04-05

 The most unique feature of this watch is the redesigned movement, which is like a butterfly flying on the dial. This is the double gooseneck fine-tuning device, which can make the rhythm and frequency of mechanical movements extraordinary and precise, with minimal errors. Because of the existence of such an important device, it is possible to see the off-center design on the dial, and this eccentric design brings a unique design sense to the entire watch. I believe that boys who like the beauty of mechanical movement will definitely Such a watch is enchanting.

 Usually we can only see the various precision parts inside the watch through the sapphire crystal case, but this watch exposes all the beauty, and people can’t stand the sight, and then match it with a black alligator leather watch Belt, a low-key sense of luxury is relaxed. The clothes that match this watch can be casual or formal, and different styles show different types of beauty.
 Have a ‘small three-pin’, let elegance and uniqueness rest on your wrist.

Night Flight Star Breitling Aerospace Multifunctional Evolution Night Mission Chronograph Watch

The new Breitling Aerospace Multifunctional Evolution Chronograph is made of new black satin-finished black titanium metal, with a cool and tough pure black matte surface, avoiding any reflective interference in action. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth of the extreme classic ‘pilot’s wrist instrument’ series of Breitling Aerospace Multifunctional Evolution Chronograph, Breitling also launched a limited edition commemorative model; the dial color uses the Breitling brand’s iconic yellow, and it is issued in a limited edition of 300 worldwide. Pieces.
   The Breitling Aerospace Multifunctional Evolution Chronograph, with its high-performance SuperQuartzTM movement, analog and digital display, and easy-to-use, well-organized control system, has become a chronograph that combines versatility, extraordinary performance and efficient experience. A model to escort outstanding professionals.
   Today, its light and sturdy titanium case is treated with high-strength carbonitriding, and the surface is presented with a cool and tough pure black matte effect, which avoids any reflective interference in action, showing a more technical, functional and sophisticated style. . The unidirectional ratchet-shaped rotating bezel is engraved with digital hour markers and decorated with four bezel indicators, which not only ensures the best rotation control, but also effectively protects the double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal. The luminous hands and digital hour markers stand out against the dark dial, ensuring excellent readability in any situation. The sturdy and wear-resistant military watch band is made of high-tech synthetic fabric, which perfectly fits the curve of the wrist; supplemented by the folding buckle design, it has both extraordinary technology and resolute appearance. The new brown is available now.
Aerospace Evo Night Mission ’30e anniversaire’ limited edition
   To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Breitling Aerospace Multifunction Chronograph (first introduced in 1985), Breitling also launched a special limited edition of 300 special watches for the new satin-matte black titanium watch. The distinguishing feature of this model is that the dial color uses the Breitling brand’s iconic yellow. The two new Breitling Aerospace Multifunctional Evolution Night Task Chronographs are equipped with high-performance SuperQuartzTM quartz movements certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and equipped with analog and digital displays. This powerful and powerful ‘engine’ can accurately and reliably implement all practical functions related to flight, including timing functions with an accuracy of 1 / 100th of a second, countdown, second time zone display, alarm, sounding minutes, and Calendar display, etc. It is also equipped with a high-performance backlit display system compatible with night vision goggles, which is easy to read. The perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and powerful power to escort all-weather and night flight.
【Technical Parameters】

 Movement: Breitling 79 type movement, SuperQuartz ™ temperature compensated super quartz movement, Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), analog and 12/24 hour LCD digital display, backlight display (compatible with night vision goggles); timing accuracy up to 1 / 100 seconds, countdown; second time zone display; alarm; minute timekeeping; 4 year calendar programming; remaining power display (EOL); case: black titanium; waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet); unidirectional ratchet Rotating bezel; sapphire crystal, anti-glare treatment on both sides; diameter: 43 mm;
 Dial: Volcano Black or Cobra Yellow (limited to 300 pieces worldwide).
 Strap / Bracelet: Military military strap.
 Reference price: from 41,000
   As an expert in precision timepieces, Breitling has played an important role as a pioneer in the development history of modern chronograph watches, and is also a leader in complex function watches. With its accurate, reliable and outstanding performance ‘professional wrist watch’, witness Countless glorious moments of human conquest of the sky. As the only watch brand in the world equipped with the most accurate and reliable movements for its entire range of watches, all Breitling watch movements (including mechanical watches and quartz watches) are certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), and Breitling is also one of the few One of the watch brands with the ability to manufacture automatic mechanical chronograph movements. The development and production of the movements are completed at the Breitling Precision Timepiece Center. As a family business, Breitling is also one of the few independent watchmakers in Switzerland. Welcome to the world of Breitling!

Frank Muller Dual Hour Retrograde Watch

Reference price: 274000 yuan
    Ref. 7880 DHR, self-winding movement, 42-hour power reserve, Geneva stripes polished, fish scales polished, diamond polished, diffused guilloché dial with white enamel coating, day and night split display, central minute hand, 18K Gold case, polished, with integrated lugs and hand-stitched brown alligator strap.
Recommended reason:
    The gold case watch was once ‘recognized’ as an upstart watch because of its color. The beauty of this Frank Muller day and night retrograde watch is that the designer moves the two ‘semicircles’ that are concentric under normal circumstances up and down with the center axis as the origin. The two semi-circular dials represent ‘day’ and ‘night’, and alternately rotate around the arc. When they reach the end point, they quickly jump back to the starting point and turn to the other half circle to start the time.

Aimei Ingenuity Series Specification Pointer Table

Aimei Craftsmanship Series Limited Pointer Limited Edition Watch with Square Gear and Clover Gear Design
In 1540, Toriano in Italy made a gear cutting device using a rotary file and used the gears in watches. Prior to this, all gears were filed manually by craftsmen. In 1783, Rene of France produced a gear-processing machine using a milling cutter, with accessories for cutting racks and internal gears.
前后 Around 1820, White made the first machine in the UK that could process both spur and bevel gears. Until the second half of the 19th century, the gear processing industry had developed. In 1835, Whitworth in the United Kingdom obtained a patent for a worm gear hobbing machine. In 1858, Schiller obtained a patent for a helical gear hobbing machine. Successfully solved the problem of processing helical gears. After making gear-shaped gear cutters, Ferros in the United States completed the gear shaping machine in 1897. At the beginning of the twentieth century, due to the needs of the automotive industry, various gear grinding machines came out one after another. Shaving machines were made in the United States around 1930; honing machines were made in 1956. Since the 1960s, modern technology has been applied to some advanced spur gear machining machines, such as the use of digital displays on large machine tools to indicate movement and cutting depth; electronic servo systems and gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines and gear grinding machines are used. The numerical control system replaces the mechanical transmission chain and exchanges gears; the digitally controlled non-circular gear shaper and adaptive control gear hobbing machine are developed; on the gear hobbing machine, an electronic sensor is used to detect the motion error of the transmission chain and automatically compensate for the error.
In 1884, Bill Graham of the United States invented a straight-bevel gear hobbing machine using a single planer; in 1900, the United States Bill designed a double-disc milling straight bevel gear machine. Due to the needs of the automotive industry, a straight bevel gear planer with two planers was manufactured in the United States in 1905, and a bevel gear milling machine with bevel gears was made in 1913; quasi-involute teeth appeared in 1923 Bevel gear milling machine; a broaching machine developed in the 1930s that can straighten straight bevel gears, and is mainly used in the manufacture of automotive differential gears. In the 1940s, in order to meet the needs of the aviation industry, the arc bevel gear grinding machine was developed. In 1944, the Swiss Oerlikon company produced an extended trochoidal bevel gear milling machine; since the 1950s, it has developed a double cutter body combined end milling cutter to process the extended trochoidal bevel gear milling teeth. machine.
From the tapered wheel of the winding hand, the large and small steel wheels, to the barrel wheel in the original drive train, to the center wheel, three wheels, four wheels, and over wheels in the drive system, to the escapement speed Vertical wheels, each system is closely related to gears. Today, some brands have used this mechanically attractive gear bite on the dial to show this skill smartly. The ‘five major systems’ in the watch have since been lingering with gears.
Blancier, an independent brand founded in 2005, is very creative in using a set of gears that engage with the minute wheel in a watch called ‘Crazy Planet’. Another Austrian technical independent watchmaking brand, Habring2, in its modified ETA6497 movement, displays the gear mesh that is usually hidden under the dial, echoing the rotating balance wheel. Similar to the concept of Harbring2, there are several watches by independent watchmaker and sculptor Benzinger, as well as Richard Mille RM007, RM018 and so on. At the same time, brother watchmaker Gr nefeld has also participated in this interesting ‘gear game’ on the dials of its complex tourbillon and minute repeater GMT watches. Not only that, like the re-branded Mermord Freres of Reuge Music Box, the new independent watchmaker Jorg Hysek and the strong momentum of Rebellion in the past two years, all kinds of gears have been used in the entire watch design.

Shooting Those Paper-like Watches Thick And Heavy Watches Recommended

How much sadness does Adele sing with ‘Someone Like You’? The fat beauty swept Grammy with her vicissitudes and won 6 awards in one fell swoop. This shows that in the fashion industry, the future of fat girls is fuller than anyone. Because I have lost weight, getting fat is also a kind of exercise.

 In the watch industry, many watchmakers have racked their brains to make the watch thinner, but many users do n’t buy it. They like heavy and heavy watches, because from the intuitive sense, the thicker the case It seems more stable and practical, as if the functions and technology inside are already full. I believe that many people bring such a watch home, they will always feel that they have gained more than others.
Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 00359

Watch Series: Historical Classics
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: 58,400
Watch details: As a high-end watch in sports and leisure style, Panerai has won numerous watch fans, and its unique design style runs through the entire brand. This watch alone has a movement diameter of 31.8 mm and a watch diameter of 44 mm. It has a very strong weight in the hand and is not used in many luxury watches. The strap of this watch is even more Durable and wear-resistant cowhide, the stainless steel case is very polished, and the use of Incabloc shock absorption, sports performance is very good.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 26400AU.OO.A002CA.01

Watch Series: Top Sports
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: No data
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: 275,000
Watch details: The same 44 mm diameter, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak style is very different from Panerai. The case is polished and angular, very manly, and I sometimes fantasize that Panerai already has more and more female consumers. If there is an extraordinary temperament girl with a Royal Oak Club What does it look like? I strongly encourage everyone to try it, and sometimes wonderful is always hidden in the mix you dare not try.
Breguet Heritage Collection 7067BR / G1 / 9W6
Watch Series: Traditional
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic Public Price: No
Watch details: Breguet, which has always been elegant, has always led the development trend of world watches. As a luxury watch, Breguet’s level of detail is unmatched by many imitators, or the fisheye needle and tourbillon can be easily imitated, but the technology and craftsmanship cannot be imitated by other brands. This watch looks very heavy. From the side, the dial’s internal device is very three-dimensional, highlighting the technology, without losing its elegant nature.
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5015-130-52 watch

Watch Series: Fifty Fathoms
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Fiber
Case diameter: 45 mm
Domestic public price: 140,400
Watch details: This watch is the new version of Blancpain debuting in Basel this year. In fact, you can notice that the case alone is actually too heavy, but the case is covered with a layer of raised black bezel, so the watch looks very vibrant and layered from the side. sense. Movement characteristics are very obvious. In addition to the date display function, the watch also has an ultra-long power reserve function, up to 120 hours, to provide worry-free protection for your travel.

 to sum up:
A slightly larger watch looks particularly nutritious. It seems that the heavy weight is supported by wisdom, and the pressure cannot be suppressed. Not only that, such a watch can always give you a lot of room for improvement in momentum. The owner of such a watch can also follow the style of the watch: Heiner rivers, big capacity! (Picture / text watch home Zoe)