Zheng Xiuwen Cooperates With Seiko To Renew As Spokesperson

Sammi is a fashion icon in the hearts of Hong Kong’s hipsters. Her unique style, trendy sense, and avant-garde image have always been loved. Last year, Sammi was the spokesperson for Seiko’s Criteria women’s watches for the first time. This year, she cooperated with Seiko again to prove that Seiko’s Criteria women’s watches have the same charm as Sammi.

During the shooting process, Sammi not only smiled and was kind, but also interacted with the work team. Every time you take a photo, you will see the effect and give opinions. In order to make the effect better, Sammi was full of spirit, self-confidence and professional although shooting all day. In the advertisement, Sammi’s superstar style and the charm of the fashionable women’s personality are fully revealed, which will surely make viewers, readers and fans everywhere eagerly look forward to it, and Sammi from time to time shows a sweet smile from time to time, infecting every staff member on the scene , Making the shooting atmosphere very pleasant.