Serene Sports Sensecertina C006.407.11.051.00

Certina is a well-known sports watch expert. Its watches are almost sporty. Although the positioning is on the low end, it can show the masculinity of men very well. It not only shows the dynamic design of a sports watch, but also has excellent wear resistance. The watchmaking technology also uses traditional Approach. Today’s protagonist is one of the legendary series, Certina C006.407.11.051.00, let us feel the wind blown by Himalayan through it.
 Certina C006.407.11.051.00 is a men’s sports watch belonging to the Certina DS1 Himalayan series. It has a small round case with a diameter of 39 mm and is made of stainless steel. The metal color of the case is not very bright, but it is slightly dim, exuding a strong masculine flavor. With a black dial, this model has a deeper temperament, showing the mature man’s calm, reliable and slightly mysterious attributes. The hands and hour markers on the black dial are silver. It is very conspicuous on the black dial. Silver surrounds black and black is embellished with silver. In this mutual encirclement and tolerance, the truth of life and nature Perfect interpretation. Below the 12 o’clock hour dial of the dial is Certina’s classic LOGO ‘CERTINA1888’. The brand and the founding time show that Certina watches have gone through more than a hundred years as a timekeeping tool, and they still maintain that right. Rigorous timepiece making. The series name and water-resistant depth above the 6 o’clock hour mark and the brand logo above each other make the overall layout of the watch present a symmetrical beauty.

 This Certina C006.407.11.051.00 watch is full of sporty atmosphere, and is also a classic of Certina, a brand focused on sports watches, but it does not have much sports-related functions. The time is displayed as a large third hand, which makes the dial look concise and at the same time more convenient for time reading. This watch also has a practical date display function in daily life, which is presented in the form of a window between the 4 and 5 o’clock on the dial. The bottom of the window is black, and the numbers are silver Arabic numerals, which is highly legible. And on the left side of the window, there is the word ‘100M / 330ft’. That’s right, this is its waterproof function. The waterproof depth is 100 meters. As a non-professional diving watch, this depth can be considered as excellent. Needs are more at ease.
When it comes to Certina DS1 Himalayan series, we must not mention Certina’s double insurance DS concept. The so-called ‘double insurance’ actually refers to the shock-resistant suspension system and the reinforced crown and case. In order to make the watch better waterproof and anti-wear, Certina applied super wear-resistant sapphire crystal in the case, O-rings on the lever, special sealing washers on the case back, mandatory The case back is fastened and the inner cover is screwed on the back of the case. To strengthen the crown, Certina designed a spiral crown and added a double O-ring washer to the crown. In this way, the case, crown and movement have become more sturdy, forming Certina’s reliable double insurance system, which is also the biggest selling point of this watch.
 This Certina C006.407.11.051.00 watch is equipped with a movement ETA 2824-2. Presumably everyone who loves watches will not be unfamiliar with this movement. It is collectively known as ETA2892-A2 and ETA7750. ‘ETA Three Treasures’. With its stable and highly accurate performance, it has gained a good reputation in the industry, but because of many low-priced fake watches and so-called Taiwan and Hong Kong watches, it also claims to use this movement, for its glory The image is smeared a little. However, watch players in many countries generally believe that the high-level ETA2824-2 and ETA2892-A2 are almost the same in performance, but because they are mass-produced, there is a gap in the handling of details. But this cannot obliterate the fact that ETA2824-2 is an extremely excellent movement.

Let’s introduce its data characteristics in detail. The diameter is 25.6 mm, the thickness is 4.6 mm, and the size is moderate. It has a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, which is the best oscillation frequency in the industry today, which can ensure the accuracy of the watch’s travel time without consuming too much power. This movement is also inlaid with 25 precious stones, which play a role of decoration and friction reduction, making the movement run more smoothly and beautiful. This movement can provide a power reserve of 38 hours, although not much, but as a self-winding watch, such performance is sufficient. With such an excellent movement, we can fully trust the outstanding performance of the Certina C006.407.11.051.00 watch.
 Certina C006.407.11.051.00 is a classic representative of the DS1 Himalayan series. It has been loved by many watch lovers for its simple and classic design, so it also has a certain reputation in the industry. Its shape design has a strong sporty atmosphere, making the watch look full of vitality, and its overall tone is slightly dim, adding a calm element to the watch. The blend of vitality and calmness constitutes its unique and distinctive features, becoming a wrist-worn boutique suitable for mature men. It doesn’t have many functions, but they are all practical, and without too complicated functions, it makes the layout of the dial more concise and magnificent. It goes without saying that the famous ETA2824-2 movement is a strong support for its performance. In general, this watch is excellent and comprehensive. No one is particularly outstanding, but it has created a Ordinary classic. Its current market reference price is 5450 yuan, which is extremely cost-effective. Friends who want to buy this price watch, C006.407.11.051.00 is your best choice.
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Hublot Big Bang Collection Ferrari Black Ceramic And Ferrari Grey Ceramic Watch

[2015 Basel] Although many new watches have been released simultaneously with the SIHH watch exhibition at the end of January, Hublot still calmly welcomes the 2015 Basel watch exhibition and released a press release previewing new products a few days ago Announced the launch of two new watches, the Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic and the Big Bang Ferrari Grey Ceramic. Through a happy and successful partnership with Ferrari, the perfect preview for Hublot’s 2015 Basel.

   Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic: black ceramic case, bezel, 45.5 mm diameter, hour, minute hands, date display, flyback chronograph, luminous coating, HUB 1241 Unico movement, 72 hours energy storage, rubber and Schedoni Leather strap, water-resistant to 100 meters, limited to 250 pieces.
   The new Big Bang Ferrari uses a ceramic case and bezel. The black ceramic version is mainly red, paying tribute to Ferrari’s most famous red car model; the other is made of gray ceramic. The focus of the Big Bang Ferrari this time is to pay tribute to Ferrari’s racing history and genes, incorporating the inspiration from NART (North American Racing Team, a 1958 racing team founded by Ferrari US dealers, driving Ferrari models) In particular, the strap design of the two watches uses the classic racing stripe coating, which further strengthens the racing character of the watches. The red ceramic model in particular uses the most classic NART racing center blue and white stripes, and its design is more like the Ferrari 458 Speciale model launched last year.

   Big Bang Ferrari Grey Ceramic: grey ceramic case, bezel, 45.5 mm diameter, hour, minute hands, date display, flyback chronograph, luminous coating, HUB 1241 Unico movement, 72 hours energy storage, rubber and Schedoni Leather strap, water-resistant to 100 meters, limited to 250 pieces.
   The dial is grid-shaped this time, simulating the Ferrari grille, but the date ring and movement structure can still be seen below. At 9 o’clock, the dial has the Ferrari logo, the Ferrari logo is engraved on the paused timekeeping, the background of the date window is decorated with Ferrari’s classic yellow, and the indispensable Ferrari wheel frame-shaped automatic dial is full of Ferrari design elements. Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic and Grey Ceramic are equipped with Hublot’s own Unico flyback chronograph movement, each limited to 250 pieces.

The Editor Takes You To Explore Basel’s ‘main Consumer’ Watch

This year’s Basel Watch Fair has ushered in the third exhibition day, which means that this time the exhibition is also coming to an end. In addition to the various high-end brands in the watch industry, in fact, there are many ‘consumer main’ brands and watches at affordable prices. Today the editor will take you to explore this new product situation.

 The new Heritage Black Bay watch is based on a Ranger vintage watch from the 1960s, supplemented by the Calibre 2824 self-winding movement to provide powerful power and is created using modern watchmaking techniques. On the large 41mm case, it is presented in an extremely simple dial design, and it is available with three straps: stainless steel, leather and camouflage canvas.

More watch details: Mido Helmsman’s new weekly calendar watch, which draws inspiration from the classic design and structure of the bridge, inherits the spirit of continuous innovation and challenges in the era of the big industry. A watch of fortitude and power.

 The gray theme tone highlights the calmness of the watch. It displays the day of the week and the date at three o’clock. The plywood similar to the hippocampus on the dial makes the overall visual effect better and three-dimensional. I believe this helmsman will definitely receive Loved by many people.

More watch details: Tissot-certified models from Tissot, Tissot continues to push the limits and has always been committed to bringing the most perfect timepieces to consumers. At the same time, the brand hopes to share this honor with consumers. The Tissot Skysmith Series Observatory’s certified model is equipped with a movement that has won awards in international timekeeping competitions, ensuring extreme accuracy. In addition, the design of this watch is simple and exquisite, the dial is decorated with guilloché pattern, exuding a touch of elegance. The small seconds at 6 o’clock on the dial makes readings more accurate. This watch is undoubtedly the perfect fusion of minimalist appearance and precision craftsmanship.

More watch details: 2014 Frederique Constant elegant world time zone watch, equipped with FC-718’s own movement, 26 stone, 42-hour power reserve, Frederique Constant is one of the most proud works. This model is: FC-718WM4H6B.
 The new model is paired with a polished stainless steel strap, which is dazzling and vibrant. Both are equipped with a highly polished three-layer stainless steel case and are protected by a sturdy sapphire crystal. The elegant timepiece with its own world time zone design is reliable and durable, and is waterproof to 50 meters.

More watch details: The watch is equipped with powerful display functions, including month display, week display, and date display. At the same time, the most attractive feature of Bol is its powerful luminous function. Although this function is not very powerful in daily practical wear, as a table fan who likes the cool family, it is still necessary to choose such a Boer luminous watch.

More watch details: In 2014, Fiyta designated a photographer series watch designed by Gu Tianle as a ‘charity special model’ and donated the sales proceeds to the ‘China Teacher Development Foundation’ to fund the Yunnan-Guizhou region. Teachers, passing dreams, endlessly. Limited to 100 pieces worldwide. The model of this watch is: GA8488.BBB.

 Inspired by the shape of the mechanical camera, the classic all-black design, embellished with fluorescent green, gives the watch a modern electronic camera with a sense of technology. Adopting a pin dial structure, it brings an innovative reading time experience: the nine-point fan-shaped grid displays the hours; the inner circle of the minute dial rotates as the minutes pass, and the green triangle symbol indicates the minutes. The central lens shutter pattern rotates with the dial to create a sense of speed differential with the rotation of the double-headed second hand.

More watch details: The maestro collection has launched a brand new model that continues to uphold the brand’s classic, timeless and elegant watchmaking philosophy. Since ancient times, the moon phase has been a mark of the passage of time in human records, and it is from this that the week and month have come. Raymond Weil has set an example for watch enthusiasts by launching the maestro series, a sophisticated watch with full calendar display.

 In a 44mm stainless steel case, the self-winding movement accurately adjusts the moon phase function of this watch and provides a 38-hour power reserve. There are four cleverly hidden buttons in the horizontal direction of the case edge, the month can be adjusted at two o’clock, the calendar at four o’clock, the moon phase at eight, and the week at ten.

More watch details: The above is the 2014 Basel clock related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the watch home. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports Thank you for your attention.

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The American Poker Grand Prix Presents Roger Dubuis’ Exclusive La Monégasque Monte Carlo High-end Watches To Gpi’s Player Of The Year

Los Angeles-As the leader of the top watchmaking field and the founder of modern hollow-out mechanical aesthetics, Roger Dubuy recently established a partnership with the authoritative poker player ranking system GPI (Global Poker Index). On February 27, 2015 (Friday), the two parties presented Roger Dubuis exclusive high-end watches for the first GPI American Poker Grand Prix ‘Player of the Year’ at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles.

From left to right: Kara Scott, GPI ‘Player of the Year’ winner Dan Smith, and Roger Dubuis North America President Jorge Puentes
    Hosted by well-known poker player and media player Kara Scott, the annual banquet honored top players and industry players who have made various contributions to this exciting sport of poker. The biggest award of the night-‘Best Player of the Year’-was Dan Smith, a seasoned elite player who impressed everyone with his performance in the game. At the same time, Roger Dubuis President of North America Jorge Puentes also presented him with the brand’s exclusive custom-made La Monégasque Monte Carlo watch.
   ‘I am very happy to give such an excellent poker player a matching and unique Roger Dubuis watch,’ said Mr Puentes. ‘This cooperation symbolizes the fierce competition between the two parties in this competition. In an exciting industry, the relentless pursuit of top quality and success. ‘

Dan Smith wears La Monegasque
   ‘I am very honored to win the Player of the Year award, and to receive such a beautiful watch,’ said Dan Smith. ‘I have always appreciated the enthusiastic and bold style of the Roger Dubuis brand and received a unique piece. The Roger Dubuis Collection is the best memory of this moment. ‘

Roger Dubuis at the US Poker Grand Prix
   With a modern interpretation of traditional watchmaking concepts, the La Monégasque Players’ Watch series undoubtedly demonstrates its avant-garde philosophy and excellent quality, which is the best choice for Dan Smith. The lines of this series of watches are smooth and elegant. At the same time, the brand specifically engraved Dan Smith’s name with metal engraving on the self-made movement RD821, which can be seen through the sapphire crystal on the case back.

   As part of a partnership with GPI, Roger Dubuis will also be giving this watch to its intercontinental ‘Player of the Year’ at the European Poker Grand Prix in Malta on March 25, 2015.

Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 Big Calendar Moon Phase Watch

Girard Perregaux VINTAGE 1945 Grand Calendar Moon Phase Watch combines classic beauty and innovative ideas, which is a contemporary meticulous art symbol of GP Girard Perregaux; this year’s VINTAGE1945 series large calendar The moon phase watch, which contains the art deco style, continues the classic design features of the brand; the curved lines of the case are subtle, and the original automatic winding movement is equipped. The perfect fusion of technology and technology is exciting.

 GP Girard Perregaux VINTAGE 1945 calendar moon phase watch combines classic beauty and innovative ideas, which is a contemporary meticulous art symbol of GP Girard Perregaux watch; this year’s VINTAGE1945 series large calendar moon phase watch contains decoration The artistic style continues the classic design features of the brand; the case has a concise arc, and the original automatic winding movement is assembled. The micro-arc dial has a large calendar and moon phase display. .