Aimei Ingenuity Series Specification Pointer Table

Aimei Craftsmanship Series Limited Pointer Limited Edition Watch with Square Gear and Clover Gear Design
In 1540, Toriano in Italy made a gear cutting device using a rotary file and used the gears in watches. Prior to this, all gears were filed manually by craftsmen. In 1783, Rene of France produced a gear-processing machine using a milling cutter, with accessories for cutting racks and internal gears.
前后 Around 1820, White made the first machine in the UK that could process both spur and bevel gears. Until the second half of the 19th century, the gear processing industry had developed. In 1835, Whitworth in the United Kingdom obtained a patent for a worm gear hobbing machine. In 1858, Schiller obtained a patent for a helical gear hobbing machine. Successfully solved the problem of processing helical gears. After making gear-shaped gear cutters, Ferros in the United States completed the gear shaping machine in 1897. At the beginning of the twentieth century, due to the needs of the automotive industry, various gear grinding machines came out one after another. Shaving machines were made in the United States around 1930; honing machines were made in 1956. Since the 1960s, modern technology has been applied to some advanced spur gear machining machines, such as the use of digital displays on large machine tools to indicate movement and cutting depth; electronic servo systems and gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines and gear grinding machines are used. The numerical control system replaces the mechanical transmission chain and exchanges gears; the digitally controlled non-circular gear shaper and adaptive control gear hobbing machine are developed; on the gear hobbing machine, an electronic sensor is used to detect the motion error of the transmission chain and automatically compensate for the error.
In 1884, Bill Graham of the United States invented a straight-bevel gear hobbing machine using a single planer; in 1900, the United States Bill designed a double-disc milling straight bevel gear machine. Due to the needs of the automotive industry, a straight bevel gear planer with two planers was manufactured in the United States in 1905, and a bevel gear milling machine with bevel gears was made in 1913; quasi-involute teeth appeared in 1923 Bevel gear milling machine; a broaching machine developed in the 1930s that can straighten straight bevel gears, and is mainly used in the manufacture of automotive differential gears. In the 1940s, in order to meet the needs of the aviation industry, the arc bevel gear grinding machine was developed. In 1944, the Swiss Oerlikon company produced an extended trochoidal bevel gear milling machine; since the 1950s, it has developed a double cutter body combined end milling cutter to process the extended trochoidal bevel gear milling teeth. machine.
From the tapered wheel of the winding hand, the large and small steel wheels, to the barrel wheel in the original drive train, to the center wheel, three wheels, four wheels, and over wheels in the drive system, to the escapement speed Vertical wheels, each system is closely related to gears. Today, some brands have used this mechanically attractive gear bite on the dial to show this skill smartly. The ‘five major systems’ in the watch have since been lingering with gears.
Blancier, an independent brand founded in 2005, is very creative in using a set of gears that engage with the minute wheel in a watch called ‘Crazy Planet’. Another Austrian technical independent watchmaking brand, Habring2, in its modified ETA6497 movement, displays the gear mesh that is usually hidden under the dial, echoing the rotating balance wheel. Similar to the concept of Harbring2, there are several watches by independent watchmaker and sculptor Benzinger, as well as Richard Mille RM007, RM018 and so on. At the same time, brother watchmaker Gr nefeld has also participated in this interesting ‘gear game’ on the dials of its complex tourbillon and minute repeater GMT watches. Not only that, like the re-branded Mermord Freres of Reuge Music Box, the new independent watchmaker Jorg Hysek and the strong momentum of Rebellion in the past two years, all kinds of gears have been used in the entire watch design.