Alternative Financial Law Watch Also Financial Management

As the saying goes, ‘You don’t care about your finances, you don’t care about your finances.’ In today’s rapid economic development, it is not enough to make money. It is the last word to invest well. From red wine and white wine to art, to jewelry, ceramics, watches and more. Only by choosing the right things and seizing the opportunity can you make a lot of money. Today, I will talk about new ways to watch financial management.

Bank launches watch wealth management product
From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the Agricultural Bank of China, in conjunction with Tianjin Seagull Watch Sales Group Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Trust Co., Ltd., jointly launched the country’s first ‘Agricultural Bank’s’ Golden Key · Tiangong ‘Seagull Watch that is closely connected with tourbillon watches. Right investment wealth management products. ‘ A total of 11 products were issued before and after this period of wealth management products, ranging from single to double, from male to female, starting from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Investors who purchase this wealth management product can flexibly choose to obtain the wealth management principal and income in cash or in kind during the product opening period.
According to the announcement of the Agricultural Bank of China, the 7 wealth management products in the second phase expired on November 16 and all achieved the highest returns. The four products released in the first issue also expired on November 19. The expected return is above 5.1%, and the highest expected return is 5.8%.
It is understood that this series of wealth management products is based on the Seagull Tourbillon watch as the investment target. The wealth management product will set the price of the specified model of watch according to the current market value. After the customer purchases the wealth management product, it is equivalent to purchasing the same number of watch options. . After the customer successfully completes the purchase, the wealth management product will have a closed period ranging from 1 to 2 months, followed by an open selection period. During this period, the customer can independently choose whether to withdraw the watch according to the price trend of the watch. In general, if the watch price goes up, customers can choose to obtain one or more watches of the same model at the lower price originally agreed, that is, the customer not only receives the benefits of watch appreciation, but also calculates at the agreed interest rate. If the price of the watch goes down, the customer can choose to abandon the withdrawal of the watch and obtain the principal and interest of all the funds at the agreed interest rate, that is, the customer receives the income of the bank’s wealth management products and avoids the losses caused by the fluctuation of the watch price.
Buy a watch for consumption, collection and investment
Industry insiders believe that with the increasing popularity of mobile phones in recent years, the timekeeping function of watches has weakened, but the population of domestic investment in high-end watches has significantly expanded in the past 5 years, mainly due to the considerable appreciation of investment in high-end watches. At present, the main types of watches are divided into three types: consumer, collectible and investment. Consumer watches refer to the ordinary watches used on weekdays. Unless they are limited popular watches, prices usually fall all the way; most collectible watches are unique or limited models; investment watches more emphasis on appreciation space. Many people buy watches with a mindset of consumption, collection and investment.
At present, not only are banks ‘playing’ watch investment and financial management, but the trend of investment in watches in society is also increasing. Industry insiders told reporters that many watch investors have actually formed an existing cognitive system. For example, although some well-known brands enjoy high popularity in the country, not all watches of this brand will have a high appreciation space. When investing in watches, complex functions and precious materials are important factors to consider when investing in watches. Complicated functions such as tourbillon, perpetual calendar and minute repeater will increase the appreciation space of watches. In addition, luxury watches made of precious materials such as platinum and crocodile leather are even better.
According to the relevant person in the collection industry, tourbillon represents the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing technology, and has always been known as ‘the king of watches.’ In recent years, rare watches with tourbillons have performed well in the auction collection market at home and abroad, and all parties are optimistic about the potential for appreciation of high-end tourbillon watches. However, people in the financial management industry also remind investors to maintain a cautious attitude and make a comprehensive understanding of new products before investing.
Alternative financial management wary of speculation risks
Experts said that under the condition that the complex investment environment has not been eliminated, alternative wealth management products have gradually emerged from many investment products. For the emergence of such wealth management products, for ordinary investors, they should not be configured too much, because such products are the most vulnerable to speculation, and also contain more risks.
志 Zhao Zhimin, Honorary Director of CFP Shanghai Member Organization and Registered Financial Engineer in Hong Kong, said that in the investor market alternative wealth management belongs to the niche games of the rich. However, the threshold for purchasing alternative wealth management products issued by banks is now declining. With a starting capital of 100,000, many wage earners are eager to try alternative wealth management, but they do not understand the risks inherent in it. For example, Pu’er tea was hyped up to its peak in 2007, and then fell as much as 70%. With such a big ups and downs, if the expected rate of return cannot be achieved after maturity, take a lot of Pu’er tea home to drink until the year of the monkey?

    Finally, a word of caution, investment is risky, you need to be cautious when buying.