Athens Launches New Freak Diavolo Watch

Swiss watch maker Athens watch set a record of thousands. This new Freak Diavolo watch modified from 2001 Freak is no exception, once again proving its creativity.
 Due to the novel, simple, non-traditional design of the Freak Carousel Tourbillon, without a dial, crown and hands, it was the first revolutionary watch to successfully use silicon as the material to capture the wheels. The Freak Diavolo revolutionized The development route of haute horlogerie. Today, like its siblings Freak DIAMonSIL, Freak Diamond Heart, and Freak Blue Phantom, Freak Diavolo is carrying forward the spirit of original imagination and innovation through the wider adoption of silicon and bringing its tourbillon to new heights.

 Whimsical Freak Diavolo is not only excellent in function, but also full of beauty: simple lines, bold black and charcoal gray tones, embellishment of bright colors, 18K white gold case, elegant alligator leather strap. This watch is a high-end representative of its unwavering imagination and unique style, which implements the characteristics of the innovative inventions of the Freak series.

Technical Parameters
Reference 2080-115
Kinetic energy: more than 8 days
Frequency: 28,800 times
Case: 18K White Gold, Waterproof