Aude Lemordant Joins Breitling Flying Fleet

Aude Lemordant, this young French woman is not only a world aerobatic champion, but also an excellent civil aviation pilot. At present, she is flying her Extra330SC aerobatic aircraft to join the Breitling flying fleet, and has opened a cooperation that perfectly blends the passion, uninhibited style and outstanding performance of both parties.

‘Breitling, as a legendary watch brand, has always supported the world aviation industry and has made many substantial contributions. The precision timepieces it produces are also excellent examples of pilot watches. For this brand I am very honored to be effective, ‘Aude Lemordant said.’ At the same time, I am also very proud to be the first female pilot of the Breitling Flying Fleet, which undoubtedly defends the position of female pilots. ‘

Born in Grenoble, France, in 1982, Aude Lemordant, I often saw gliders flying over the roof as a child, so I dreamed of flying to the sky to chat with the clouds when I was very young. At the age of 14, she took the first step to fly to the sky; two years later, at the age of 16, she obtained a glider pilot license; in 2000, she successfully passed the pilot license examination in California. In Aude’s opinion, the cockpit was her ‘best office location’ and she decided to make flying her career.

After graduating from the French National Institute of Civil Aviation (ENAC), Aude joined Air France. She started flying Airbus at the age of 22, and now pilots a Boeing 777. During her flight training, she has discovered a new world beyond regular flight — —Aerobatics. It is this passion for flying that has inspired her to achieve better results from beginning to end.

In 2005, AudeLemordant began participating in aerobatic competitions, and her position quickly climbed the rankings. In 2009, she joined the French national team, and subsequently won the French Aerobatic Championship and runner-up in the World Aerobatic Championship in 2011, followed by 2012. She defended the French Aerobatic Championship and won the European Freestyle Flying Championship; in 2013, she won the French Aerobatic Championship again, and won the World Aerobatic Flying Championship personal, freestyle and team three crowns.

After gaining many brilliant achievements, Aude chose a brand new fighter aircraft-the extra 330SC aircraft with Breitling color, and her first task was to control this high-tech stunner. Since she drove the new fighter to win the French Aerobatic Championship again in June 2014, this challenge has clearly been overcome.

Aude’s next goal is to defend his title at the 2015 World Aerobatic Championships to be held in France. With 6,500 flight hours, AudeLemordant demonstrated exceptional and precise aerobatic flying skills when flying the Extra330SC aircraft. As a long-distance civil aviation pilot, she also performed professionally and outstandingly, perfectly reflecting the uniqueness of Breitling, a close partner of the world aviation industry. Brand spirit. Welcome to the world of Breitling, a world dedicated to extraordinary achievements, superior performance, and beyond ourselves! (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)