Blancpain Blancpain Le Brassus Minute Repeater Chronograph

Blancpain Blancpain was born with the gorgeous appearance of flying carrousel and carrousel minute repeater, presenting a series of brilliant firsts to the world. Today, this well-known Swiss watch brand has again climbed to the top of watchmaking arts and launched a new self-winding watch.
So far, few watch brands are able to present such highly complex models, and even the brands that have developed such movements by themselves are rare. Le Brassus’s remarkable new “Trio” combination, with cutting-edge craftsmanship, has won the crown of complication, and stands out from Blancpain’s classic series. The first complication was Caruso. This is an extraordinary mechanical mechanism that the brand revived and carefully improved in 2008. In the new model, the famous one-minute flying carrousel shines.

The second complication-minute repeater. Blancpain put a lot of effort into the development of the timekeeping mechanism to make the timepiece clear and pleasant. Different from ordinary ordinary reeds, Blancpain’s church reeds revolve around the movement one and a half times, making the sound more full. The gong, which is bent into a steel ring shape, is welded to the block base without any flaws, and is perfectly combined with the movement to maintain an absolute horizontal position, thereby presenting a clear, pleasing, perfect sound of the time.
In order to ensure the clarity of the time signal, Blancpain has also made a technical innovation in the new model, which is to add a suspension regulator, thereby reducing the background noise caused by the movement of the movement. In addition, once the slider is activated, the system will automatically disconnect from the crown adjustment system to avoid the risk of damage.
The third technology that also originated from Blancpain’s classic legend is the timing function. This function has won the crown of short-term time measurement, and is equipped with flyback or instant start function (this function has been used in pilot navigation tasks in the past) to become more perfect. Simply press the button located at 4 o’clock, and the wearer can restart the time measurement function synchronously during the time measurement. And the components that give the chronograph cycle characteristics-the column wheel and the vertical disc clutch, ensure the unparalleled accuracy of this function.
This pioneering design is unique and distinctive, and a 30-minute timer is mounted on the center of the movement, where Blancpain’s movement design engineers demonstrate their superb watchmaking skills. The unparalleled performance of this new timepiece can only be matched by the sophisticated mechanisms equipped internally.
The trio’s magnificent movement pours out of the new red gold 45mm case, and the large fire enamel dial is equipped with a dial scale ring, and 30-minute and hour scales. In order to highlight the low-key practical style, the watch uses a hollow dial and sapphire crystal case back, which can see the complex devices inside the movement.
The chronograph minute and second hands are long and eye-catching, ensuring clear and readable in any environment, and the exquisite special shape enhances the pleasing beauty of the hands. The watch bridge and main splint carried in the excellent movement are made of 18K gold. This precious metal is a difficult challenge for watchmakers in the Vallée de Joux.
Le Brassus’s new Carrousel Minute Repeater chronograph combines three legendary complex craftsmanship to break through the cocoon. This series focuses on the pinnacle of the art of watchmaking, highlighting Blancpain’s innovative spirit and power.