Cartier Tortue Xl Cheetah Pattern Watch

Cartie Tortue XL Cheetah Decorative Watch
TieCartie Tortue XL cheetah decorative watch
This cheetah is Cartier’s only tonneau-shaped watch this year, with a gold case and an octagonal crown set with a sapphire, equipped with a Cartier 9601 MC hand-wound movement. The case and dial are decorated with embossed enamel and big flames. The embossed is composed of four parts, which takes more than 60 hours. The precise method creates a perfect shadow effect. It takes 25 hours to fill the enamel with the embossed decoration and the big fire. The master craftsman alternately uses seven colors of black, purple red, gray, milky white, bright white, brown yellow, yellow green, etc. Cheetah. Limited to 80
Keywords: colored gems, complex creativity, enamel, ultra-thin comfort, skill-based jewelry watch, appearance first, GMT, entry-level version 2.0
Musical effect: Divine Comedy ‘忐忑’
Product style: rich in style, wide in variety, extremely luxurious, extremely complicated
Main series: BallonBleu ultra-thin watch, Calibre de Cartier, fine watchmaking series, Delices watch, ArtKraft jewelry watch
New products: more than 50 models
Editor’s Choice: BallonBleu Slim Watch
Comment: The reason why the Divine Comedy ‘忐忑’ is used to describe Cartier’s press conference is that Cartier’s products launched this year are too exciting. It is difficult to imagine so many complicated functions, so many artistic elements, and so many style types. Concentrated in the works of the same brand in the same year.
In terms of categories, Cartier’s self-produced movement series & mdash; & mdash; Calibre de CARTIER’s junior three-hand automatic watch collectively replaced with metal straps this year, although not necessarily to cater to the Chinese market, but certainly welcomed by the people. The BallonBleu (blue balloon) series, which has been renowned for many years, has been successfully slimmed down. The edge of the case is even thinner than the coin, and the sense of honor, recognition and comfort is excellent. Delices women’s watches with candy as the inspiration for design, and to show the graphics of Diya’s masterful style in the field of art design, Delices will become another popular style of women’s watches. The four works in the HighWatchmaking series not only reflect the complicated technology and craftsmanship, but also attract the attention of all visitors with their creative ideas.
The 6 high-end jewelry watches of the ArtKraft series have unprecedentedly replaced the luxury materials with manual techniques to become the main body of the product. This may become a trend. Only by getting rid of the restrictions of raw materials, the design of jewelry watches can be more free and the output Only in this way can they be fully released and the new round of consumer demand be met to the greatest extent.