Chanel Launches New Boy · Friend Series Watches Boy · Friend Tweed


   Initially, Ms. Chanel re-cut and stitched men’s clothing for her own use. Later, she began to design a series of ideal clothing for women who are as passionate about outdoor activities as sports, travel, and driving.

   In the 1920s, she subverted the dress code at that time, and boldly used jersey and tweed fabrics to design women’s clothing on the premise of comfort.

   ‘The clothes are not as good as they are. The clothes I often wear most make me feel at ease, but they must not be thick and rough fabrics … definitely not! In fact, I taught the Scots how to weave light twill. Dare to convince them that it is not easy! ‘1
These tweeds then had an indelible influence on her design vocabulary. Tweed is an abrasion-resistant fabric made from carded wool and is native to Scotland. In her eyes, this kind of woolen fabric hand-knitted by the residents of the Highlands of Scotland has a unique quality: carded wool is soft and fluffy, unlike combed fabrics, which can maintain its ‘slightly grainy’ natural appearance. Desirable. Ms. Chanel is particularly fond of wool that has not been washed excessively and retains its original softness. She was even proud to be able to identify the tweeds that had been rinsed in the Tweed River.



   Today, for the first time, Chanel presents the tweed texture on the stainless steel strap of the BOY • FRIEND series.


   The carved strap woven from fine steel wire demonstrates Chanel’s superb watchmaking technology: in order to highlight the rich layer of tweed fabric, the fine texture is accurately and deeply pressed on the strap; at the same time, the strap is maintained Excellent flexibility to ensure comfort when worn. It can take months to make such a strap perfect.


   Thanks to the craftsmanship of the craftsman, the edge of the strap combines the design elements of knitting and piping, highlighting the outline of the TWEED strap. This is exactly the same as the knit design of the edge of the pockets and cuffs of the Chanel jacket.

   The BOY · FRIEND TWEED watch and other models in the same series have an octagonal folding clasp that echoes the outline of the Paris Fontaine.