Correctly Select A Formal Watch Six-point Formal Watch Tips

It is inevitable for men to participate in some formal occasions in the workplace. At this time, there are requirements for the image of men, such as formal clothing and formal watches. However, on the issues that need to pay attention to formal watches, many men still can’t do it right. Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to learn how to properly choose a formal watch.
 Six essential tips to make it easy to have a suitable watch

 1. The simple black and white dial watch is more suitable for your identity than those dazzling complication watches.
 2. The heavy case is not practical in formal wear. The thinner the watch you wear, the better.
 3. A well-rounded case is the most secure model, and it will look sensible and modest; the barrel shape or square shape is also okay. It is less rigid, giving the impression that it is easy to accept new things; Don’t try it, it will give you a strong style.

 4. The pure gold watch is not bad, it does have the function of preserving value. But Jin Chancan’s dazzling watch is unavoidable. In contrast, steel and titanium will look more graceful. If you really like gold, choose rose gold.
 5. Choose a black or dark brown crocodile leather strap. This material is more suitable for young people who like punk.
 6. The basic waterproof and date functions are sufficient for daily use. A heavy watch with a helium exhaust valve and a striking scale bezel is more suitable for casual wear. Know that you are a business person first, then you are an amateur sportsman.
 Summary: It is inevitable that there will be various entertainments in life. The image of a successful man is mostly shaped at this moment. As the saying goes: people rely on clothes. Choosing a proper dress watch is crucial. It not only can reasonably highlight your taste, but also a symbol of men’s success.
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