Daikin Dial Rolex Day Calendar Ii Series 218238 Appreciate

Mentioned that no one would be unfamiliar to Rolex, although not very obsessed with watches. Rolex is already the world’s most prestigious watch brand. The reason why it is so well known naturally has its reason. Today I will introduce you to the men’s watch of the day calendar type II series 218238 gold plate.
 218238-83218 is an out-of-the-ordinary goldsmith. The case and bracelet made of 18k yellow gold are luxurious and luxurious. The triangular pit patterned bezel was first applied to the oyster outer ring to play a waterproof role. The outer ring has the same function and appearance as the triangular pit pattern on the case back. Over time, the outer ring has been improved to use only friction to attach the crystal glass and the case, and now this technology is just a persistent expression of the Rolex watch’s aesthetics. The standard formal three-pin configuration looks noble and elegant. On the 41mm gold dial, there are 10 diamond-set hour markers, and the Rolex logo is located below the 12 o’clock position. The overall beauty is enough to conquer any occasion that requires formal attendance.

 When a well-tailored dress is ready, this three-pin Rolex Day-of-the-Day watch 218238-83218 is definitely the best choice. Whether it is car washing or swimming; whether it is washing the face or the rain; even the diving and snorkeling 100M waterproof effect can support. After all, this is a Rolex watch, the leading brand in the diving watch industry. It is famous for its toughness and long-lasting accuracy. That little bit of corrosion is no problem for Rolex. The crown and case are screwed in for more effective waterproofing. The large 3 o’clock calendar window can display the date of the month. The design of this calendar window is derived from water droplets. It is also nicknamed ‘bubble’ by Rolex watch friends. This is also one of the classic details of Rolex. The day display window is particularly important at 12 o’clock. The double calendar is the Day-Date, and it is also the most suitable day table for business.
218238-83218 uses a Rolex 3156 self-winding movement. This movement was developed by Rolex and has been certified by the Swiss Observatory. It was launched in 2008. Like all Oyster movements, this movement is precise and reliable, and it can provide 48 hours of power with a full chain. A blue Parachrom paramagnetic hairspring is used on the balance wheel, which is exclusively made by Rolex and has a patent. Rolex’s Paraflex shock absorber is also mounted on this movement, which can improve the shock absorption effect by 50%. And Rolex’s movement never wins with fine polishing. It depends on its own quality. Perhaps the polishing is not as good as others, but it has never lost more precision than durability. The Cal.3156 movement is one of the few Rolex movements with both PARACHROM hairspring and PARAFLEX cushioning device. The two big red wheels with special treatments in the movement have extremely strong anti-wear performance. Compete with the winding system of Billerton (Woodpecker).

 218238-83218 adopts the classic look of Rolex, which is a symbol of excellent waterproofness. Rolex’s gold is also made in-house, and it takes care of molding, processing and polishing to make the gold shine. This watch does not have sophisticated timekeeping functions, only a simple dual calendar display. Nowadays, both white-collar workers and otakus are used to viewing dates on mobile phones and computers. The calendar does not seem to be so important anymore, but as a loyal watch fan, this is absolutely irreplaceable. You must know that the thinking Concept, electronic products can never be compared. In addition, a glittering golden labor can bring you enough aura, become the focus of everyone, and compared to the ordinary junior pin, Rolex DD looks more business and more formal, so whether it is attending business occasions or formal dinner, it Will be one of the ideal candidates.
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