Delicious Berries Tasting Bvlgari Berries Retrograde Minute Hand Watch

‘Intoxicate and be charmed by it, it’s as sweet as it is.’ For those who are fascinated by the fine craftsmanship of Bulgari watches or the noble style of their high jewelry, this sentence is especially applicable. At last year’s Baselworld, Bvlgari launched a Berries series of time-lapse and retrograde minute hand watches, retaining the brilliant gems unique to the Berries series. Today, the Watch House will bring you this Bvlgari Berries series watch, the official model is: BEW40WGD2LER.

  Berries is the plural of berry. Berries include grapes, cherries, strawberries and so on. The Bvlgari Berries series of watches, using a variety of high-quality jewelry inlaying process, the color matching of different jewelry has won countless praises.

  This Berries chronograph and retrograde minute hand watch, 40 mm diameter polished 18k white gold case set with emeralds, a gorgeous bezel made of brilliant-cut diamonds is coiled around the white mother-of-pearl dial It has become the biggest highlight of this series of new products.

  The side of the case is polished and polished, with smooth and smooth lines and moderate thickness. 18k white gold crown set with an emerald, crystal clear.

  Black satin strap with exquisite workmanship. With 18k white gold polished tri-fold clasp and round buckle set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

  Bvlgari’s unparalleled watchmaking technology is inextricably linked to its superb gem craftsmanship. Rooted in Bulgari’s deep history, this series of watches evolved from the ingenuity of the Bulgari Cocktail series of jewellery, and perfectly blended watch manufacturing with gem-setting techniques.
  Emerald is Napoleon’s favorite color and was once the iconic shade of empire and power. Nowadays, green represents good luck and courage, and becomes a messenger of hope and fun. Today, emeralds have become a common decoration in Bvlgari’s fine jewelry collections, and are widely respected for their exotic and bright colors. The 40 mm case of this Berries time-lapse and retrograde minute hand watch is adorned with seven emeralds weighing approximately 1.63 carats. It embodies the 18k white gold case and 129 cut diamonds, shining brilliantly.

  Since 1830, French watchmaker Blondeau has invented this amazing component, pioneering the use of small window numbers on the dial instead of the hour hand. Every 60 minutes, the number in the small window changes. The hour-skipping watch combines the indication of different moments. The hours are indicated by numbers, and the minutes and seconds are reflected by traditional hands.
  The Berries series’ unique swirling ring clusters around the 12 o’clock jumping hour window, and the white mother-of-pearl dial below is accompanied by 7 groups of ’00 to 60′ Arabic numerals and inlaid diamonds, showing minutes. The blue retrograde minute hand has a unique and beautiful shape, which can be read at a glance.

  A sapphire crystal caseback on the back provides a glimpse of the exquisite movement. Equipped with an automatic movement, an hour display, a retrograde minute hand display over a 180-degree arc, and so on.

  Summary: This time-reversing and retrograde watch from the Bvlgari Berries collection, famous for its bold creativity, is a perfect fusion of fine jewelry and fine watchmaking. Such an inspiration is absolutely dazzling. Fascinated. The emerald inlaid on the watch is particularly dazzling. The emerald’s Persian name is ‘zamarat’, which means ‘the essence of treasure’. From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment, this natural green has been regarded as a symbol of luxury, power, richness and distinction. The use of emeralds and diamonds in this watch is a feast of gemstones, which looks as delicious as attractive berries.