Diantang Brand Launched A New Interactive Channel In The Wechat Era Cartier’s Official Wechat Platform Officially Launched

Recently, the French palace-level brand Cartier announced that its official WeChat platform (Cartier Cartier) is officially launched. This move is Cartier’s long-cherished sincere contribution in the field of digital marketing, and also reflects the brand’s commitment to China. Full confidence in the long-term development of the market. Fully grasp brand and work information at the first time, and experience exclusive and exclusive services. Cartier’s official WeChat platform uses brand-new humanized services to shorten the distance between brands and customers. In the modern digital era, it continues to provide consumers with perfection. Quality service.

┬áCartier’s official WeChat platform launched this time is fully functional, and is divided into three themes: ‘Recommendations of Works’, ‘Brand Information’ and ‘Special Services’, fully realizing the perfect combination of information inquiry and interactive services. In the ‘Recommended Works’ section, users can click to get the latest information about the brand’s latest works and weddings, jewelry, watches and accessories according to their needs. In ‘Brand Information’, users can appreciate the century-old history and heritage of the jewelry emperor, and they can better grasp the latest trends of the brand in real time. In addition, ‘Brand News’ also has a special video section designed to present users with beautiful Cartier jewelry watch promotional videos, brand-style documentaries, and brand micro-movies carefully produced by a professional team to see this French jewelry watch art The century-old style and charm of the giant.
┬áThe most worth mentioning is that Cartier’s official WeChat platform exclusively offers ‘special services’, which fully demonstrates the spirit of innovation that is rooted in Cartier’s brand DNA for generations to come. First of all, users can use the navigation system to quickly locate nearby Cartier boutiques around the world, visit the Temple of Aesthetics, and enjoy quality services. Secondly, under the convenient ‘multilingual works translation function’, users can simply enter the name of their favorite work and receive a detailed introduction in Chinese. Through this feature, Chinese customers can enjoy intimate quality services even if they spend at Cartier boutiques outside China. In addition, the forthcoming ‘shop reservation’ and ‘service score’ functions have opened a new interaction mode for Cartier and customers. At that time, Cartier’s official WeChat platform will be dedicated to becoming a personal consultant who enjoys private quality services. For more exciting, please pay attention to Cartier’s official WeChat platform (Cartier Cartier)!

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