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1911 TEKTON Automatic Chronograph Ajax Amsterdam uses Ebel Ebel Calibre 245 Observatory certified movement, which is specially designed for football enthusiasts, with forty-five minutes indication and referee time indication. Stainless steel case, black engineered fiber strap.
Ebel Ebel has recently appointed a pair of duo to replace Thomas van der Kallen to head the company. They seem to be the two centers determined to score in this noisy game. Loek Oprinsen previously managed the brand’s main markets in northern Europe, and Marc Michel-Amadry was promoted to vice president of marketing to co-CEO of the brand. Oprinsen is responsible for operations and sales, while Michel-Amadry will be responsible for design and marketing.
‘This is an original way to share pressure,’ said Marc Michel-Amadry. ‘By forming a team, we have the most favorable chance of success, especially in the current economic environment.’ For Ebel Ebel, currently The situation is very difficult because his parent company, Movado, trusts the troubled American market. The group has already restructured and applied for a layoff program in Switzerland. The group announced the temporary dismissal of 25 people in Switzerland, six of whom were Ebel Ebel employees. (In addition to the Ebel Ebel brand, the group also owns the Movado and Concord emperor brands, as well as a series of licensed production brands.) But for Amadry, Ebel Ebel is ‘completely committed to watchmaking’, so He was spared the worst, (in mid-December, Switzerland is said to have cut a total of sixty positions). And now this two-person group has begun to act. Their strategy is to return to the foundation of time art. The above is the detailed plan of van der Kallen.
Eleven new models
Eleven new watches were launched in BaselWorld, lower than previous records, as Amadry explained, ‘We don’t want to fill our retailer’s warehouse, we just want to provide them with some practical Something. One of our goals at BaselWorld is to understand how much inventory our retailers around the world can absorb. ‘
Our aggressive strategy focuses on price. For example, the entry-level version of the Ebel Ebel classic mechanical movement steel version will start at CHF 3,900. Another strategy is about competitiveness. A new Chrono Exagon with a gorgeous one-piece key case and Dubois-DÉpraz movement. The hours of the stopwatch are displayed on an active chip. The watch is priced at less than 5,000 Swiss francs.
Ebel Ebel focuses on men’s watches, which account for 35 percent of sales. At this year’s show, the brand will launch his most interesting new models, such as a classic and unique flyback date hexagon watch in a rose gold case.
The Tekton series has become significantly more sporty. The newly added member is a powerful Tekton Chrono with the Ebel Ebel 137 movement inside. This is designed for Europe-Ajax, Olympique Lyonnais, and Real Madrid. There is also a special Tekton designed by the football club. He does not have a bezel, but instead uses a sapphire crystal instead of the bezel to fix the case with left and right cross threads. The waterproof function is achieved by a sealing ring hidden under a circular metal bar on the glass. This watch is very architectural, reminiscent of a large open-air football field. Now it’s up to the new team to score fast.
Source: Europa Star April-May 2009 Magazine Issue