Elegance Of The Goddess Of The Moon Blancpain Watch Series Quantième Complet Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch Tasting (On)

The 1970s were the heaviest and hardest days in the history of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. The cheap quartz watch dumping market is flooding the world’s watch market. The price war has not brought a return to the earnings of outstanding mechanical watchmaking families. In this ‘quartz storm’, almost all Swiss watchmaking brands have suffered To severe impact. The Swiss watchmaking industry has introduced quartz watches in response to the market. At that time, the complicated function of full moon phase profit and loss in watch altars had disappeared for a long time, and Blancpain watch persisted in doing it the other way, only making the most valuable watch in the heart. In 1983, Blancpain brought this complication back to the table with the Cal.6395 movement. This perseverance originates from Mr. Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, the founder of Blancpain. He always insists that Blancpain watches are only round watches; this obsession refocuses the world’s attention on the field of traditional watchmaking, making the traditional watchmaking industry Entered the road to revival.
  Today, let’s take a look at when Blancpain has re-established itself as one of the top watch brands, and in what ways will the world remember it again. These days, a new guest has come to the Watch House, the Blancpain watch series QUANTIÈME COMPLET full calendar watch, model number: 3663A-4654-71B. When it comes to Blancpain, you can’t miss the moon phase watch, and not to mention that the quality is first-class and the function is complete. Just looking at that playful face, you can’t help but look at it. At first glance, I saw Blancpain 3663A-4654-71B. To be honest, I do n’t really feel it. I ca n’t tell why, but without too much touch, unlike Audemars Piguet, it is difficult to extricate myself at first glance. Patek Philippe was drunk at first glance. But something can’t help scrutinizing carefully, and can’t stand repeated thinking, that’s not perfect. Blancpain’s beauty is like this. At first glance, it is not eye-catching, but it has a unique charm forever. At first glance, it is not gorgeous and noisy, but it is practical and atmospheric. At first glance, it is unpretentious and elegant. The same feeling is that when I look at the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5000-1110-B52 watch, when you look at it carefully and hold the loupe to admire it, you will find that it is beautiful and flawless. . So such a perfect dial of 148,500 yuan is indeed a good value.

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 The diameter of the dial is 35.5mm. The mother-of-pearl dial is engraved with a radioactive flower shape centered on a small second hand, which is exquisite and elegant. This is the elegance of Blancpain. The mother-of-pearl does not use its unique luster. , Does not show people the original appearance, unique processing, branding the unique characteristics of the watch. Except for the 12, 3, and 9 o’clock positions set with gold Roman numerals, the dial is inlaid with 9 full-cut diamonds, about 0.025 carats; the case is set with 40 diamonds, totaling 1.92 carats. At the same price, I haven’t found a diamond that is more perfect and more crystal-rich than its watch face.

Blancpain’s watchmakers divided the mother-of-pearl dial into two parts, the date track was printed on the middle track, and the hour and minute hands centered on the line to make a triangular convex surface, which was more three-dimensional than the flat flat pointer. The date hand is decorated with a little bead on the tip of the needle, like the slim bead fairy, dotted with a white plate. The crown thread is non-slip and does not leave a mark, making it perfectly natural to the dial. The 30-meter water resistance keeps the crown design from being stupid, full of winding force and not loose.
Some people say that steel diamonds are not atmospheric, but they look like a small family, but I say that it is Blancpain’s technology that makes fine steel with beautiful diamonds not lost to any precious metal; others say diamonds are too expensive, but I said It is the sincerity of Blancpain that makes stainless steel and diamonds an absolute advantage in price. It wasn’t these obvious advantages that initially attracted me.

What really attracted me was that playful moon face. I like moonphase watches very much, no matter which moonphase watch, I want to wait for the day when she smiles. I don’t want to adjust him quickly, I just want to wait for her to come day by day. When you see the half-faced moon face, from the perspective of appreciation, you will not lose a whole face. The moon phase face slowly came from the left, from the sky and stars to the Emei moon, and then from the upper black moon to the full moon, one step in a cycle until the waning moon, and finally a new moon rose.

 For many years, Blancpain has established its position on the altar by producing only mechanical watches. Blancpain has never produced a quartz watch since 1735, and this pride is enough to make people look up. Today, Blancpain has the largest moon phase family in the industry. Most of the male watches in the Villeret series use the male face as the moon phase image, eyes looking to the right, lively. As you can imagine, the moon moves one square to the right every day, and the delicate little face can’t wait to come out to see how cute this bustling world is.

However, the Blancpain 3663A-4654-71B watch is a face of a coquettish woman with slightly closed eyes and long eyelashes, bringing a calm and noble temperament to women’s watches, a little playful and cute, but more A calm and elegant. Combining an elegant woman with a silver-clad moon girl on top of the heavenly palace, it is hard to make people dislike it!

Blancpain full calendar moon phase movement Cal.6763

   The tuning method is very convenient and easy to learn. The upper part of the crown is the month adjustment, the lower part is the date adjustment; the Blancpain logo on the left is the week adjustment, and the lower phase is the moon phase adjustment. If you want to adjust the date by twisting the crown, the moon phase and week will also be adjusted. Follow along.
 Summary: Next, I will bring hands-on photos. Although my arm is not extremely slender, but I am also a girl of normal weight, so when 40 plump diamonds surround your watch, when mother of pearl decoration Holding your wrist, when your wrist is surrounded by grace, any girl will be graced and serene by it. The next article brings you the beauty of the Blancpain watch series 3663A-4654-71B, so stay tuned. (Text / picture watch house Liu Peng)