Fashion Celebrities Gather Strongly ‘china’s First Gentleman’ Footprints Throughout Europe Fun Fashion Week

In June 2017, Hu Bing, known as the ‘China’s No. 1 Fashion Gentleman’, landed in Europe and completed a Fashion Week ‘Grand Slam’ non-stop-with footprints all over Paris, Milan and Florence Even as a spokesperson for London Fashion Week, he once again visited the London show. Hu Bing, a professional model, has made his debut for many years and is the earliest group of stars in China who touched fashion. His tall body, perfect proportions, and outstanding style of dress make him eye-catching everywhere he goes. Now that he has a beard and adds a manly character, the mature temperament of his own Yara has made him the most gentleman-like Chinese man in recent years. Whether it is a leather locomotive, a casual suit, or a denim shirt, Hu Bing presents a cool and handsome charm with a personal style. Successfully showed a mature, steady and sexy male hormone image. Hu Bing’s wrist collocation is quite thoughtful and harmoniously intertwined with the overall style. The bustling crowd exudes a mature charm unique to ‘Chinese retro gentlemen’.

Roar of the Jagged Man’s Wrist

   Put on sunglasses and put on a leather coat, every man’s inner superhero dream will rise. They stepped onto the cool locomotive, slammed on the clutch, headed to the beach, to the mountains, to the sun, leaving the world an unruly back. Hu Bing, who is a professional model, has sharp edges and a tall, tall figure. He is full of manly leather sunglasses and drag racing equipment, and the image of the rebellious old boy suddenly jumps out. How cool is it to lack the Zenith flagship ElPrimero 36’000VPH watch? The powerful stainless steel case encloses a hollow dial with three iconic chronograph dials, dotted with red dots, and black perforated rubber The straps echo each other, just like the red and black magneto high voltage lines of motorcycles, roaring away, recording the cool boy’s rapid heartbeat.

Hu Bing wears Zenith flagship ElPrimero 36’000VPH watch, 45mm, reference price: RMB 54,300

Guide for Mature Elites
   Crossing the streets, regular red brick villas, Hu Bing’s khaki leather bag, loose army green trousers with white casual shoes and men’s best clothing item—white shirts echo each other; lightly pulled up the cuffs of the dark striped suit, The perfect display of the perfect forearm line, the Zenith flagship ElPrimero happy 1969 watch with white dial is just the embellishment worn on the wrist. Hu Bing strode heads on the streets to reveal the extreme charm of mature men, a wonderful interpretation of the self-confidence, elegance, low-key modernity and retro fascination of social elites striding through the reinforced concrete of big cities in this small age.

Hu Bing wears Zenith flagship ElPrimero Happy 1969 watch (white dial), 42mm, reference price: RMB 68,900

   The pleasant marine climate makes Florence’s morning cool just right. Hu Bing, whether it’s a blue fun long-sleeved shirt with dark gray pencil trousers, or a blue-and-white pattern casual blazer with cool black super fresh and cool, wear Zenith’s flagship ElPrimero Happy 1969 blue dial models are perfectly matched with zero pressure. The Zenith flagship ElPrimero happy 1969 watch with the same two-color dial can add the finishing touch to any outfit, so that the daily runway of retro gentlemen will never go wrong.

Hu Bing wears Zenith’s flagship ElPrimero Happy 1969 watch (blue dial), 42 mm, reference price: RMB 68,900

Glamorous evening with retro wind
   During the break, bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, relax by car, enjoy the afternoon leisure in English khaki, or watch the charming ending of the evening gauze. Hu Bing has a stylish casual outfit that reflects the style of a gentleman in England-a denim shirt with two buckles lightly released, a black super toad mirror with a cool and handsome cover, a sharp jet head showing a full forehead, and a Zenith flagship series ElPrimero happy 1969 rose gold The watch has a vintage luster like Sunset Boulevard, rendering a dazzling evening.

Hu Bing wears Zenith’s flagship ElPrimero happy 1969 rose gold watch, 42mm, reference price: RMB 80,300

   Zenith has been a watch manufacturer since 1865. For more than 150 years, Zenith has created wristwatches that reflect personality and style for watchmakers around the world. The Zenith watch factory was founded in 1865 in Le Locle, Switzerland by the visionary master watchmaker Georges Favrè-Jacot. Over the course of a century and a half, with the 2,333 time-testing awards it has won, the brand has risen rapidly in the field of precision timing, achieving an unquestionable industry record. In 1969, the introduction of the integrated column-wheel automatic movement ElPrimero made the brand famous. The movement vibrates 36,000 times per hour to ensure accurate timing for 1/10 seconds. This is the Zenith after more than 600 improvements After the development results. As a member of the traditional luxury watch brand camp, Zenith has always insisted on making its own movement completely, which has become the ultimate proof of extraordinary quality. Zenith has fought for many years in many classic and traditional fields such as antique vintage cars, and now the brand is introducing unique and long-lasting timepieces for fashionistas. A long history, tradition, passion, and the pursuit of the ultimate condensed into the soul language that has been inherited to this day-‘Legendsareforever’.