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When it comes to sports watches from military watches, people will definitely think of Blancpain’s Fifty Hunt series and IWC pilot series. The former was specially made for the French Navy, and the latter became an Air Force pilot’s equipment during World War II. Compared with their outstanding professional performance, the clear personality is probably the main reason why these two watches can gather a lot of popularity for a long time.

     The IWC Pilot’s Watch, which was born in 1936, will function as a flight instrument from the beginning to the end in a robust design style: black dial, eye-catching hour and minute hands, small seconds dial, luminous hands and scales, and a belt for calculating flight time There is a rotating inner circle of the luminous triangle. The replica pilot’s watch launched by IWC in 2008 also features a hand-wound pocket watch movement 98300. This movement, which has been used for more than half a century, has the same powerful vitality.