Lange’s New Saxonia Thin White Gold Watch Is Simple And Perfect

Saxonia Thin is the thinnest wristwatch ever made by Lange. Its elegance and elegance have established a modern classic with an extraordinary attitude immediately after the first push. Today, the new Platinum version is available across the board.
     The author of ‘The Little Prince’ Saint Thurbury said: ‘The so-called perfection does not mean that when you can no longer add anything, you can’t reduce the situation by one cent.’ Horsepower is concentrated in the essence, which can create unexpected art. Historically, Saint Thurbury is not the only one who understands this truth. Many architects and designers have always adhered to the motto of ‘simple is beautiful’ and created works with pleasing composition. Back in modern times, the new white gold Saxonia Thin watch strongly proves the relationship between simplicity and perfection, and provides straightforward answers to the question of what is a Lange watch.
    This answer also shows that the delicate elegance does not affect the stability and performance of the watch. With a thickness of only 5.9 mm, this watch is the thinnest watch ever made by Saxony. The case with a diameter of only 40 mm and the bezel with grooves make the balanced dial look extra spacious and the watch is more prominent on the wrist. The slender hour and minute hands and twelve exquisite rod-shaped hour markers display the time clearly and accurately.

L093.1 movement: 2.9 mm high, 72 hours power reserve.
     On the one hand, this piece is unique, and on the other hand, Lange’s characteristics and details are revealed, including the uniquely shaped lugs and the three-part case decorated with straight lines in the center, which can be recognized at a glance. Produced by Lange. The L093.1 hand-wound calibre, specially developed for a slim case, is only 2.9 mm high. With its compact size, it still stands out with its 72-hour power reserve and implements Lange’s outstanding tradition.