More Brilliant 2018 Sihh Cartier Summary

At the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition 2018, Cartier inherited the brand’s high-end watchmaking aesthetic style, highlighting the combination of excellence and breakthrough innovation, bringing us many beautiful and novel Good for your wrist. Delicate and delicate, light and transparent, leaving a deep impression. This time, the new products can be divided into two aspects of surprise and practicality. The surprise models infused the refreshing creative designs into the watches through the imagination of brand watchmakers, like Cartier RÉVÉLATION D’UNE The PANTHÈRE watch is one of the outstanding representatives. The practical watch is prominent in the replacement of the watch strap, like Santos after this update. Then let’s review it together:
Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER day and night display mysterious watch

   Cartier, a high-end jewellery brand, continues the aesthetic style of high-end watchmaking, highlighting the combination of excellence and breakthrough innovation: on the one hand, it is an exquisite and exquisite hollow movement; on the other hand, it is light, transparent, and charming. Movement. At the exhibition, the Rotonde de Cartier retrograde minute-night display mysterious watch was launched. It is the first time that the brand introduced the complex function of day-night display in the mysterious field, which is impressive.
For more details of real shots, please click: In recent years, with the enthusiasm of all sectors of society for women’s watches, the center of the watch market has also slightly shifted to women’s watches. An elegantly designed, yet simple and capable watch has become the ideal wrist companion for ladies. For the design of women’s watches, the new products will not be arbitrarily piled up like gold or diamonds as in the past. Instead, a novelty will be injected into the watch through extraordinary wisdom, making this watch show its exclusive elegance. This is the case for Cartier’s high jewelry cheetah watch launched at SIHH this year.
For more details, please click: Radieuse Watch

   Among the many new products, Cartier’s Crash Radieuse watch is naturally indispensable, breaking the creative limit and re-interpreting the Crash watch design. The inherited ‘squashed’ shape gives a strong and unique twist.
For more details, please click: Infinie Watch

   At this high-profile watch event, Cartier launched a number of beautiful and luxurious wrist watches for urban elegant ladies. The Baignoire Infinie watch is one of them. Breaking the visual balance in the design, the three-circle corolla inlaid with a variety of gemstones is striking.
For more details of actual shooting, please click: RÉVÉLATION D’ UNE PANTHÈRE watch, once again put mysterious creativity on the dial. This watch is inspired by the hourglass as an innovative interpretation of the passage of time and the brand’s cheetah magic. The unique feature is the 900 gold beads that can move with gravity on the dial, but it is interesting that they can not only swing freely on the dial, but roll along a special liquid track to outline the cheetah pattern, which is a watch exhibition One of the interesting watches.
For more details of actual shooting, please click: In addition to the complicated and novel mysterious watches, the famous watch brand Cartier also launched the Cartier Baignoire series cheetah theme watch at the exhibition, integrating the brand’s iconic cheetah elements into the oval Bagignoire Above the collection, it presents a unique beauty on the wrist.
For more details, please click: DE CARTIER skeleton watch

   Cartier hollow-out technology was born in the 1930s and has a long history. In 2001, Cartier launched the Santos 100 skeleton watch, which uses the Roman numeral hour bridge design to lay the iconic status of the skeleton craft. Today, this complication is taking a new look in new Santos de Cartier watches. The brand introduced the new SANTOS DE CARTIER skeleton watch at the highly anticipated Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2018, equipped with the brand’s patented strap quick-change system, which makes the strap replacement more convenient.
For more details, please click: DE CARTIER double mysterious tourbillon skeleton watch

   This tourbillon uses a revolutionary double floating design: the first tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds; the second tourbillon frame contains the entire ‘mysterious’ part, which rotates once every 5 minutes. This requires a very high level of craftsmanship. While maintaining overall coordination, it also meets the requirements of a thin case and complex craftsmanship: All parts are carefully decorated by hand, and processed by chamfering, wire drawing and screw head polishing. The new work launched this year, combined with the Roman numeral hollow bridge, makes the watch more lightweight and delicate. Mysterious legendary magic is complemented by a transparent cut-out aesthetic. The rounded curves of the watch and the mysterious movement complement the sharp geometric lines of the skeleton bridge.
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