Perfect Perfection Chronoswiss ‘perpetual Calendar’ Perpetual Calendar

Different, the world of complex watches is another country. Following the advent of the unique minute repeater and flying tourbillon watch, Chronoswiss from Munich introduced a perpetual calendar watch with perfect performance. As early as 1985, when Mr. Gerd-R. Lang was reviving mechanical timepieces, he produced a perpetual calendar watch accurate to February 28, 2100. This perpetual calendar watch is based on the Julian Calendar developed by the ancient Roman calendar in 45 BC by Gajus Julius Caesar, based on the advice of astronomer Sosigenes The calendar is the most talked about achievement of Emperor Caesar. Basically, the Julian Calendar stipulates that every four years, that is, three years in a row after 365 days in a normal year, followed by a leap year of 366 days, is the calendar used to this day. However, this calendar had a small flaw that caused Pope Gregory the XIII to revise the new monthly calendar system after 1582. If the Julian Calendar is used for calculation, it will be 11 minutes and 14 seconds (ie 0.0078 days) longer than the actual time of the year. By the 16th century AD, the accumulated deviation was 10 days. The deviation of the calendar led to errors in religious festivals, so the Pope proposed that they must be corrected. The correction method is as simple as adding a new rule: a year with a mantissa of 00 does not add a leap year, unless the year is divisible by 400, the year is a leap year; February has 29 days. For example, the years 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, and 2200 are not leap years.

Quem Juckat (meaning: who cares about this trivial correction)? ? Latin students would say so. That’s why Mr. Gerd-Rudiger. Lang considered making ‘complex performance’ watches. In fact, this is related to the masterpiece of the great watchmaker Thomas Mudge. In 1764, Thomas released the first pocket watch that can correctly handle the number of different months and days in both normal and leap years. After 163 years, the first hand-wound watch with the same complexity was introduced. Chronoswiss’s perpetual calendar is equipped with Chronoswiss’s homemade self-winding movement C.127. The perpetual calendar components are composed of about 50 components, which are reliable and accurate.
A systematic approach to the watchmaking tradition is Mr. Gerd- Rudiger Lang’s watchmaking philosophy. The analysis includes the length and proportion of the hands, the dial design, and the meticulous treatment of the case. Watch performance, reliability, precision and exquisite craftsmanship to achieve the highest requirements, is the primary goal.

CH 1721 R-Rose gold

Such strict self-requirement can be appreciated through the transparent sapphire crystal glass on the back. This Perpetual Calendar watch is equipped with a Chronoswiss automatic C. 127 self-winding movement. The balance wheel vibrates 21,600 times per hour. The ball-bearing automatic disc efficiently transmits the stored power to the hairspring. In the fully wound state, the power reserve can reach 40 hours. The sophisticated and sophisticated perpetual calendar gear system is the soul of this watch. It is purely a technical consideration to choose to hide the perfect perpetual calendar system under the faceplate without revealing this sophisticated mechanical component. This perpetual calendar watch not only can accurately indicate the day, date and month, but also has a moon phase disk to watch the moon’s profit and loss.

CH 1723-Stainless steel, white dial

This C. 58 million calendar module is unique in that it consists of a disc that rotates only every 4 years on its axis. The grooves of different depths on the edge of the disc represent different lengths of the month mechanism. More specifically, different from the clockwise moon phase disk design, Mr. Gerd-Rudiger. Lang follows the anti-clockwise moon phase etiquette of the ancient pocket watch, making the subverted traditional moon phase more attractive. It is worth mentioning that this Chronoswiss proprietary complex perpetual calendar component is made by Dubois-Depraz, a well-known manufacturer of fine mechanical components from Vallee de Joux, Switzerland. This perpetual calendar module is 26.2mm in diameter, 5.2mm thick, and is set with 30 gems. The large crown of this perpetual calendar watch and the waterproof ring of the correction key are directly assembled on the connecting tube, which has good waterproof performance. The thoughtful design allows users to replace the waterproof ring regularly to ensure waterproof performance.

CH 1723 bk-stainless steel, black dial

Chronoswiss new perpetual calendar watch with elegant appearance, white 925 sterling silver surface with Poire Stuart style streamlined ‘Poire Stuart’ style blue steel hands, with 36 solid components The case showcases top watchmaking skills. Different from the typical coin-patterned bezel of other Chronoswiss, it has the same smooth and delicate case as the two minute watch, which is another major feature of this perpetual calendar watch. Now, wear this charming watch on your wrist and enjoy its beauty! It is particularly exciting that before the end of the month, whether it is the 28th, 29th, 30th, or 31st, the date pointer will jump to the correct starting date in an instant without error.

C. 127 automatic movement for Swiss watch

Chronoswiss Perpetual Calendar technical parameters
Model: CH 1721 R rose gold RMB 350,000 / CH 1723 steel, white dial RMB 235,500 / CH 1723 bk steel, black dial RMB 235,500
Display: The junior hand, the pointer date, day of the week, month and leap year dial display, moon phase profit and loss and lunar calendar display.
Case: consists of 36 parts, diameter 40mm, thickness 12.9mm, onion crown, screw-in concealed correction button, spiral polished bezel and screw-in case back, anti-glare and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass , Patented Autobloc screw-in lug system, waterproof 30 meters.
Movement: Chronoswiss independently developed the C.127 self-winding movement with a diameter of 26.80mm, 30 stones (including components), an Incabloc shock absorber, a 40-hour power reserve, and a vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour , Precise calibration button, independent numbering.
Components: Exclusive dedicated perpetual calendar component C.5800 (Dubois-Depraz), 48-month control panel with a four-year period, diameter 26. 20mm, CHRONOSWISS dedicated counterclockwise rotating moon phase display.
Surface: 925 sterling silver surface, streamlined Poire Stuart blue steel hands.