Plum Blossom Watch Warning: Please Do Not Disassemble The Watch Yourself To Avoid Impact And Fall

Please do not disassemble the watch by yourself, to avoid impact and fall
1. Please do not disassemble your watch at will, including disassembling any part of the watch or removing the screws. Also do not ask any unauthorised repair to open your watch or replace the battery.
2. After a special reminder: According to the terms of the warranty, if any watch is dismantled and removed, the watch will no longer be guaranteed.
3. A watch is a very precise instrument. It collects energy through the mainspring and winding chain, and then transmits the energy to the balance spring system through the transmission system to time, and then displays the time through the transmission system and hands. Hundreds of parts may be contained in a tiny space of centimeters, and damage, looseness or displacement of one of these parts may cause the watch to run incorrectly or even stop.
4. In order to make your love watch durable, please pay attention to protect it from impact and fall, and develop good usage habits. Pay special attention when you take off the watch, please pay attention to placing it in a safe place, such as throwing it on a table, basin, etc., it is easy to cause scratches on the appearance and even damage to the internal components.