Quartz Movement Can Also Make Sense Of Luxury

The high-end quartz movement has finally raised its eyebrows in the past two years. Under the circumstances that Longines, CITIZEN and GRAND SEIKO brands have launched powerful products, and after repeated communication, consumers have finally begun to reduce their hostility to quartz. In spite of this, sales have certainly produced good results, even in discussions among players. Also revealed more and more interest and friendliness in high-priced quartz watches.

Cal. 9F82

Quartz / hour, minute, second, date / 9 stone / vibration frequency 32,768vps / annual difference ± 10 seconds, instantaneous day-to-day, dual pulse control motor, second hand rebound correction mechanism, super airtight structure, independent splint for each axis
As the only brand that continues to develop high-quality quartz, GS benefits from this development, but at the same time it has emerged from many competitors. In terms of the main selling point of high-quality quartz, the specifications of GS’s 9F movement are The difference is ± 10 seconds. Compared to the Longines VHP, which made a comeback in 2017, it has an annual difference of ± 5 seconds. In 2018, CITIZEN even released the concept movement Cal. 0100 of ± 1 second, which should make GS feel threatened, however When the author took this to ask the engineers of their watch factory, they thought that although these brands each introduced some interesting things, the 9F should still be the best among them in terms of the performance of the needle.
Here they mentioned a very important concept: ‘advanced’ quartz is not just ‘high precision’ quartz. The so-called advanced should include many other aspects besides accuracy, such as the stability of pointer operation and date switching Speed ​​and so on, these will also affect the user’s wearing experience, which determines the “advanced” feeling. Looking back at the development process of 9F, you will find that they did spend a lot of details beyond accuracy, so when they face You can still maintain full confidence when facing this challenge.

The method of 9F driving the second hand is to release the power twice in one second, and push the pointer to move half a division at a time, which means that it uses twice the power to move the pointer through one division.

GS returned to the market in the form of a quartz watch in 1988. At the time, the 95GS was introduced with an accuracy of ± 10 seconds. For quartz movements with an annual difference of ± 5 seconds, the accuracy is not too much of a problem for them, but the 95GS has been picked out for its appearance, because the quartz movement at the time was too weak to push the heavy The large pointer, so the 95GS is equipped with a slim body style. The problem is that an important feature of the GS in the 1960s is the high-weight Dove needles. The taste of the fine needles after modification is always worse, and this is the point. It became the main weakness of 95GS criticized by players.
In order to improve this, Seiko once again learned from their past research and development results. In fact, Seiko only produced a powerful 7C movement in 1986. At that time, this movement was designed for a 1,000-meter water-resistant catfish diving watch. It is to promote the large luminous hands necessary for diving watches, so the motor torque of the movement is strong, which just solves the problem faced by the new GS. So Seiko integrated the powerful output of 7C and the original grade accuracy. Introduced the first exclusive movement 9F83 of Hyundai GS, which opened a brand new chapter for the history of GRAND SEIKO and even quartz movement.
The powerful torque of the double pulse motor
The powerful torque of 9F comes from its ‘double pulse control motor’. Generally, the quartz movement drives the second hand to release the power once per second, and push the hand to go one division at a time. In the case of 9F, the power is released twice per second. The hand moves half a grid, which means that it uses twice the power to move the hand through one grid. Through this mechanism, the movement can drive the GS ‘wide Douven needle. Today, even ordinary quartz movements can push large hands and even moon phase disks, but even if GS developed such technology 25 years ago, its pioneering work still cannot be ignored.

In order to ensure that the parts are in a dust-free environment and to prevent deterioration of the lubricant, the 9F uses an ultra-airtight structure to seal the entire movement. Only the watchmaker of the main factory can open it.

Aged quartz
The high accuracy of 9F comes mainly from their unique quartz growing method. The quartz used in 9F is produced by the Epson factory of SEIKO from the rough stage. After cutting into the required shape, each piece of quartz will undergo a ‘cure’ for 90 days. During this process, they will be at a temperature of 25 degrees, In a controlled environment with a humidity of 50%, continuous shocks are applied to the quartz, thereby ‘cutting off their fat’, and the performance of each piece of quartz is recorded during the period. Only three months later, only those that meet the standard of ± 10 seconds of annual difference can remain For 9F, if there is more accurate (such as ± 5 seconds), it will be mixed into the product, or it can be selected separately for special styles.
One-to-one temperature control and fine-tuning
Temperature is the main factor that causes the accuracy of quartz movements to fluctuate. Each piece of quartz on 9F will record their habit, and then write these characteristics one by one into the respective IC of each movement. The customized method is matched with a low-power temperature monitoring system 540 times a day to achieve the temperature control of the movement. In addition, the 9F also has a rare fast and slow adjustment device for quartz movement. It can adjust the speed of the movement by rotating the fine adjustment screw according to his environment and habits after long-term wearing. Fine-tuning is performed to personalize and optimize precision.
Backlash adjustment mechanism and transient jump day
When jumping to the second, the second hand tends to shake when it encounters the longer and thinner second hand. This kind of shake comes from the play gap that must exist between the gear teeth that mesh with each other. In order to suppress this situation, 9F is added at the end of the wheel train With a hairspring, the elasticity of the hairspring is used to keep the gap between the gear teeth tight, thereby reducing the jitter of the second hand. The instant switching of the date requires a lot of power, so few quartz movements are used. In contrast, a 9F roller car (hour hand wheel) will spend 18 hours a day to accumulate energy for the spring that drives the day change. Wait until midnight Release of breath, through this mechanism to achieve 1/2000 seconds of instant jump day.

Ordinary calibres, small carts and second wheel collars may interfere with each other, so 9F adds sleeves between the shafts to allow them to operate independently.

3-axis to 4-axis independent structure
In order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 9F, the GS launched the first time of the two-time function 9F86 in the series in 2018. 9F originally had a so-called independent shaft structure, because the common movement of the barrel, small barrel and second wheel collar The frictional force of direct contact with each other may cause mutual interference, so 9F added sleeves between the shafts to allow them to operate completely independently. 9F86 has more GMT needles, and the structure of the independent axis has also changed from three axes (hours, minutes, seconds) to four axes. These sleeves are integrally formed with the splint, and the processing of the plate is extremely precise. This can be seen from this point Of high quality.

9F Caliber 25th Anniversary SBGV238

Stainless steel, 18K yellow gold / 9F82 quartz movement / hour, minute, second, date display / year difference ± 5 seconds / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 40mm / 600 limited edition worldwide 35,000 RMB


Stainless steel material / 9F86 quartz movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / time function between the two places / year difference ± 10 seconds / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 40mm