Radar Releases Issa Watches Tang Wei New Radar Global Spokesperson

On May 8, 2014, the famous Swiss watch brand Radar ‘Yisha series of high-tech ceramics, tactile watches in China’ conference was officially launched in the Shanghai Himalaya Center Promise Field. Isa series of high-tech ceramic watches for women, and announced a new global spokesperson, the famous movie star Tang Wei. The elegant design of the Isa series watches has a unique tactile time adjustment function. It was released during the Basel Watch Fair. Once released, it became one of the focus models of the exhibition. Please follow the report from the Watch House. Find out what happened on that day.

Radar Global Spokesperson Tang Wei, Radar Global President Mr. Matthias Breschan
 On the day of the event, Chen Suzhen, president of Swatch China, Mr. Matthias Breschan, global president of Radar, Ms. Tang Wei, a famous spokesperson for Radar, and executives of radar companies, radar distributors and hundreds of media witnessed this glorious moment.

 The venue of the radar ‘Yisha series of high-tech ceramics, tactile watches in China’ is located in the Promise Field of the Himalaya Center in Pudong, Shanghai.

 Many areas of the event venue are arranged in the shape of Radar Isa series products. At the entrance, we first saw the display cases of some classic watches of Radar series products. The editor is more concerned about today’s new products, so after a short stay here, continue to enter The pavilion looks for Radar Isa products.

 At first glance, the Radar Isa series watch was slapped by its rounded design. It uses the unique ceramic material of the Radar watch, and the beautiful and smooth case is poured over. But I believe what is even more surprising is that this is a watch without a crown. This is the magic of this high-tech watch. We will introduce this feature in detail.

 The Radar Isa series touch watch is specially designed for fashionable young women. It uses a subversive crown-free design. The smooth lines perfectly show the feminine side. The mystery of the Radar Isa series watch is its eight o’clock position. Adjust the design. First, touch and swipe with your finger at the eight o’clock position on the edge of the case to set the time-set the hour on the left and the minute on the right-just one step to adjust the time forward or backward Backflow.

 Radar Isa series high-tech ceramic Fibonacci Touch watches are available in four colors: pure white, deep blue, vibrant red, healthy green, on the dial in the Fibonacci way Perfectly inlaid with 534 rare gems, the case and strap are made of ultra-light ceramic material that is not easy to wear, and also has a crown-less intelligent adjustment design.

 There is a limited edition of 132 diamonds of the Radar Isa series. On this watch, we not only have a breakthrough crown-free design, but also the radar watch has realized the new technology of setting diamonds on ceramics. The research and development finally realized that the diamond was set on the ceramics. Everyone can clearly see the real diamonds set on the dial and the strap. First, a small hole was drilled in the ceramic with a laser. Softened platinum is then injected into each small hole in precise traces, and diamonds are set on it.

 With a beautiful opening dance, Radar’s new spokesperson Ms. Tang Wei officially debuted, her fresh and natural smile, self-confidence and calmly demonstrated her personal charm, I believe she can perfectly show the essence of radar watches.

Radar’s new spokesperson, Ms. Tang Wei, accepted the Radha Isa women’s watch presented by Mr. Matthias Breschan, President of Radar.

Summary: Radar Isa series of high-tech ceramics, touch-sensitive watches with a subversive crown-free design, perfectly demonstrates Radar’s innovative spirit and unique technology, the entire series of products use quartz movement and have a battery life of up to four years Ability, the case is made of high-tech ceramic materials that Radar is best at, all of which are equipped with diamond or gemstone models, and ordinary models will announce the relevant price later. The magical time adjustment function allows you to show your personal charm in your hands. Finally, we wish the Radar Isa watch a better performance in the Chinese market.