Richard Mille Rm 011 Flyback Chronograph Flyback Chronograph Captures The Screen

The revolutionary high-end watch brand Richard Mille Watches is proud to announce its sponsorship of the forthcoming film Parker, directed by Taylor Hackford, Starring Jason Statham. Jason Steinson, who plays Parker, will wear a Richard Mille RM 011 Flyback Chronograph throughout the film.
The protagonist of the movie ‘Parker’ is a genius grand theft. He adheres to a criminal principle: never rob a rich man. However, after a big case, his associates not only betrayed him, but also wanted to kill him. So Parker embarked on a long road to revenge, letting them pay their due price.

Jason Stanson wears a Richard Mille RM 011 flyback chronograph in the film Parker

‘The avant-garde high-end RM 011 flyback chronograph watch complements Parker’s gallant courage.’ Watch designer Richard Mille said. ‘The Parker in the film is the business person Daniel Parmitt, and the RM 011 flyback chronograph watch under the care of the sapphire crystal is exposed and transparent, and the titanium and 18K red gold case exude endless Complexity and detail are perfect for Parker’s role. ‘
On the road to revenge, Parker must be agile, precise and punctual. The RM 011 watch with large date display, flyback timer, 60-minute countdown function, 12-hour totalizer and 55-hour power reserve fully meets these requirements.

‘Parker’ was released in the United Kingdom and the United States on January 25, 2013, and in France on March 13, 2013.
Source: Richard Mille
Photo: Flashfire Productions LLC