Roger Dubuis Dedicated To The Old Strong

Father, he is an old man. He uses unrestrained care to pass on his strength unswervingly, and builds the height of our lives. In ‘When Happiness Comes Knocking on the Door’, Will Smith takes the responsibility and responsibility of being a father and makes life full of faith and hope. Fatherly love is silent, but it is a wise maxim and a beacon in life. Thanksgiving never ceases. Roger Dubuis La Monégasque series condenses the essence of charm. With its unique arc shape and modern lines, it turns the silent mind to father into a tough timepiece on the wrist , Elegant interpretation of wise gentleman style.

La Monégasque Tourbillon

 This watch combines precision mechanics with elegance to complete the ROGER DUBUIS men’s watch series. The La Monégasque flying tourbillon rose gold watch is limited to 188 pieces worldwide. Its RD540 movement is composed of 293 parts, which fully complies with the newly issued standards of the Geneva Seal. It is the pinnacle of top-level mechanical technology. . Mid-hour and minute hands, a large calendar display at 12 o’clock, a power reserve display at 4:30, and a flying tourbillon perfectly displayed at 7:30. A tribute to the outstanding personification.

  The La Monégasque flying tourbillon rose gold watch is limited to 188 pieces in the world.

La Monégasque moon phase perpetual calendar watch

 The La Monégasque series of moon phase perpetual calendar watches is driven by a mechanical record of time. It is paired with the RD821J movement with 358 components to create a great achievement in miniature time. Perhaps the heartbeat of this watch is one of the finest complications in the world: the perpetual calendar. The watch is easy to operate, many display functions are clear and easy to read, and the dial perfectly reflects the balance and harmony of technology and aesthetics, giving the watch a natural natural elegance. Bold and unique creative design, rich characteristics, strong characteristics and a modest abundance connotate its charm. This is a dazzling collision of high-end watchmaking technology and modern beauty, swinging in harmony, unique to Roger Dubuis. Rhythm.

 La Monégasque moon phase perpetual calendar watch perfectly showcases Roger Dubuis’s finest watchmaking technology