Serene Sports Sensecertina C006.407.11.051.00

Certina is a well-known sports watch expert. Its watches are almost sporty. Although the positioning is on the low end, it can show the masculinity of men very well. It not only shows the dynamic design of a sports watch, but also has excellent wear resistance. The watchmaking technology also uses traditional Approach. Today’s protagonist is one of the legendary series, Certina C006.407.11.051.00, let us feel the wind blown by Himalayan through it.
 Certina C006.407.11.051.00 is a men’s sports watch belonging to the Certina DS1 Himalayan series. It has a small round case with a diameter of 39 mm and is made of stainless steel. The metal color of the case is not very bright, but it is slightly dim, exuding a strong masculine flavor. With a black dial, this model has a deeper temperament, showing the mature man’s calm, reliable and slightly mysterious attributes. The hands and hour markers on the black dial are silver. It is very conspicuous on the black dial. Silver surrounds black and black is embellished with silver. In this mutual encirclement and tolerance, the truth of life and nature Perfect interpretation. Below the 12 o’clock hour dial of the dial is Certina’s classic LOGO ‘CERTINA1888’. The brand and the founding time show that Certina watches have gone through more than a hundred years as a timekeeping tool, and they still maintain that right. Rigorous timepiece making. The series name and water-resistant depth above the 6 o’clock hour mark and the brand logo above each other make the overall layout of the watch present a symmetrical beauty.

 This Certina C006.407.11.051.00 watch is full of sporty atmosphere, and is also a classic of Certina, a brand focused on sports watches, but it does not have much sports-related functions. The time is displayed as a large third hand, which makes the dial look concise and at the same time more convenient for time reading. This watch also has a practical date display function in daily life, which is presented in the form of a window between the 4 and 5 o’clock on the dial. The bottom of the window is black, and the numbers are silver Arabic numerals, which is highly legible. And on the left side of the window, there is the word ‘100M / 330ft’. That’s right, this is its waterproof function. The waterproof depth is 100 meters. As a non-professional diving watch, this depth can be considered as excellent. Needs are more at ease.
When it comes to Certina DS1 Himalayan series, we must not mention Certina’s double insurance DS concept. The so-called ‘double insurance’ actually refers to the shock-resistant suspension system and the reinforced crown and case. In order to make the watch better waterproof and anti-wear, Certina applied super wear-resistant sapphire crystal in the case, O-rings on the lever, special sealing washers on the case back, mandatory The case back is fastened and the inner cover is screwed on the back of the case. To strengthen the crown, Certina designed a spiral crown and added a double O-ring washer to the crown. In this way, the case, crown and movement have become more sturdy, forming Certina’s reliable double insurance system, which is also the biggest selling point of this watch.
 This Certina C006.407.11.051.00 watch is equipped with a movement ETA 2824-2. Presumably everyone who loves watches will not be unfamiliar with this movement. It is collectively known as ETA2892-A2 and ETA7750. ‘ETA Three Treasures’. With its stable and highly accurate performance, it has gained a good reputation in the industry, but because of many low-priced fake watches and so-called Taiwan and Hong Kong watches, it also claims to use this movement, for its glory The image is smeared a little. However, watch players in many countries generally believe that the high-level ETA2824-2 and ETA2892-A2 are almost the same in performance, but because they are mass-produced, there is a gap in the handling of details. But this cannot obliterate the fact that ETA2824-2 is an extremely excellent movement.

Let’s introduce its data characteristics in detail. The diameter is 25.6 mm, the thickness is 4.6 mm, and the size is moderate. It has a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, which is the best oscillation frequency in the industry today, which can ensure the accuracy of the watch’s travel time without consuming too much power. This movement is also inlaid with 25 precious stones, which play a role of decoration and friction reduction, making the movement run more smoothly and beautiful. This movement can provide a power reserve of 38 hours, although not much, but as a self-winding watch, such performance is sufficient. With such an excellent movement, we can fully trust the outstanding performance of the Certina C006.407.11.051.00 watch.
 Certina C006.407.11.051.00 is a classic representative of the DS1 Himalayan series. It has been loved by many watch lovers for its simple and classic design, so it also has a certain reputation in the industry. Its shape design has a strong sporty atmosphere, making the watch look full of vitality, and its overall tone is slightly dim, adding a calm element to the watch. The blend of vitality and calmness constitutes its unique and distinctive features, becoming a wrist-worn boutique suitable for mature men. It doesn’t have many functions, but they are all practical, and without too complicated functions, it makes the layout of the dial more concise and magnificent. It goes without saying that the famous ETA2824-2 movement is a strong support for its performance. In general, this watch is excellent and comprehensive. No one is particularly outstanding, but it has created a Ordinary classic. Its current market reference price is 5450 yuan, which is extremely cost-effective. Friends who want to buy this price watch, C006.407.11.051.00 is your best choice.
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