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Slyde watches-using the basic intuitive technical principles to enhance the watchmaking industry in the 21st century-can be bought in the most famous watch boutiques. From this winter, they are equipped with three analog movements (including a series of personalized displays). Each watch consists of 7 independent display functions: time, date, time zone, calendar, moon phase profit and loss, chronograph. Table and countdown timer. This series of watches is rich in talents, which can satisfy users to use the watch touch screen to navigate and customize the time display method.
Just like Slyde itself, the Slyde online store will be continuously updated. He grants users permission to allow users to participate in more than 10 original movements-Roller and Flip-Clock Engine movements-in different colors, some of which are free.
First virtual tourbillon available online
Instead of a movement, use digital gears to build a device with a single module connection. This method is thanks to the geniuses Jorg Hysek and Fabrice Gonet. Slyde today is creating a watch for tomorrow.

Three versions of the Slyde Digital Tourbillon

The Swiss brand has just developed a virtual tourbillon movement, which is a miracle in digital movement! This movement, like all other Slyde movements, has seven functions. The polishing is meticulous, revealing the classic effect and different from the others.
It is available in three versions (see image below). The first watch with ‘traditional’ chamfering, frosting and polishing, made of frosted stainless steel, blue screws and white dial The second men’s black watch is resolute and bold, with a domineering appearance, blue hands and ‘stone’. The last black watch is elegant, with pink borders, red hands and “jewelry”.

All Black Tourbillon Ori

As for the time indication, the hours and minutes on the main dial are displayed in jumps through large apertures. In the middle of the dial is the day / night display. At the same time, below the second hand, the tourbillon still rotates at the rate of one minute per revolution even if the animation is not started.
The rest of the dial is a sphere that can cover the sapphire dome that rotates around it at different angles, thus showing the moon phase profit and loss. The small dial of the calendar features a skip week display. The chronograph function is displayed on the two 30-second dials with jump-back hands, with a hundredth of a second indicator between the two dials.
Source: Slyde